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Funerals Still Expensive-Your Funeral Guy

23 Nov
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In spite of  the many options to lower the cost of a funeral,  most folks do find funerals expensive and have trouble lowering the cost of  a funeral or finding a way to lower the cost of a funeral. The Funeral Consumers Alliance can help with lowering  the cost of a funeral alon with the book Rest in Peace Insiders tips to the low cost less Sttress Funeral.

When you think of a funeral, many people think about the casket, the church service and grave burial. But there are many other choices, especially if you’re looking to reduce costs.

It is an inevitable part of life. “It’s something we simply don’t like to talk about,” said Overton Ganong of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of South Carolina.

Dealing with death is hard. Not planning for it makes it worse. “It was such a whirlwind event, it was really kind of just numbing,” said Tammy Chapman.

Cancer took Chapman’s father Julian, and she was responsible for the funeral. He owned a burial plot, but didn’t have life insurance. That left Tammy with few options. “When he passed unexpectedly like that, we had literally just enough money to bury him,” said Chapman.

Tammy’s situation is all too familiar to the Funeral Consumers Alliance. “We see a lot of times families getting into real disagreements at the time of the death when there has been no conversation around these issues,” said Ganong.

Ganong says families should talk about what they want. Tight budgets make that conversation crucial. “Funerals are not inexpensive,” said Greg Dunbar, who manages a funeral home in Columbia.

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Costco, Walmart can save you money on a Casket-YourFuneralGuy

25 Aug
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One of the Ways to save money on a funeral is to reduce the Casket expense. Obtain your Casket from a Third party or on the internet. Depending on the funeral home the markup on the casket  markup is  between 100 and 500 %. I remember the first time i heard that as a Funeral apprentice, at an elite funeral home in the Washington DC Area. It made me uncomfortable then and it  is disconcerting  to think i was once taking advantage of the funeral consumer in this manner.

Third party caskets can save you lots of money on a funeral. Many times you can obtain the same or similar casket you find at the funeral home.

There are also lower cost Funeral Homes that sell caskets just a little over cost.They do not price gouge on Caskets  These Folks should not be overlooked because often they go out of their way to help you save on Funeral Cost. Even in today’s economy the low cost funeral home may be hard to find.  But the good news is that “today” more and more Funeral directors are willing to negotiate down the price of a Funeral.

Costco and Walmart are some of the main players in today’s market giving the funeral industry a hard time on casket and funeral cost.

Beyond sudden and unexpected outbreaks of longevity, the funeral industry has plenty of challenges. Cremations have been growing in popularity, and they’re less expensive than traditional burials. Companies such as Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) and Costco (Nasdaq: COST) have also found a new and potentially powerful revenue stream by selling inexpensive caskets online. (Lest anyone try to tell you otherwise, funeral homes are required to accept and work with third-party caskets.)

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Walter Cronkite Funeral|Family Requests Donations|Link-YourFuneralGuy

19 Jul
The Walter Cronkite Family has requested, in lieu of flowers that donations go to a specific charity.

The Walter Cronkite Family has requested, in lieu of flowers that donations go to a specific charity.

The Walter and Betsy Cronkite Children have requested that Donations be made in lieu of of flowers. This is a common practice at funerals.

The Fund they would like you to make a donation to is called “The Walter and Betsy Cronkite Fund for Fair Play”.

Here is the link where the Cronkite Children would like a donation to be made

This fund has been set up by the Walter and Betsy Cronkite Foundation through the Austin CommunityFoundation.com. It is called “The Walter and Betsy Cronkite Fund for Fair Play”.

From AustinCommunityFoundation.com:

The Walter and Betsy Cronkite Fund for Fair Play was established by the Cronkite’s children to honor the lives of their parents. Betsy and Walter Cronkite were two extraordinary individuals. Many know Walter Cronkite as the man who delivered the news of the day as the anchor of the CBS evening news from 1962-1981.”

Donations to a Charity to honor a loved one is often requested instead of sending flowers.

Walter Cronkite Funeral to be private. Make a donation to his Funeral Fund.

Walter Cronkite Funeral Service to be private. Make a donation to his Funeral Fund.

“In lieu of flowers” followed by a “charity name” or “donations to the family” is commonplace in obituaries. This can be helpful to your charity,charities or the family to lower funeral cost.

Be sure to make your donation to the Walter Cronkite Funeral Fund

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“And thats the way it was”

Illinois Funeral Directors Mess- Bill to become law-YourFuneralGuy

8 Jun

There has been a new law passed in the Illinois Funeral Directors Mess. The bill  was sponsored by the Comptroller.  Last week it passed the legislature is slated to become law. The law is in the legislature was known as Senate Bill 1682.

All this was revealed in a Office of the Comptroller press release.

State of Illinois has passed new preneed law

State of Illinois legislature has passed new preneed law

“The Senate approved the measure 58-0 sending it to the Governor. The House approved the legislation earlier in the week.

Hynes said the legislation (SB1682) is needed to help prevent shortfalls similar to the one that occurred with a trust fund intended to pay for consumer funerals that was used by hundreds of funeral directors and administered by the Illinois Funeral Directors Association. It modernizes and strengthens oversight of consumer funds and increases the amount of information consumers receive about their investments.

Your Funeral Guy says  that this is only the first step. Requiring the Funeral directors to put  95% of the folks money in a safe place (where is that?) will help preneed purchasers in the state. It also overall makes funeral directors in the state quite angry.

Funerals directors in the state are quite upset about the agreement that the State of Illinois, reached with Merrill Lynch opposing the agreement the comptroller and other regulators came up with. They have vowed to fight the regulators. How can that be done?

How on God’s earth will they fight the regulators? Will they simply by marked men as is often the case of those who oppose STATE of ILLINOIS politicians?

The Illinois Funeral Directors Association(IFDA) dropped their funeral bomb and funerals in Illinois will take years to recover. They may have caused increases in traditional funeral cost to happen for years to come.

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Your Funeral Guy: Corpse Left in Hearse 2 months dead 2 years!

26 Feb

As mentioned before it is important to sign your Funeral (Cost) Contract. A funeral is both an emotional contract and a financial or funeral (Cost) contract. BE Sure To Sign and Understand YOUR CONTRACT! This is both for your financial and emotional protection..

According to the Associated Press and KansasCity.com some folks did not do this and there was shocking results. A cremation did not happen. Instead:

Funeral Director Allegedly leaves Corpse in Hearse” for over 2 months,person dead 2 years!

“A funeral director faces a felony charge after police found a woman’s decomposing body in the back of a hearse. Police said the 76-year-old funeral home owner was charged Tuesday with abusing a corpse. Police said the woman died of natural causes in November 2007 at the age of 52. Relatives said they wanted her remains cremated.”

The family was negligent in that they never signed the cremation papers or paid the funeral home.

You can find out more information on your funeral cost contract either preneed or at need here.

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt

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Source: kansascity.com

Batesville Casket gives Funeral cost Tip-YourFuneralGuy

11 Feb

Batesville Casket served up a low cost funeral tip. Hillenbrand  the owner of Batesville Casket Co. issued a positive statement on in it’s 1Q earnings. the tip is good for funeral directors, The numbers are not all that important  but the principle is:

They cut costs and showed a profit.

Funeral Home owners cut frills.

Example:D do not take the Funeral cadilac home at night. Drive your personal lower cost vehicle to and from work.

Funeral Consumer

Be  up front. When you walk in the door to the funeral  home say you can have my business if you negotiate lower funeral costs. Funeral home owners need your business these days. It’s the economy.

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Newsworthy-Illinois Funeral Directors Association Lawsuits-Your Funeral Guy.

4 Feb

The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Lawsuits are newsworthy on the average cost of a funeral. Every time a preneed trust fund misapplies your funeral money it costs you the consumer. Funeral Directors lose and they pass the cost on to you.

Recently News Articles, Feb.3,4 2009 have appeared.

These articles name more facts. -Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune Article names places,and  the Illinois Comptroller.

The Springfield Journal Register article names $$, who was paid out of the fund and who may have been paid out of the fund-Senator Roland Burris (D-IL)

There is also a years worth of backgound research available on the Illinois Funeral Directors Association at


I have declared the average cost of a funeral in 2009 to be $8,500 USD.

Check out my blogs for more information on this.

Your Funeral Guy.