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Amazon.com and the Funeral Industry-Your Funeral Guy

15 Jan
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Amazon.com stepped up it’s selling to the Funeral Industry after October 2009 when it was revealed that WallMart was selling Caskets on line. The Fact that Amazon has a contract with an online casket provider for 67% off the list price of many caskets, points to the fact that the markup on caskets can be  300% or more. Not all funeral homes do this, there are lower cost funeral homes  and online casket providers where the markup is much less.

This supports what I have been saying for several years that many times the markup of caskets in the funeral home can be up to 500%!

What is interesting about amazon.com and other online vendors is that they sell directly to the consumer. This is a trend that will continue and more and more  Funeral vendors will be doing this!

In Fact Last Year the National Funeral Directors Association lobbied on behalf of the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act asking that online vendors like amazon.com be brought in under the Funeral Rule Regulations.

With the election of Republicans to the US House of representatives the passage of the Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act is unlikely to happen and caskets and other consumer funeral products being sold directly to the consumer for the short term will avoid  funeral regulations.

What is mentioned above is contributing to Funeral Industry Decline in the USA. The more that funeral goods are available online especially at popular sites like amazon.com the less the local funeral home will be needed and the more the funeral industry will decline.

Amazon.com (AMZN)
> Interesting Fact: Amazon sells a steel embalming table
> # of Employees: 21,700
> Most Recent Quarter Revenue: $7.6 billion
> Most Recent Net Income: $231 million

Amazon.com helped bring the funeral service online.  Like Wal-Mart, the company offers caskets in more than 50 different varieties.  Additionally, it sells a steel embalming table for $1,095 and pet urns for under $200.  Many caskets are sold at 67% off the list price, thanks to a partnership with Bestpricecaskets.com.

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your funeral guy has no affiliation with best priced Caskets.com http://www.bestpricecaskets.com/

Your Funeral Guy’s book Rest In Peace Insiders Tips to the low cost less Stressed Funeral is available online at amazon.com Presently Your Funeral Guy is not involved with the selling of  any Funeral Goods or products.

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Costco, Walmart can save you money on a Casket-YourFuneralGuy

25 Aug
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One of the Ways to save money on a funeral is to reduce the Casket expense. Obtain your Casket from a Third party or on the internet. Depending on the funeral home the markup on the casket  markup is  between 100 and 500 %. I remember the first time i heard that as a Funeral apprentice, at an elite funeral home in the Washington DC Area. It made me uncomfortable then and it  is disconcerting  to think i was once taking advantage of the funeral consumer in this manner.

Third party caskets can save you lots of money on a funeral. Many times you can obtain the same or similar casket you find at the funeral home.

There are also lower cost Funeral Homes that sell caskets just a little over cost.They do not price gouge on Caskets  These Folks should not be overlooked because often they go out of their way to help you save on Funeral Cost. Even in today’s economy the low cost funeral home may be hard to find.  But the good news is that “today” more and more Funeral directors are willing to negotiate down the price of a Funeral.

Costco and Walmart are some of the main players in today’s market giving the funeral industry a hard time on casket and funeral cost.

Beyond sudden and unexpected outbreaks of longevity, the funeral industry has plenty of challenges. Cremations have been growing in popularity, and they’re less expensive than traditional burials. Companies such as Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) and Costco (Nasdaq: COST) have also found a new and potentially powerful revenue stream by selling inexpensive caskets online. (Lest anyone try to tell you otherwise, funeral homes are required to accept and work with third-party caskets.)

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WalMart, Amazon.com Selling caskets still has Funeral Homes Concerned-YourFuneralGuy

13 May

It has been over 6 months since WalMart has been selling caskets online and the Funeral Industry is still quite worried.

Costco and Amazon.com also have the  the industry worried. Some Funeral Homes are adjusting many are not.

The continued emphasis on Funeral personalization may not be enough to overcome the public’ss appetite for cremation in funeral arrangements.


With Wal-Mart, Costco, even Amazon (through 24HourCaskets.com) now offering items such as caskets and funeral urns, the industry has had to adapt, placing an increased emphasis on service and personalization.

And a sector once considered sheltered if not immune from economic pressures hasn’t escaped the effects of the recession. Consumers are more cost-conscious, and death rates have been static. In fact, some studies show that death rates tend to decline during recessions; the National Funeral Directors Association says the rate fell to 7.9 per 1,000 population in 2009 compared with 8.1 in 2008.

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Video(Ad) shows how buying Third party Caskets work|YourFuneralGuy

28 Feb

This  video ad shows how buying  Caskets on line works. This is an example of  third party caskets work. Your Funeral Guy is not associated, or affiliated with the product in this video.   Caskets on line can be obtained at Wal Mart, Costco, and on line casket casket companies like the one mentioned in this video. This casket video puts the expensive Funeral Home casket, and Batesville Casket Company in it’s proper place.

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Walmart started selling Caskets on line just before Halloween of last year.

creepy Wal Mart Caskets comments stopped on Casket Page-Your funeral Guy

10 Nov

Comments and Reviews have been disabled at the Wal Mart selling Caskets page due to jokes and pranks.

Wal Mart selling caskets has brought quite a few comments at their site: strange creepy and bizarre reviews. Wal Mart has put an end to the mocking, jokes and creepy reviews at their casket selling page. This is a good thing for Wal Mart Customers. Walmart has build its brand on its pro customer promotions.

In the meantime strange comments and commentators continue on the Web both in the News and on the blogs.

But far from silly, the comments posted on Walmart’s casket selection were creepy — and creepiness, presumably, is not a trait Walmart wants its customers to see when they’re choosing a burial option for a loved one. Before Walmart shut down the caskets’ review section, Advertising Age documented a few of the reviews, like this one: “I picked one up to bury my cat in. Other than having room for about 100 cats, it worked well. Oh, had to dig a really big hole too, and that was rough on my back. But at least when my dog dies I can just open ‘er up again and stick him in too.”

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Wal Mart selling caskets continues to go viral both in the news and the blogs. This is indeed a turning point for funerals in the United States of America. It spells a better future for the funeral Consumer. Funeral Directors an Funeral Homes as well as the traditional casket companies continue their opposition to third party caskets. Some quite vehemently.

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Walmart Selling Caskets drawing fire-YourFuneralGuy

30 Oct

800px-Walmart_exteriorWalmart  selling caskets is drawing fire from the Funeral industry. This should be expected as there prices are far less than you will find at the Funeral Home. First in the AP Story the President of the NFDA dismissed the concept  of selling caskets online. This is disputed here.

Some are calling Wall Mart selling caskets a beta test. This is not the case. The original Associated Press Story released to the media addressed the beta test issue. One Wall-Mart spokesman called it a beta test(Ravi Jariwalla) while the Star Legacy Casket CEO said there was a deal(contract) and not a simple test.(the lower level spokesman Ravi may have had incomplete information.) See the AP Story .

Many Funeral directors are trying to dismiss Wall-Mart selling Caskets at a discount  as not useful and meaningless.

Other are engaging in direct attack and putting out the lie that WalMart is selling Chinese Caskets.http://www.pamil-visions.net/walmart-caskets/27406/

This is not the case, the Caskets Walmart is selling are made in the NORTH AMERICA..

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walmart picture from wikipedia under the creative commons license

Wal Mart Casket Story draws web reaction-Your Funeral Guy

29 Oct

489771072_4c6148aed5Walmart selling caskets(an AP story) on line has drawn some interesting Web Reactions. From just in time for Halloween, to a suggested new Wal Mart Slogan- “Save Money: Live Better,Die better” to the more political spin “Walmart selling caskets online-just in time for government health care.”

Wal Mart Seling Caskets  has been called impersonal, and not a threat to the funeral industry.The story covered by the Associated Press has been carried by major news organizations around the world.

From Mashable: “But, if you simply want to save a few dollars at the end, well, now you can.”

The National Funeral Directors Association  new president Pat Lynch implied it is really not a big deal to the funeral industry, but it is.

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