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Son drove through Northern Ireland with a Corpse-Your Funeral Guy

9 Nov
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A man  Driven through Northern Ireland with a corpse. It appears that he made it into the UK. This is quite a strange story.This sort of action is highly illegal in any part of the world.

The body of an elderly woman that was taken from a plane in Gatwick Airport and unofficially driven to Co Kerry by her son for burial is thought to be back in the UK.

Gardai believe the woman’s body may have been driven to the UK via Northern Ireland by her son after he was warned by a coroner that if he did not bury the body it would be confiscated and put in cold storage at his expense.

via www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

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Corpse jockeys are making strange appearances accross the globe lately

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Reports of High Corpse Movement Fees-Your Funeral Guy

2 Sep
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Recent Reports have come in on some overly priced corpse movement fees.  Sometimes when someone dies suddenly the family is forced to find a funeral home(mortuary) within several hours.

If  a bad choice is made it can be quite expensive to move the body of your loved one to another funeral home. Body transport fees can contribute significantly to Funeral Cost.

This does  will no help  ou come in under  the average cost of a funeral.

Mortuaries now try to lock families into using them by adding an exorbitant corpse movement fee (it used to be about $400 a few months ago, now it is frequently over $1000).  Bodies are often taken to mortuaries in a rush because the need to immediately refrigerate them leaves people with 2-3 hours to find a place for them.  If a family discovers their mortuary is grossly overpriced and wants to move the body elsewhere, it may be too late because the unreasonable thousand plus dollar moving fee removes potential savings (trapping the family at that overpriced mortuary). Newly bereaved individuals or families often are short of time and energy and do not take the proper precautions of shopping around for a fairly priced casket, cemetery, and mortuary instead taking the path of least resistance (the predatory sales packages that many heavily marketed mortuaries “generously” offer their customers).

via andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com

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Service Corporation International Funeral Home Fined For Veterans Corpse Abuse|Your Funeral Guy

18 Jun

National Funeral Home in Falls Church Virginia has been fined for Their part in Veterans Corpse Abuse SCI Scandal of 2009. This was were veterans bodies  were left to rot in the garage while waiting for burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Service Corporation International Dignity Logo

Employees at the funeral home raised concerns last year that hundreds of bodies were being mishandled at the facility. A Washington Post article in April 2009 detailed allegations that bodies had been left on hazardous-materials boxes and makeshift gurneys; deceased veterans were placed on garage racks for months while awaiting burial at Arlington National Cemetery; and some bodies were left exposed and leaking fluids.

via www.washingtonpost.com

A fine of $50,000 USD  is but a swat at a mosquito for the World’s Largest Funeral Corporation,  NYSE:SCI, Service Corporation International.  Unannounced inspections should be happening in Virginia anyway.

National Funeral Home and the Virginia Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers signed a consent order this week in which the Falls Church facility agreed to two years of probation, a $50,000 fine and six unannounced inspections each year. A two-year suspension was imposed but immediately stayed. It could take effect if the funeral home is found to have any violations in the next two years.

via www.washingtonpost.com

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Obama Does Not know:CorpseMan and Corpsman(video)-YourFuneralGuy

9 Feb

Pronouncing this one wrong, President Obama showed lack of respect for the Veterans, Military and the Dead. In the word Corpsman- the s and p are silent. Corpse| man  was disrespectful-Video:

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Funeral Director Leaves Body in Basement, 12 years-YourFuneralGuy

10 Jun

Corpse left in a casket in the basement of Indiania Funeral Home for 12 years

Corpse was left in a casket in the basement of Indiana Funeral Home for 12 years istockphoto rf license

A Funeral Director has left a corpse in the basement of a Funeral home for 12 years.  This is flat out disrespect for the dead and humanity. The reason is the funeral director gave for doing the  heinous deed is that he did not get paid.

The life of a human being  dead or alive is more important than money. The highest cost at a funeral is the death of the person involved. There is no excuse for treating a body in this manner. The deceased was left in a casket.

This all went down in Indiana.  Check out the Snippet and click on for more information.

From: news-tribune.net

“On Sept. 2, 1997, 96-year-old Irene Jackson died in Indianapolis, according to coroner records. The woman had family in Southern Indiana, so she was taken to Baity’s Funeral Home at 911 State St. in New Albany. However, her body was not buried until last week.

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Abusing the Dead | Funeral Directors Licence Removed-YourFuneralGuy

3 Jun
South Carolina Funeral Director has license removed for corpse abuse

South Carolina Funeral Director has license removed for corpse abuse

A  South Carolina Funeral Director has had his licensed revoked for abusing the dead. The  Funeral Director in question cut off the legs of a Man 6 feet 7 inches tall so he would fit into casket. The Funeral Director is Michael Cave. The funeral home is Cave Funeral Services . The place is Allendale, South Carolina.

Ever since preacher and funk musician James Hines died in 2004, his family had wondered how his 6-foot-7, 300-pound body fit into the standard-sized casket they picked out.

At the funeral, only the top half of the lid was open, showing Hines from the chest up.”-USA Today

The Board of Funeral Service Of South Carolina Fined Mr. Cave as well.


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Five Grave Scandals in 2009|SCI-yourfuneralguy

24 May
Service Corporation has been caught 5 times abusing the dead this year. It has been reported in the press.

Service Corporation has been caught 5 times abusing the dead this year. It has been reported in the press.

Here are Five Scandals that have occurred at Service Corporation international in 2009. This is sad. This post serves as a reason why one should not use an NYSE: SCI funeral home. Service Corporation International  is the largest funeral corporation  in the world. In 2009 this funeral corporation has had a host of funeral scandals and has been plagued by financial problems.

April 5th 2009 SCI VETERAN CORPSE ABUSE REPORTED IN  The Washington Post Article and Video

Location: National Funeral  Home, Falls Church, Virginia

April 19th 2009 SCI Ripping memorials from Grave reported in Courier & Press

Location: Alexander Memorial Park  Evansville, Indiania

April 26th 2009 SCI  mishandling baby remains in burial-Washington Post

Location: Mount Comfort Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia

April 26th 2009 SCI has Wrong Body in Wrong Grave-CharlotteObserver.com

Location: Mount Holy Cemetery, Charlotte, NC. SCI Grave problem

May 22nd 2009  “SCI Grave  Problem” palmbeachpost.com

Location Dade Memorial Park, Miami Florida

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