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Your Funeral Guy Debates 2003 Burr Oak Perpetua CEO-On “Coverup” Memo

3 Feb

The other day I had a significant  E-mail exchange  with the former 2003 CEO Of Burr Oak Cemetery the memo exposed by Chuck Goudie Of ABC Local  last  Friday Night. The Email Exchange is presented here-there is no editorial  on this in this post beyond the E-mails.

From: “SLIVY@xxx.com” <SLIVY@xxx.com>
To: YourFuneralGuy@yahoo.com
Sent: Tue, February 2, 2010 11:12:54 AM
Subject: Do You Ever Read The Background Information on The “News” You Pass Along?

The Memo Clearly points to a  Perpetua INC,  cover up of known Grave desecration with an effort to hide the  info from  ILLINOS COMPTROLLER OFFICE  EMPLOYEE DAVID FOLEY.  Perpetua is a Funeral and cemetery company owner the of Burr Oak Cemetery (Scandal). SHOW ME WHERE?


Astute lawyers and victims have included Perpetua Inc and Silvy Cotton in their lawsuits. ARE YOU ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO SUE ME BASED ON YOUR FAULTY ANALAYSIS?

The 2003 Memo related to possible desecrations of graves that I uncovered which I believed to have occurred over decades; a point that would be clear to anyone who read the complete files I submitted to the FBI several months ago, but should be clear to anyone who can read the Memo that was posted online.  Since it was I who investigated the finding in 2003, and it was I who contacted our attorney to find out who in the Comptroller’s office we should report the incident to; and it was I who was told to contact David Foley in the Comptroller’s office; and since it was I who contacted David Foley and set up the meeting that the Comptroller’s office confirms did occur; and since it was I who provided the Memo to the FBI several months ago who the hell are you to even suggest that I hid any information from David Foley or the Comptroller’s office? Did you read any of the information? I have consulted with a couple of people in the industry who told me to just ignore you since you are viewed as somewhat of a hack, however, my attorney is concerned that you are slandering my name and character. If it doesn’t stop I WILL take legal action against you.

If you were anything of a Consumer advocate you should be questioning whether there was a scandal in July 2009 at all. Does it seem strange to you that the crime scene and the area I identified in 2003 are one and the same? You should be questioning why Burr Oak Cemetery was INVADED with the entire cemetery turned upside down, when a cemetery with almost twice as many allegations in California during the same timeframe didn’t suffer a similar approach.  Find the answer to those questions and then you can consider yourself relevant. Otherwise, stop trying to turn facts into gossip.

Sincerely,Slivy Edmonds Cotton  (This is my correct name)

Slivy Edmonds Cotton  (This is my correct name)

Here is the First Response:


The memo clearly reveals grave desecrations -and that you did not think the info would go to the comptroller-although you clearly placed the blame on previous owner. There is no evidence that you revealed the problem to Law enforcement authorities. In fact what is stated is that you did not think the comptroller would find out.

Show Me answer “I am not sure he would want to report anything to the Comptroller that would be unpleasant”

I am totally in my rights to my opinion on this memo posted at  the Capital Fax blog
I am not encouraging people to sue you- people are suing you which is all that I stated.
I apologize for spelling your name wrong.It is being Corrected.

I have reported extensively on The other Scandal Eden Memorial Park and the antics of Service Corporation International.

Your Funeral Guy

Here is my second response

Re: Do You Ever Read The Background Information on The “News” You Pass Along?
Tue, February 2, 2010 12:59:42 PM

Robert Burkhardt <yourfuneralguy@yahoo.com> 

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To: SLIVY@xxx.com

Calling me a hack, is slander, but there is no surprise funeral industry folks say that as i have exposed fraud in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association and NFDA leadership. Please let me know who stated that

Your Funeral Guy.

Here is Slivy Cotton’s reply

From: “SLIVY@xxx.com” <SLIVY@xxx.com>
To: yourfuneralguy@yahoo.com
Sent: Tue, February 2, 2010 1:38:57 PM
Subject: Re: Do You Ever Read The Background Information on The “News” You Pass Along

In a message dated 2/2/2010 12:15:11 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, yourfuneralguy@yahoo.com writes:


The memo clearly reveals grave desecrations –and that you did not think the info would go to the comptroller-although you clearly placed the blame on previous owner. There is no evidence that you revealed the problem to Law enforcement authorities. In fact what is stated is that you did not think the comptroller would find out. This is just patently false. Perhaps you read you just don’t understand what you read.

I said the attorney to whom our attorney was speaking who was a friend of the Comptroller might not might not want to report something to the Comptroller that might be unpleasant. It was our job to get to the Comptroller and that is what happened.
Show Me answer “I am not sure he would want to report anything to the Comptroller that would be unpleasant”

I am totally in my rights to my opinion on this memo posted at  the Capital Fax blog

Your opinions don’t reflect the facts.  Have you read the statements from the Comptroller’s office that confirm that I met with them; disclosed that we had found remains there and sought their advice on how to proceed. What part of that leads you to an OPINION that I was trying to cover up anything and keep anything from David Foley?
You opinion is baseless and is slander. The Memo is part of a 15 page document that lays out a plan of action and recommendations to which you obviously haven’t been privy to. Notwithstanding that the Memo you did read DOES NOT lead to your opinion.
Slivy Edmonds Cotton

I am not encouraging people to sue you- people are suing you which is all that I stated.
I apologize for spelling your name wrong.It is being Corrected.

I have reported extensively on The other Scandal Eden Memorial Park and the antics of Service Corporation International.

Your Funeral Guy

Here is my Final response
Re: Do You Ever Read The Background Information on The “News” You Pass Along

Tue, February 2, 2010 2:37:49 PM

Robert Burkhardt <yourfuneralguy@yahoo.com> 

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To: SLIVY@xxx.com

The matter clearly was not reported to law Enforcement-by you or the Comptroller’s Office.  Crimes Committed  were not reported. AS I HAVE STATED OVER AND OVER- THE COMPTROLLER IS NOT THE PROPER AUTHORITY.

Working through the comptroller was a cover up in itself- The comptroller had no authority in Cemetery operations.(only preneed trust funds).
This is all over the news and my blog. Whether you realize it or not the Perpetua Lawyer, had you cover up.He knew the authority of the Comptroller was limited to preneed funds.

Your Lawyer advised you to cover up 1.By Going to The Comptrollers Office 2). By Going to Foley, Dan Hynes may not have been told about it. There is no proof that comptroller investigators took the info anywhere even with a meeting.“I am not sure he would want to report anything to the Comptroller that would be unpleasant( The investigative meeting angle has been played out before in Illinois Funeral Directors association Theft with no appropriate action or reporting to higher ups).

As far as e-mails from the comptrollers office-they are posted on my blog. They Continue on Both Burr Oak and the Illinois Funeral Directors Association. That makes me a Hack?

Like it or not you covered up.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News| Funeral blog by Your Funeral Guy

NEWS:Hynes Knew about Burr Oak Grave desecration +”Silvy Cotton” in 2003|Your Funeral Guy

30 Jan


It is being reported that State of Illinois Comptroller-Dan HYNES- knew about the Grave Desecrations at Burr Oak Cemetery in 2003.

Evidently Hyne’s Office became aware of Grave Desecration’s at Burr Oak, and his office  contacted  Silvy Cotton the then 03 Manager of Burr Oak Cemetery

This has been reported by the Capitol Fax Blog and ABC News.




I reported the  Silvy Cotton  part of the story on this blog that Cotton was involved with the Burr Oak Cemetery desecration in that she hired the arrested  2009 manager at Burr Oak Cemetery. I also stated she was involved in the Deborah Kellom funeral home Scam in St. Louis that took place at another Perpetua  Facillity with a 2009 conviction.

The source of the blog post came from one individual in St.Louis who wished to remain anonymous. THE OTHER SOURCE  WAS FROM THE CHICAGO AREA WITH A LOVED ONE AT BURR OAK-anonymous.. Other sources in St Louis, and CHICAGO would not confirm or deny a Silvy Cotton connection to Kellom and Wade Funeral Home or Burr Oak Cemetery.

When threatened by Silvy Edmomds Cotton  i retracted the blog because I had 2 sources, that would not back up my Statements. I deleted the post. Here is my Email Exchange with  Silvy Cotton,

Correction Demanded


“SLIVY@xxx.com” <SLIVY@xxx.com>

View Contact

Google Blogs Alert for: Debora Kellom

Burr Oak Cemetery Desecration Defendants plead Not Guilty
By yourfuneralguy
DefendantCarolyn Towns was originally hired by Silvy Edmonds Cotton, Pereptua Inc. who also hired Deborah Kellom of the Wade Funeral Home Perpetua Scandal. Silvy Edmonds Cotton is a party to the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal because she is
YourFuneralGuy – https://yourfuneralguy.wordpress.com/

Mr. Burkhardt,
Your Blog incorrectly states that I hired Debora Kellom and that I am still apart of the Burr Oak/ Perpetua Management. Neither of these statements is true.  I have not been a part of the Perpeuta Management team since January 2004.  I demand that you correct those statements and will monitor any such future claims.  If these incorrect statements persist, I will consider legal action.
Slivy Edmonds Cotton
Re: Correction Demanded

Robert Burkhardt <yourfuneralguy@yahoo.com> 

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To: SLIVY@xxx.com


The Reference in question has been deleted even though there are 2 sources that state otherwise. If there is a chance it is not true it gets deleted..Always.

Joshua Slocum is involved here-that always calls for questions.

Were you a part of Portico LLM Enterprises? Or are they suing you?

What was your connection to Burr Oak? CedarPark?

You are named in the class action Lawsuit-Burr Oak Cemetery Why? I will continue to follow the money in this horrific situation and determine beyond question who is involved.

Reports show Slivy Edmonds Cotton, who remains listed under Perpetua management, and Portico LLM Enterprises took over the Pet Cemetery of Tucson in 2008.

Portico sued the former owner this summer, alleging fraud and misconduct, including selling headstones that were not provided and breaking into Portico offices to delete files.

At Perpetua, Edmonds Cotton oversaw Cedar Park, 12540 S. Halsted St. She told the Daily Southtown in 2000 she was inspired by Cedar Park’s uniqueness and beauty.——-Daily Southtown. http://www.southtownstar.com/burr-oak/1723194,081909perpetua.article



It is true that Comptroller DAN  HYNES only had the authority to regulate money-BUT WHY DID HE NOT TURN IT OVER TO LAW ENFORCEMENT IN 2003?

Memos and emails obtained by the I-Team reveal that top officials in the Illinois comptroller’s office knew in 2003 there was a problem with unearthed human remains at Burr Oak. And according to a confidential five-page report written by Burr Oak’s CEO in 2003, cemetery officials had reason to believe the grave-selling scandal had already started.

via abclocal.go.com

E Mails original to this post from your funeral guy

Pat Quinn told ABC7 Friday night that Hynes needs to come clean on what he knew about Burr Oaks and when he knew it.

via abclocal.go.com

Illinois Funeral Scam Fund “Illegal” From the start-YourFuneralGuy

26 Jan

Who’s on first? If you want to split hairs the  Illinois Funeral Directors Scam fund can’t be regulated. This is thanks to the now Senator Roland

IFDA Preneed Fund was never set up as a proper fiducary trust.

It was never set up as a  fiduciary trust. Burris was the guy who gave the original license when he as Comptroller of the State of Illinois. .The Illinois Funeral Directors Association  acted as a Bank Illegally, raiding the fund year after year for personal perks, loans to board members, and  Ex IFDA President Randal L Earl’s pet project, the Museum of Funeral Customs.Incredibly, Randall L Earl,  Named in almost every lawsuit in this Scam is the National Funeral Directors Association Executive Treasurer. He will testify before Congress on behalf of the NFDA Wednesday.

This is not just a State of Illinois Problem. It is a National Problem courtesy of Earl and the NFDA.
The politicians knew the fund was illegal For years………

Bruce Rushton Of the State Journal Register(Springfield, Illinois) put up an article displaying some finger pointing between the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and The Illinois Comptrollers Office.

The bottom line is that the Illinois Funeral Directors Association  Preneed Fund is illegal and their President”s and  Board members have all known it was the case since the beginining.

“Snippet From the latest State Journal Register Article”

The funeral directors’ group itself had long known it was operating an unauthorized trust, Knowles said, citing a 1996 letter from the association’s lawyer to the IFDA’s executive director in which the attorney says the comptroller’s office no longer licensed trustees. If the IFDA continued managing the money, the lawyer wrote, it could be liable for losses if the fund’s value plummeted and consumers sued, alleging that the association was acting as trustee without proper authority.

Funeral Directors only became upset and filed lawsuits when the money tree ended.

Funeral Directors in the state only became upset when the “Better than the Bank Money Tree” Tanked.  The (Dan Hynes) comptrollers office told the IFDA  “You should not have been given a license in the First Place” in early 2008. Funeral directors in the state received that statement in  a media kit from the IFDA. I have faxed a copy of the kit to Bruce Rushton.   Rushton and the SJR keep pounding the fact that the IFDA  Mess is Comptrollers(Hynes) Fault and his regulation mistake. . It is not the case.

Responsibility for the mess belongs to the IFDA and funeral directors in the State for not keeping tabs on IFDA Leaders..

Funeral industry|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

This is important in the race for governor in the State Of Illinois.

Hynes Spokesperson Convinces “Comptroller Did Right” In Illinois Funeral Ponzi-YourFuneralGuy

24 Jan

A spokesman for Dan Hynes has convinced me he handled the Illinois Funeral Directors Association ponzi Scheme well

Carol Knowles a Spokesperson for Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes convinced me that  IL Candidate for Governor  handled the Illinois Funeral Directors Association  Preneed Ponzi Scheme quite well.

The complexity of Funeral Preneed, the Lack of cooperation of the Association  along with State Government  intergovernmental regulation, make this issue confusing. I am simply posting the Dialogue here. This Continues from the last post. The conversation is significant for The ILLINOIS GOVERNORS RACE IN 2010, funeral directors and the Illinois funeral consumer.

On Jan 24, 2010, at 2:45 PM, Robert Burkhardt wrote:

Are you not being a little too technical, Was not the IFDA Preneed Trust sold through their member IFDA member Funeral Homes? I think that means they were partnering with the funeral homes in the sale of Preneed.
I have been researching this  Illinois Funeral Directors Association Mess since  since mid 2007, discovering the matter by accident. I have spoke with Bruce Rushton on the phone  on this matter over the past several years. The burning question is if there were 2 sets of books why did the Comptroller  not send  the matter  to the States Attorney?
In 2009 Comptroller Hynes said the IFDA stole the money. Why are not the IFDA leaders being prosecuted or been prosecuted by now? Why was not the matter forced into prosecution. (The Governor is chief Law Enforcement Officer in the State)

So the way the Illinois Comptroller handled the matter is the point.

Thanks for your comments.

Your Funeral Guy
Funeral Preneed still seems quite ugly and deceptive for the Consumers.

Hello back,

I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m being too technical.
This is a complicated issue. I appreciate Bruce Rushton, but I don’t always agree with his articles. He tends to come at them with an agenda. I say this as a former Capitol Bureau Chief for UPI who did quite a bit of investigative journalism regarding the government. He knows what he choses to leave out of a story is just as important as what he puts in. And I can tell you he leaves an awful lot out.
I GAVE Bruce Rushton the documents he used for that story. I called him. I would have given the documents to him in Spring last year when he originally asked for them, but we were bound by the IDFPR confidentiality agreement. I have nothing to hide and nothing to gain. I’ve earned a reputation for truth, strong ethics and straight shooting over many years. I know that a person’s word is all that they have.
The Comptroller’s office does not license sellers of insurance policies (IDFPR Insurance Division). The Comptroller’s Office doesn’t regulate banks. (IDFPR banking division). The Comptroller’s Office doesn’t regulate trusts (IDFPR trusts).IDFPR is a state agency under the direction of the Governor.
The IFDA Trust was the investment instrument for many funeral homes/directors. They could have put their money in a bank money market account, the stock market, whatever they chose. The Comptroller’s Office wouldn’t regulate the BANK the funeral director put the money in. It doesn’t regulate Merrill Lynch, which sells a variety of investments, including insurance. It doesn’t regulate stock brokers etc.

Funeral directors chose the IFDA  Trust. Why? Because the IFDA was promising higher than market interest rates. Put the consumer money with us, rather than a bank, they would say, and you will earn more interest on the money.

Problem was, the Trust wasn’t earning what the IFDA Trust told its investors (funeral directors) it was.

But if those funeral directors happen to have consumers who died before this whole thing blew up, the funeral director was the one who profited because he/she received that higher, unsupportable interest rate.  

Did you notice the funeral directors weren’t complaining when they were PROFITING? It isn’t THEIR money to begin with. It is CONSUMERS MONEY.

The IOC went to IDFPR because it is the regulatory agency. It had the authority to regulate the IFDA Trust. To shut it down. To freeze the fund. To take any and all appropriate steps in the interest of consumers. It was the IDFPR that told IOC that the transition had to be quiet to avoid a run on the trust. It was the IDFPR that required a confidentiality agreement on the matter. Just as the feds go in and take over a bank quietly, the IDFPR could have stopped the IFDA immediately. This activity went on for decades.
We filed a civil suit against the IFDA through the Attorney General’s Office to get $10 million in excess fees the IFDA took. We by law, must be represented by the  AG. The AG thought this was the best way to go as well. We went in that direction because it is a faster way to get consumer funds back. That was our primary interest. A criminal case is always a possibility, It has not been ruled out. But the penalties unfortunately are not large and putting these guys behind bars doesn’t help get consumer funds back. Consumers and their funds were and continue to be our priority.
The ML sales person who was responsible for these policies lost his license. The Secretary of State’s Securities Division is still negotiating a settlement with him. None of that has been in criminal court. It has all been civil actions.
If the Comptroller’s Office hadn’t stepped up to end this mess it likely still would be going on.
Sorry if I am too long winded here. Just trying to explain.
Thanks you explained this quite well and explained the Comptrollers actions. You may have just persuaded me to vote for HYNES. You are correct Funeral Directors did not complain when they were profiting. I believe they had a moral obligation to check up on the investments in the IFDA Preneed Trust. It was the customers money not theirs.

It is very frustrating however to see the good old boy network in place at the IFDA. As a Funeral Director I Have pulled out of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association.

I will clarify this on the blog, but i think the consumer finds this far too complicated
You have revealed significant things about the  IFDA situation that both the consumer and Funeral Directors  should know!


Your Funeral Guy.

It is very complicated.

I agree. The good old boy network at the IFDA is bad.
The funeral directors have begun moving their money elsewhere, now that the fund is no longer frozen. And that’s a good thing. I hope they act wisely now.
Thanks for listening.
Funeral Industry| Funeral News | Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Hynes Spokesperson reveals more on IL Funeral Scam-YourFuneralGuy

24 Jan

A spokesperson for candidate Dan Hynes  Comptroller running for Illinois Governor responded to my blog Post today about the way the Comptroller handled the Illinois Funeral Directors Association (IFDA)Ponzi Scheme. In an E-Mail  Carol Knowles revealed significant Information.




Your comments regarding the SJR
Comptroller Hynes was the one who forced this issue — forced the IFDA into proper regulation. You are criticizing him for having done the RIGHT thing.

Carol Knowles <caknowles@xxx.com>

To: yourfuneralguy@yahoo.com


I think you may have missed the point.
The IFDA issue is about the regulation of insurance policies and trusts.
Those regulatory matters are in the hands of the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation — NOT the Comptroller’s Office.
The regulation of the IFDA trust was no longer under the regulatory authority of the Comptroller’s Office beginning in the mid 1990s when the state law was changed.
The “license” the IFDA Trust had was to SELL preneed and it had been issued DECADES earlier. It was irrelevant because the IFDA DID NOT SELL preneed.
The Comptroller’s Office uncovered the problem, stopped the bad guys and moved to protect the trust by alerting the IDFPR.
The IDFPR could have and should have frozen the fund in 2006 when they were advised of the problem, but instead they chose let the IFDA try to qualify as a proper trustee. When that failed they told them to find an appropriate trustee. The IFDA fought regulators at every step of the way.
The “earnings” they reported to their members and/or consumers were fantasy numbers. They awarded interest based on a whim, not actual earnings. They paid various members off with $25,000 personal insurance policies. They essentially had 2 sets of books.
The IFDA began purchasing these policies in the mid 1980s — where was the Department of Insurance (part of the IDFPR)?
The IFDA was advised by their own lawyers in the mid 1990s that they needed to be regulated by IDFPR but they ignored it and operated without a proper trustee.
Bruce Rushton was given all of these documents but chose not to report all of the facts.

The spokesman is shifting blame to other Illinois Governmental Agencies.
This is  all revealing and somewhat shocking.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News| Funeral Blog

Illinois Gov. Quinn Ad puts Burr Oak Cemetery in Governors Race(Video)-YourFuneralGuy

22 Jan

The  Race for Illinois Governor  is heating up. A recent ad by Governor Pat Quinn is putting the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal Front and center. In This ad Quinn challenges Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes Competence.

The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal which broke in 2009 may be the worst in The nations history. In the money Making Funeral and Burial Scam over three hundred graves were desecrated as graves were moved and Bones scattered all over the Cemetery.

Although The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal got much press, It is Comptroller Dan Hynes Handling Of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association IFDA Ponzi Scheme that sends the message of “Hynes Incompetence” to the Citizens of the State of Illinois.

Funeral Industry| Funeral News| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

Besides IL Governor and Comptroller other Illinois Politicians involved in Funeral Ponzi -Your Funeral Guy.

7 Jan

There are other politicians involved with the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Ponzi Scheme, other than Governor Pat Quinn and Comptroller and Dan Hynes.

Many Politicians are involve in the Illinois funeral Directors Scandal

Roland Burris an Illinois Senator| More On Burris and the Illinois Funeral Scandal|Roland Burris approved the creation of the IFDA Preneed Trust Ponzi   as Illinois Comptroller in the1980’s, Burris was a lobbyist for the Illinois Funeral Directors Association,lobbying  Dan Hynes before becomig Illinois Senator by appointment by a disgrace Governor. As Senator he has refuse to comment on the Illinois Funeral Directors Ponzi Scheme.

Dewitt County Coroner Alex Calvert Of Calvert Metzler Funeral Home in Bloomington, Illinois  More on Calvert here. County Coroner Alex Calvert Runs Calvert Funeral Homes llc. Calvert Funeral Homes is the  the lead name in the Six Illinois Funeral Director Lawsuit against the IFDA. His chain of funeral homes like many of the Funeral directors in the state did not protect the families his funeral homes served by tracking down the status of IFDA funds. Instead he choose a lawsuit!

State Senator Randall Hultgren, Running for Congress.  | More on State Senator Randall  Hultgren|Hultgren was originally elected with the help of his fathers preneed Funds. Coming from from a Funeral Home supporting the IFDA, He refused to speak out against the Scandal as a member of the State Senate Insurance committee.

Illinois State Representative Dan Brady of Bloomington IL. More on an Brady and  the IFDA

Dan Bray is a funeral director as well as a reformer in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Ponzi Scheme. He also gave great assistance in the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal.

For More details on this story  CLICK HERE

Dan Hynes let the Illinois Funeral Directors Association go to Civil Lawsuit in hopes that the public may benefit. Your Funeral Guy Believes that the matter should have been sent to prosecutors  so the Ponzi Scheme could have been brought to a quick end for good.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News| Funeral blog by Your Funeral Guy.