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Funeral Industry:Top 10 Articles in 2010-Your Funeral Guy

2 Jan Top Ten Funeral Websites for 2010

1. TV special Shows what it is like to die

If you or a loved one have thought you may die, it may be a good idea to catch the PBS frontline special”FACING DEATH”.

Would you go to intensive care to die? How long should someone receive treatment? Check out the video.

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2. Top Three Funeral books in 2010.

There have been three great funeral books published in 2010 that can help with Funerals and your funeral cost. These book state the principles first  presented in Rest in Peace: Insider Tips to the Low Cost  Less Stress Funeral (a groundbreaking 2008 funeral cost book)

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3. The Average Cost of A Funeral In 2010.

The  Average Cost of A Funeral in 2010 is between $8300 USD and $8500 USD. When Cremations are taken out of the Mix the average cost of a Traditional Funeral is between $9500 and $10,000 USD. This is the average funeral cost for 2010.via www.yourfuneralguy.com

4. The USA will be at the center of a new form of final Disposition: Alkaline Hydrolysis

United States is at the Forefront of Resomation or Green Cremation. The main  companies  are in the United States  that are making and distributing Green, Resomation, Alkaline Hydroylsis, Machines.

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5.The Bereaved go Bargain Hunting-MSN Money

This article  will help you save money on your or your loved ones funeral, do a lower cost funeral Save on Funeral Cost.

The article is entitled.Funeral traditions wilt as consumers consider the costs

  • Skip the preservative. “Forgo embalming,” says Burkhardt. “Under the law — the Funeral Rule — you have the right to forgo embalming. That can save you between $600 and $800 on the funeral.” Want a traditional funeral anyway? Just choose a closed casket, Burkhardt says. “If the body’s not viewed, it doesn’t have to be embalmed.”
  • Buy that box on the Web. “Get the casket online,” Burkhardt says. “Do not buy it from the funeral home, because — and they hate me when I say this — caskets at the funeral home are marked up between 100 and 500%,” with occasional exceptions, he says. No other single item is so expensive. “I got a $4,000 oversized casket on the Internet (for a friend), and it was delivered to the funeral home the next day, and I paid $1,037.” Today some of the big-box stores, including Costco, sell caskets, too.
  • Shop before you drop. Seek out a low-cost funeral home — one that forgoes limousines, fancy hearses and other trappings. “Prices can vary by $4,000 or $5,000 for a funeral,” says Burkhardt, depending on the amenities offered. But many survivors don’t shop around for deals because they consider bargain hunting an affront to the dead. Getting fleeced, however, is hardly a tribute. Shop around in advance, he says. Even a few quick calls to compare prices once a relative dies can be worthwhile.

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6.Plan Ahead Save on Your Funeral,You cannot cheat death but maybe you can get a good deal from the undertaker(Funeral Director).

This is an excellent article on saving on Funeral cost, It also has tips on how to negotiate funeral cost with the funeral director.

7.Lewis: R.I.P.-off: Blog on funeral industry shows schemers know no depths – The Denver Post

This article explores the indictment in the National Prearrange Services Scandal where some executives made off with billions of Dollars of Preneed  Funeral Money by using Correction Fluid.

8. Service Corporation International Wrong body Wrong Grave Scandal

Kim L. Perry said she is a New England manager for Houston-based Service Corporation International, which owns Stanetsky Memorial Chapel in Brookline. Perry has been on the board since 2005. Her five-year term expires next month.

Stanetsky(memorial Chapel  buried one body on Aug. 26 in a grave meant for someone else, then exhumed it the next day and replaced the remains with the right body – all without ever pulling permits at the city’s health department,

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9.  WSJ article on HI and Funeral Cost Decline

The funeral-service products company suffered as economic uncertainties have prompted many families to choose cremation instead …

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10.Inside Batesville Casket Company:Its dog eat dog

We have reported much here on Batesville Casket Company, and the declining casket sales due to the rise of Cremation and Chinese Caskets. This has been  brought on by the economy and consumers demanding to pay less for Funeral cost.

Now a recent article has revealed the goings on inside of Batesville Casket Co. It’s dog eat dog.

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Funeral industry| Funeral News Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

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NFDA issues new numbers on the Average cost of A Funeral-Your Funeral Guy

11 Oct
Cadillac Fleetwood hearse 1990s. Photographed ...
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The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) has issued numbers for the average cost of a Funeral in 2009 comparing the Numbers to 2004. The NFDA says the average funeral cost  for a traditional funeral at the funeral home  in 2009 is 7, 755 USD.
The previous numbers for the average cost of a funeral in 2006 were $7,323.00 USD.
These are NFDA numbers for median funeral cost in 2009.

Non-declinable basic services fee  2009 $1,817  2004$1,460  growth 19.6%

Removal/transfer of remains to funeral home 2009 $250  2004$195 growth 22.0%

Embalming 2009 $628  2004 growth$498  growth 20.7%

Other preparation of the body2009 $200 2004$175  growth 12.5%

Use of facilities/staff for viewing 2009$395  2004$339 growth  14.2%

Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony 2009$450 2004$395  growth12.2%

Hearse 2oo9$275 2004 $225  growth 18.2%

Service car/van 2009$125  2004$100 growth  20.0%

Basic memorial printed package 2009$125 2004$95 24.0%

Subtotal without casket $2009$4,265 $2004$3,482 18.4%

Metal casket (average charge for the most
frequently purchased item) 2009$2,295 $2004 $2,100

8.5% AVERAGE COST OF A FUNERAL 2009  $6,560 2004 $5,582 14.9%

Vault (average charge for the most
frequently purchased item)
2009 $1,195 2004 $998 16.5%

Total with vault 2009 $7,755 2004$6,580 15.2% * Median Price – The amount at which half of the figures fall below and half are above.

via www.nfda.org

Funeral. Industry|Funeral News Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

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Austin News advises against “Prepaid Funeral”-yourfuneralguy

17 Jul

An Austin. Texas news station has advised against buying a prepaid funeral as away of Saving on Funeral Cost. Prepaying a Funeral may on the surface sound like a good idea, but recent history has found it to be quite risky.

One Reason it is quite risky is that Funeral Directors lately have been found to take the money.

This has been revealed in three major Funeral Director Scandals.

1. The National Prearranged Services Scandal -2008

2. The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Preneed Ponzi Scheme- 2009

3. The California Funeral Directors Association Scandal(California Master Trust) 2010

On the surface, it seems like a good idea to pay today’s price for final arrangements.

Since funeral prices have been going up by more than the rate of inflation, it might seem like a wise choice to pre-pay for your funeral arrangements.

Unfortunately, the prepaid funeral business, like other industries, is not without its share of fraud and deceit.

The average cost of a funeral in today’s dollars is about $10,000, and that cost is increasing every year, so you can see why consumers in Texas have contracts worth $3 billion.

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In Chicago-Land Funeral Ripoffs Abound!Your Funeral Guy

25 Jun

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for posting a recent article  and warning the funeral consumer. Funeral Rip OFFs are alive and well in Chicago-land,  Being a Funeral Director,- this month I was given the privilege to sit with a Family in the Funeral arrangement for a mother’s son. At the Funeral I performed the ministers function at no charge.

The Funeral Director(doing the arrangement- did not hand the family a general price list. (Required by LAW). THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR DID NOT GIVE ME  GENERAL PRICE LIST When I asked for One-also required by Law.

The Cemetery charged $4,700 For the Grave site. I considered this theft. THE MOTHER HAD PROMISED THE SON THAT SPECIFIC GRAVE SITE SO THEY GOT AWAY with it!

I was able to assist the family with obtaining a third party casket on the internet which saved a few thousand.(Thanks to the Star Legacy Casket Network) But all in all the prices charged were way too high. In this instance as often is the case funeral cost became a factor in grief.

What was truly sad is that services at the Cemetery ALONE cost over $7,000.00. YES, it was a the High PROFILE WORLD”S LARGEST FUNERAL & CEMETERY Corporation, NYSE: SCI, Service Corporation International, SCI within the Chicago City Limits.

The NFDA average  funeral cost figure of $7,323.00 is from 2006, That average traditional funeral is much more today.

Snippet From the Chicago Tribune:

Death is big business. How big, you ask? The National Funeral Directors Association says the average funeral costs $7,323 — and that doesn’t include the cost of a cemetery plot, a gravestone and burial services.

In all, dealing with the death of a loved one can cost more than $10,000, making it one of the most expensive purchases most families will make. So why do we do so little research on the topic?

“People are in denial about death right up until the bitter end,” said Ed Markin, who runs the Funeral Help Program in Virginia Beach, Va. “You delay talking about it at your own fiscal peril is what it all boils down to.”

Markin said funeral costs vary widely, controlled almost entirely by the amount of research you do — and when you do it. He said you can save almost 50 percent by shopping around and getting written quotes before you need them.

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Funeral Industry|Funeral News| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Source: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/sc-cons-0624-problem-solver-funerals-20100624,0,1533838.story

Your Funeral Guy has Got Average Funeral Cost Covered

1 Jun

Your Funeral Guy has Given Extensive Coverage on the Average cost of a Funeral.

The average cost of A Traditional, funeral is between $9,500.00 USD and $10,000 US Dollars. The average cost of a funeral when cremations are factored in is between $8,300.00 USD dollars and 8,400.00 US Dollars.

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) lists average  funeral cost to be $7,323.00. in 2006.

None of these figures take into account Cemetery Cost.

Here are a few important links:

What is the average cost of a Funeral In 2010?

Come in Under The Average Cost of a Funeral Pay later.

Be sure to negotiate your Funeral Cost

Watch Out For Airlines Price Gouging on Bereavement Fare|Your Funeral Guy

24 May

Watch out! There is a reported incident of at least one airline price gouging on Bereavement Fare. The airline in Question is Continental and the situation was reported at the Consumerist.

Andy’s sister and her family suffered a relative’s death while traveling and had to stay for the funeral. Continental offered her a costly bereavement fare, telling her to take it or leave it, then hiked the price by $200 when she decided to check around and then buy the tickets.

Andy thinks his sister got a raw deal.

via consumerist.com

Bereavement Air fares are suppose to be discounted. Not In this case with Continental Airlines. They should help one save on Funeral Cost and come under the average cost of a funeral.

Funeral industry|Funeral news| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Law and Order Episode features Cremation|YourFuneralGuy

23 May

A recent episode of the Law and Order TV Show(May 17th, 2010) featured cremation. Tt is probably the most expensive cremation option-turning a loved ones ashes, into Diamonds. This option will not bring you in under the average cost of a funeral and WILL ADD TO YOUR FUNERAL COST. The cost of turning cremated remains from a cremation into diamonds

In the May 17 episode of the NBC series “Law & Order,” a widow is questioned at a mortuary where she is planning services for her recently deceased second husband when a detective suggests an Old Testament passage for a graveside reading.

“David isn’t going to be buried,” the widow tells the detectives. “He’s going to be cremated like my first husband. Here.”

She then shows the two detectives a diamond ring on her hand.

“Your first husband gave you that ring?” one of the cops asks.

No, this is him,” the widow says. “Larry. There’s a company… They take cremated remains and they make it into artificial diamonds.”

Martin, though, said he does not yet see a mass rush to this kind of celebration of life.

“It’s pretty rare because it’s expensive,” he said. “But for those who want something completely unique, it is one of the options. With the company we use… the cost begins at about $4,200. That’s for one diamond.”

via www.dailynews.com

Funeral industry|Funeral News|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

I havve received no word yet  whether  remains from a bio cremation or alkaline hydrolysis can be turned into a diamond ring.