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Insider’s Tips Revealed in Your Funeral Guy’s New Book.

30 Dec

Your Funeral Guy Reveals Insider’s Tips in New Book.

The title of the new book is Rest in Peace Insider’s Tips To The Low Cost Less Stress Funeral. This replaces the older book title of: The Low Cost Less Stress Funeral–How To Tips From a Funeral Pro. A select group of readers were selected from coast to coast and they encouraged me to make this change. The content of the book has not changed

The purpose of the work, is to help people lower the cost of any Funeral. The book promotes the savings, broad prosperity, personal freedom and better future for all.  The book received positive comments from Matt Bacak and Jason Oman both number one best selling authors.

These pages take the mysterious and the unknown out of the funeral process. I walk step by step through  to the end of the funeral. In each step I give you insider’s tips on the low cost less stress funeral. The book can be used as your personal funeral planner or an at the time guide when handling the business back end of a funeral.

In order to remove confusion on the book two of my websites have been deactivated and will not be accessible until changes are made. These two websites are and  Specific information on Rest in Peace Insider’s Tips To The Low Cost Less Stress Funeral is available at

Within the Pages of this book I walk with you through the painful problem of the funeral. At each step along the way I reveal tips that help you lower the cost and the stress of any funeral,  guaranteed. The book promotes broad prosperity, personal freedom and a better future for all. It encourages shared responsibility in the family. It shows YOU your funeral options.

I look forward to hearing from you about your lower cost funeral.

Your Funeral Guy,

R.Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director Illinois, Virginia.