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Federal Burr Oak Cemetery Reform|Named Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act

30 Sep

 Congressional Funeral and  Cemetery Reform H. R. 3655

Congressional Funeral and Cemetery Reform H. R. 3655

The Congressional Reform  sparked by the Burr Oak Cemetery act is now available to view onine. The legislation is not named the Bereaved Consumers Protection Act-as reported in the Press. THE BEREAVED CONSUMERS  BILL OF RIGHTS ACT OF 2009 is the Official Name of the proposed law. The legislation is a welcome addition to the Funeral Rule.  Federal Burr Oak  Cemetery Reform is overdue.


This legislation is increasingly important in 2009 not just because of the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal  but  because of a plague of recent  Cemetery and Funeral Scandals across the USA.


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Why The National Funeral Directors will not support H. R. 3655: NFDA OPPOSES  the FUNERAL RULE

National Funeral Directors Association “ALLIED MEMBERS”-Your Funeral Guy.

29 Sep

Breaking News: National Funeral Directors Association ANNOUNCES  “ALLIED MEMBERS”-National Funeral Directors Association Expands Industry Control |The National Funeral Directors Association announced THE NEXT STEP (attempt) in expanding  control and influence across the entire funeral industry.  This  is an attempt at keeping the Traditional Industry alive and keeping consumers paying HIGH FUNERAL EXPENSES.

National Funeral Directors Association announces Allied Members

National Funeral Directors Association announces Allied Members

Many posts have been made here about the Funeral Industry Dying, and preneed being dead,

By taking this action they can charge more dues,  have more members, and increase their influence. Good for them, Yes.

BAD news for the American Consumer-Funeral Costs and Corruption will continue to Rise. They will have more money to Fight the Funeral Rule, the  Bereaved Consumers Protection Act and the”Funeral Bill of Rights


“Any business or individual not otherwise eligible for membership in NFDA who is involved in a
field allied to the funeral profession may apply to become an Allied Member by making written
application to the Secretary of NFDA. If the Executive Board, after conducting its due diligence,
determines in its sole discretion that the applicant supports the funeral profession and NFDA, it
may grant the applicant the privilege of becoming an Allied Member.”

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Source: Your Funeral Guy’s eight years of experience with the NFDA, his copyrighted book, including years of research on the National Funeral Directors Association.

More Explanation from an information site on the the National  Funeral Directors Association.

Lucy| Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Dies|funeral|memorial video-Your Funeral Guy

28 Sep

Lucy of Lucy in the Sky with  Diamonds has died. Her name is Lucy Vodden. The Girl with kaleidoscope eyes  is gone. It is yet a stirring reminder after the summer death. of BABY BOOMER  Mortality and – the fact that we all must die and make a funeral plan.


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has died

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has died

The lady who inspired the  Beatles and John Lennon tune, Lucy Vooden has passed on.

Secretly I still am looking for a girl with “kaleidoscope eyes” to go for a  “ride  in a boat on a river”

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There is no public Funeral plan for Lucy Vodden, Yet.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds pic from flickr under the creative commons license from

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Illinois Press remiss in Coverage of Funeral Director Swindle?-YourFuneral Guy

26 Sep

thumbnail (6)The Illinois Press has been remiss in it’s handling of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Preneed Funeral Insurance Swindle. This may indeed be in part because of the misinformation (babbling)put out this year by the Executive Director Of the Illinois Funeral Director’s Association Duane Marsh.

The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Stole and Mismanaged between $59-100 million of the  folks funeral money in the State of Illinois.

Marsh who has been only in Illinois nine months is really not qualified to deal  with the depth of funeral( NFDA’s Randall L Earl, Charles Childs Jr) and political corruption ( Illinois Senator Roland Burris founding poitico, and lobbyist of the IFDA Preneed Trust). It also should be noted that this is his first Funeral Directors Association.iStock_000002848648XSmall

Nine months in the state with  failed promises to bring a NEW ILLINOIS FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION IN JUNE 2009-it has been the same old same old-Lawsuit after Lawsuit, Investigation after investigation and trustee after trustee for the  IFDA Preneed Trust! Just like the corrupt Executive Director before him Duane Marsh  has to get up every morning and spin  a web of misinformation and lies.

Then there is that look yourself in the mirror thing.

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Duane Marsh is mentioned here because he has been mentioned In Numerous reports(articles on The IFDA Preneed  Ponzi Sheme.

Coverage in the Press By on the IFDA Funeral Scam Has Been Minimal. The State Journal Register in Springfield, Illinois has done an excellent job covering this matter.

Patrick Swayze| Funeral|Home Funeral-Before Public Death Report-Your Funeral Guy

25 Sep

Patrick Swayze had a cowboy wake, home funeral!

Patrick Swayze had a cowboy wake, home funeral!

It has been reported that Patrick Swayze had a  Home Funeral sometimes known as “Cowboy Wake” The home funeral is where the family cleans and dresses the loved one’s body.

Usually within a day or two after a death friends gather and the life is celebrated in the home. Then the burial or cremation occurs

Essentially this is how it was done before the Civil War.

The Family in the Dirty Dancing Stars case was very wise-THE FUNERAL WAS COMPLETED  BEFORE THE DEATH WAS REPORTED.  BEFORE the  CORONER| FUNERAL DIRECTOR ARRIVED! Yes before the Hollywood Elite knewit was all over.

This story APPEARS  to be Accurate. The whole Scenario  fits totally with the events that followed the Home Funeral of Patrick Swayze.

Source: evri .com

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Connecting Directors exposes IFDA|NFDA leader Randall L Earl-YourFuneralGuy

25 Sep
Picture of New website at Connecting Directors.Com

Picture of New website at Connecting Directors.Com

Connecting Directors.Com has exposed the criminal? (possible felon) disgraced National Funeral Directors Association leader Randall L Earl. Earl is a central figure in the IFDA (Illinois Funeral Directors Association).Preneed Ponzi Scheme. He also is the current NFDA EXECUTIVE SECRETARY.

Trouble with the IFDA Preneed  trust  surfaced during his reign as President of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association. He is in line to be President of the National Funeral Directors Association

Here is the link to the Connecting Directors Scandal Post on Randall L Earl:  NFDA Scandal Randall L Earl.

From Connecting A Your Funeral Guy Comment:

Thanks for constructive criticism. Personal attacks have no place in helpful debate. My problem is I can hear the sighs of relief at the SCI building in Houston because all that content and news stories are not recorded here anymore

Randall L Earl is glad. The embattled NFDA leader thinks he has a better shot at President of the National Funeral Directors Association, because the conversations about his involvement in the IFDA Preneed Ponzi Schemes are gone.

Randall L  Earl

is the the funeral industry’s reason in a human body to embrace the Bereaved Consumers protection Act

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pic of the new connecting from the old connecting

Latest Time Line in the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal-YourFuneralGuy

24 Sep

Latest in the Butr Oak Cemetery Scandal

Revealed here the latest  time line events in the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal. Like the the horrible events in July these events are bizarre, but not quite  the horror  show of 300 grave desecrations and  human bones

Latest in the Butr Oak Cemetery Scandal

being piled up across the cemetery.

On September 15th 2009  Governor Pat Quinn’s cemetery oversight task force gave its report. Click here to view it.

A Bankruptcy judge gave back to Perpetua Inc the keys to Burr Oak cemetery on September 17th 2009.

There was a  protest March on the Cemetery on September 20th 2009

Control of the cemetery was taken away from Perpetua AGAIN on Sept 21st 2009 with the help of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

Perpetua lost control of the cemetery on 09/21/09 after the intervention of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

On September 21st 2009 Congressman Bobby Rush Introduced nation wide Cemetery and Funeral Reform with the the Introduction of The Bereaved Consumers Protection Act

So now we are facing Statewide Cemetery and Funeral Regulation in the State of Illinois and across the United States of America?

What’s Next?

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