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Funerals Still Expensive-Your Funeral Guy

23 Nov
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In spite of  the many options to lower the cost of a funeral,  most folks do find funerals expensive and have trouble lowering the cost of  a funeral or finding a way to lower the cost of a funeral. The Funeral Consumers Alliance can help with lowering  the cost of a funeral alon with the book Rest in Peace Insiders tips to the low cost less Sttress Funeral.

When you think of a funeral, many people think about the casket, the church service and grave burial. But there are many other choices, especially if you’re looking to reduce costs.

It is an inevitable part of life. “It’s something we simply don’t like to talk about,” said Overton Ganong of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of South Carolina.

Dealing with death is hard. Not planning for it makes it worse. “It was such a whirlwind event, it was really kind of just numbing,” said Tammy Chapman.

Cancer took Chapman’s father Julian, and she was responsible for the funeral. He owned a burial plot, but didn’t have life insurance. That left Tammy with few options. “When he passed unexpectedly like that, we had literally just enough money to bury him,” said Chapman.

Tammy’s situation is all too familiar to the Funeral Consumers Alliance. “We see a lot of times families getting into real disagreements at the time of the death when there has been no conversation around these issues,” said Ganong.

Ganong says families should talk about what they want. Tight budgets make that conversation crucial. “Funerals are not inexpensive,” said Greg Dunbar, who manages a funeral home in Columbia.


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Prepaying a Funeral Causes Stress(Not Relief)-Your Funeral Guy

19 Jul

Many a Funeral Home and Funeral Corporation will tell you that prepaying a funeral will relieve the Stress of a funeral at the time of your death.

The news about preneed of late shows that this does not work.  Often times the Funeral Directors or other preneed professionals simply take your money.The fact that this can occur is additional funeral stress.

This was the case in:

1: the NPS , National Prearranged Services scandal in 2008,2.the Illinois Funeral Directors scandal revealed in 2009.3. The California Funeral Directors Association in 2010

Funeral Preplanning does work. Funeral Prepaying does not. This was conveniently left out of a recent, Dignity Memorial, Service Corporation International, blog post.

If you are finding the stress of planning your loved one’s funeral difficult to deal with, consider funeral pre planning for own funeral. This will allow those who love you to not have to deal with this level of stress and difficulty when you pass on. Talk to the funeral director about planning your own services once you are feeling more relaxed.


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All this is covered further in Rest In Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost less Stress Funeral by R.Brian Burkhardt

Average cost of A Funeral-$7,622 per Year-NFDA|by yourfuneralguy

10 Aug
Average cost of the funeral is $7,622.00-National Funeral Directors Association

Average cost of the funeral is $7,622.00-National Funeral Directors Association

The National Funeral Directors Association has declared the Average Cost Of a Funeral to be $7,622.00 per year. The previous figure listed for average  funeral cost at the NFDA website was $7,323.00 per year. This figure does not include cemetery costs but does include a casket and a vault. Most Industry experts put the average cost of a funeral in the United States at $10,000 in 2009.

Snippet from the  Daily Journal .com in Kankakee,Illinois.

“According to the Wisconsin-based National Funeral Directors Association, our nation’s sluggish economy is taking a toll on the funeral industry.

The group reports that the average cost for adult funerals in Illinois that include a casket and vault is $7,622. Yet, some families are spending less than that by choosing cheaper caskets and urns, reducing services and events — for instance, shorter visitation hours, or foregoing a graveside service — and purchasing fewer flower memorials.”

The average cost of a funeral has been trending downward. Cremation has been on the rise. Still the National Funeral Directors Association Lists a  higher average for funeral expenses.

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News-Bizarre Twist on Funeral Cost-Dead Body Subpoena-yourfuneralguy

9 Mar
Chrysler Corporation gets a Court Order for a deceased person's body- burial stopped

Chrysler Corporation gets a Court Order for a deceased person's body- burial stopped

News 3/09/09- In a bizarre twist on Funeral Cost Chrysler has subpoenaed  a dead body.  This has added Emotional and Financial funeral cost  as the body was snatched after a funeral and right before burial.  The family is fighting the court order. The trial was set to begin on March 9th 2009. The person involved has not had a burial.

In an article at The Truth about Cars:

“The trial was set to begin March 9. Unexpectedly, St. John died on February 28. Though he had undergone a painful biopsy to provide a lung tissue sample while still living, Chrysler insisted on taking the body from its burial site before it could be laid to rest.”

This approach seems to be distasteful and disrespectful. It surely shows a lack of respect for the dead. It appears that the law has no respect for persons living or dead.


“Chrysler had asked the court for permission to obtain tissue samples, but the court order was not issued until the day of the funeral. The process server waited until after the funeral but before interment to serve the order, offending the grieving family who claim they caught completely unaware of Chrysler’s request.”

It was a good thing that the process server showed discretion and respect.

What can be learned from this? DEATH and the LAW are no respecter of persons.

Maybe it would have been best if the automakers did not get a bailout and had their own funeral.

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IFDA Lost $59 Million|Opposes Regulation Seeks Medicaid help-Your Funeral Guy.

7 Mar
IFDA Defrauded 59 million then came up on the wrong side of funeral legislation in Illinois istockphoto picture of IL Statehouse

IFDA misappropriated 59 million then came up on the wrong side of funeral legislation in Illinois istockphoto picture of IL Statehouse

The Illinois Funeral Directors Association is at it again. They misused 59 Million of their Trust Fund in an alleged ponzi scheme. Now they are opposing preneed reform and seeking medicaid aide for member funeral homes . This is beyond arrogance. Why do they not just take out a 59 Million dollar Loan and give the money back to the IFDA Preneed Trust?

State Representative Dan Brady of Bloomington , IL has proposed legislation in Springfield, IL that will regulate the preneed trust sellers in the State of Illinois. The Illinois Funeral Directors Association is not supporting the legislation. One would think that they would want to make things right. I would suggest that they give their non guaranteed funds back to the citizens who have lost monies in the non guaranteed policies.

To add insult to injury the IFDA is  supporting legislation which would give more medicaid aide to funeral homes their members. That legislation in Springfield, Il is sponsored by Bob Rita of Blue Island.

Quoting Rep Dan. Brady in  a March 7th post in the Chicago Tribune.

Brady said, “To ask for more money when the IFDA has other problems is not the message to send right now.

It is very unsettling that the new executive director of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association is making false statements to the press . His name is Duane Marsh. In a State-Journal Register|  Article he said:

‘IFDA supports Rita’s bill. Marsh says the issue is a “humanitarian thing,” but funeral home directors will still help the indigent.

Funeral home directors are going to continue to provide the service no matter what, ” Marsh said.’

First of all as many an indigent person and funeral director know that all funeral homes do not help the indigent.

To say that directors are going to provide the service no matter what is garbage. It may be fraud.

How can Duane Marsh make this statement? He is a former funeral director from Michigan and has been in the State of Illinois for only two months and several days. I call upon Mr. Marsh to retract his statement made to the oldest newspaper in Illinois.

Funeral Industry| Funeral Cost blog by your funeral guy.

Any time  a Funeral Trust Fund is misapplied Funeral directors have to cover costs and consumer costs are raised.

Sources: Article posted March 5th

Chicago-Tribune Article posted March 7th

Chicago Tribune IFDA articles Fail to mention Burris-Your Funeral Guy.

28 Feb
The Chicago Tribune Did Significant Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal Stories March 1st 2009

The Chicago Tribune Did Significant Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal Stories March 1st 2009

Breaking News Feb 28th 2009-The Chicago Tribune has done several articles on the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Funeral Trust Scandal dated March 1st.

The Chicago Tribune failed to mention the big name in the situation, Senator-IL-Roland Burris. Burris was Comptroller in 1980 gave the IFDA their license for the fund. In 2007 he was a lobbyist for the IFDA involved with significant negotiations with the State of Illinois Comptroller’s Office. (Dan Hynes) This was over the IFDA Preneed Trust.

Here are the names of the two March 1st  articles with links from the Chicago Tribune:

1.Illinois Funeral Directors Association faces questions over trust’s shortfall, management

State comptroller’s office continues 3-year investigation Link HERE

2.Funeral directors, Illinois comptroller’s office at odds over trust regulation Link HERE

Article one mentions that funeral directors assets are in jeopardy.The Tribune fails to mention that future funeral costs are likely to be past on to consumers due to IFDA shortfalls.

A snippet from the first article:

“Now, the funeral directors themselves face financial hardship. For guaranteed contracts, they have to absorb inflationary increases in the cost of funeral services they contracted to provide, in some cases years ago.

A Snippet from the second article states that  folks are outraged at the Comptroller Dan Hynes:

The comptroller’s office discovered a $39 million deficit in the trust in 2005 that grew to more than $50 million last year.

Consumers and funeral directors are outraged at the lack of oversight

Although the Chicago Tribune and the State Journal Register have done significant stories the story was first carried by World Net Daily on January 16th 2009.

Funeral Cost/Funeral Industry Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

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IFDA Diverted Hundreds of Thousands To Funeral Museum-Your Funeral Guy

28 Feb

Breaking News-February 28th 2009, It appears that hundreds of thousands were diverted from the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Trust fund to the History of Funeral Customs Museum.

Late yesterday the State-Journal Register newspaper in Springfield IL posted an article about the diversion of ifda preneed trust funds to the IFDA museum.

The amount of money diverted was up to 250,000 USD dollars in 2006 and 2007. According to the Springfield Journal Register Article and Illinois Historian Schwartz.

“However, Schwartz said he assumes that the collapse of a pre-need funeral trust fund that once generated millions of dollars in management fees for the association led to the museum’s demise.

According to an IFDA-commissioned audit, the foundation that ran the museum received at least $250,000 annually in 2006 and 2007 from the association, which got more than $2 million each of those years from management fees generated by the trust fund.”

FD  Charles Childs (IFDA President 2006-2007) and Geoffrey Hurd IFDA President (2007-2008)  were active at the time the funds were transfered.

Both men have been mentioned in the Press. Childs and the press is mentioned at a February 12th post at this blog. Hurd is mentioned in the press here.

Sadly folks funeral cost is raised when funeral trust funds are misappplied.

The IFDA museum the History of Funeral Customs Museum has an excellent replica of Lincoln’s Casket Display. Thanks to the misappropriation of funds it appears that the museum may be closing. You can view a Lincoln Replica Casket like the one at the museum here.

Currently Randall L  Earl is Secretary of the NFDA and The Director of the IFDA Museum of Funeral Customs. This according to the NFDA Website.

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Post updated March 22, 2009 at 5:41pm.

Charles Childs and Geoffrey Hurd are public figures because they are IFDA Presidents. Speaking to the press thrust them into the public spotlight. The same with Randall L Earl who is a public figure as Secretary of the NFDA.