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Your Funeral Guy:Funeral Food, Funeral Meal, Funeral Desert on Funeral Cost

29 Feb

Today because of economic distresses many Americans are concerned with Funeral Cost. It is that one more $6000-$10,000 dollar event that hits you at the time of sudden death or expected death. In either case it can bring you into a sudden death financial playoff. Your Funeral Guy wants to assure you that is quite simple to plan a low cost, less stress funeral. Lowering your Funeral Cost does not have to cost you a bundle. You can plan ahead and pickup funeral food, save on personal expenses and funeral expenses by going here below. There is even a guarantee, for a little more than $10 you can save a Thousand Dollars, Guaranteed

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak.

Now I realize that some of you do not trust the internet, You watch Bill O’ Reilly, who I affectionately call Pill O’Smilley. He does not trust the internet either. So I am going to look out for you and give you ticket to a free funeral meal. Click on your your ticket below:

I being a funeral director realize that allot of folks go to a funeral just for a free meal. Then there are those who only want desert. So read on. right now for your free funeral cost desert. Read about the guys who lost $40,000, 000 of the folks funeral cost money. Get your free funeral desert by reading on

Free Funeral Desert

Why do Directors Love to have you prepay a funeral? In spite of Trust Mismanagement (The case in the IFDA Preneed Trust) simple theft of the funds and the continual distrust of Prepaid Funeral Trusts they keep wanting those prepaid funerals.

More importantly for any Funeral Director and the industry as a whole prepaid funerals cause mistrust and suspicion. So why do they hang on to this practice?

Simply put, work once get paid continually. It is called passive income and it is great for the funeral home owner. The problem is they are getting paid on the interest on your money.

Yes when you use a prepaid funeral it is goodbye to the interest on your money. Sometimes they let you have some of it but not all of it. Sometimes none at all. It is fee funeral desert for the funeral director

Here is the useful side comment in the article what I called free funeral desert.

“Not all of the money paid out by the IFDA has gone for funerals. The association also has been paying guaranteed interest to funeral homes that collect money from pay-in-advance customers and deposit it in the fund.”

Simply put, The Funeral Director gets the interest on your money. It is your money. The source article is here:

Your Funeral Guy, Funeral Director State of Illinois, Author
R Brian Burkhardt

Still waiting to here from politicians, lawyers on the IFDA Preneed Trust Sacandal.

Specifically I have contacted Congressman Charlie Wilson D-Ohio

State Representative Dan Brady(Bloomington, IL) and State Senator Randall Hultgren (Wheaton, IL)

Senator Dodd is too busy with Baruck Obama in the presidential election 2008. If they were wise they would stop, look and give a listen to the IFDA Preneed Trust Scandal. Come on now Barry( Barack Obama’s real name) This “IFDA Preneed Trust” Illinois Funeral Directors Association snow job has happened in your home state.

This scandal is not going to “rest in peace” soon. If you follow it you will get a quick education on Funeral, Funerals, funeral cost, funeral expenses, and how to do a lower cost funeral.

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  
Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

Your Funeral Guy: Funeral Sarcasm paves the way to low funeral cost.

28 Feb

Because of statements on the IFDA Preneed Trust, funeral cost, lower cost funeral, low cost funerals as well as funeral expenses I have received painful, sarcastic coments from my fellow funeral directors However, sarcasm paves the way for change. Sarcastic songs from the sixties paved the way to your low cost funeral. Sarcastic funeral songs and more paved the way for your lower cost funeral and funeral cost reduction.

In 1969, Blood, Sweat & Tears turned Laura Nyro’s “And When I Die”
into a Top 10 hit. It climbed to No. 2 on the charts.
Like many songs of the sixties this was a sarcastic song that sowed the seeds of change.
The result cremation and the lower cost funeral.

Sarcasm always sows the seeds of change and very often leads to broad prosperity and a better future.

In the case of the American Revolution, “the Boston Tea Party”(sarcastic party)
led to the shared responsibility of the American Revolution.

“I’m not scared of dying, and I don’t really care. If it’s peace you find in dying,
well then let the time be near.
If it’s peace you find in dying, when dying time is here,
just bundle up my coffin ’cause it’s cold way down there. …”

The song is also anti religion, popular at the height of the Jesus Movement.
Americans are discovering more than ever that the main alternative to a coffin and
traditional burial is the lower cost funeral and cremation.
The rest of the world knew this long ago. FYI in Japan cremation is mandatory,
so is the low cost funeral,essentially.


Historically sarcasm brings about a better future broad prosperity and personal freedom. Sarcastic songs rom the 1960’s did a great job.

send me an invitation to your party of wit and sarcasm

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  
Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

lower cost funeral

Your Funeral Guy Find out More On Prepaid Funerals and Your Funeral Cost

27 Feb

Hear it from real folks. Yes you should check out other sources. Do not take it from a Funeral Guy, Check out what real folks are saying about prepaid funerals, funeral cost, funeral expenses and your low, lower cost funeral. One can save much grief by simply hearing what other people have to say. The AARP has a good place to do this.

“The AARP The Magazine article “R.I.P. Off” investigates a growing national scandal: pre-paid funeral contracts that aren’t honored when funeral companies change hands, go out of business, or raid their trust funds so money isn’t there when it’s needed. Thousands of Americans have been victims of pre-need funeral abuses—are you one of them, or have you found that purchasing a pre-paid plan was a good move? Share your experience here.”

Yes you need to go here to hear what people are saying about preneed trust funds:

It does a body good!

Your Funeral Guy, Author, R.Brian Burkhardt, State of Illinois, Funeral Director

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  
Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

Your Funeral Guy: The Painful Problem Of Your Funeral(s) Can Be Solved.

26 Feb

Put an end to YOUR painful problem of Your Family Funeral(s) i now. You can bring your funeral cost down. You have the right to  a lower cost funeral and less funeral expenses. This is because of a body of  Congressional law called the Funeral Rule.

The painful problem of the Funeral in America(USA)  is hurting grieving people(persons with grief)

The preneed trust scandals hurt (“IFDA” Preneed Trust)the Funeral Profession and all American Citizens.
Funeral Directors simply should not be allowed to take your money at the moment of grief. They should not be allowed to take advantage of you at your vunerable moment. The best person to protect you is you.

“Rest in Peace” walks you through the heartbreaking problem of the funeral. It shows you how to lower the cost of your family funerals, It gives you the tools you need to deal with funeral professionals.

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

Someday very soon will happen. Someone with courage and authority will call them all together. Who will be called together?

The NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association)

State Funeral Director Associations

The FTC. (Federal Trade Commission) Responsible for enforcing the funeral rule.

The AARP.(American Association of Retired People)

he FCA.(Funeral Consumers Alliance)

If these and others come to the table a solution to the painful problem of the funeral in the USA….will become reality.

R.Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director,  State of Illinois, Commonwealth of Virginia,

Your Funeral Guy, Author, Your funeral advocate

Your Funeral Guy: Have you been R.I.P. ed Off? If you have a Prepaid..Yes.

26 Feb

Have you been R.I.P. ed Off?
Rest in Peace d off?

If you have Purchased a Prepaid Funeral, You probably have been ripped off.
This according to the AARP. The AARP has recommended that you do not participate in the purchasing of pre-paid funerals. If you prepaid for a funeral, it is safe to say that you did not save on funeral cost(funeral expenses) or paid for a lower cost funeral. Now about the “IFDA Preneed trust” Illinois Funeral Directors Association and all we are saying about this sad situation can be summed up in an article here:

From a Recent Article:

“Think it over
Both AARP and the Funeral Consumers Alliance advise against pre-need contracts in most cases. Instead, consider depositing money in a separate interest-bearing account at your local bank. On your death, the person you name as the beneficiary of this “pay on death” account (also called a POD account or Totten trust) has immediate access to the money. Just be sure to name a trusted relative or friend, not a funeral home, as the beneficiary.”

Enjoy the great View of this article here: rip_off.html

If you read this article in it’s entirety you will have a handle on the beginning and the end of preneed trusts. You get a starter course in funeral planning 101. You will have a great background in before planning a funeral. Sad to say if you prepaid for a funeral you may not “Rest in Peace

R.Brian Burkhardt

Your Funeral Guy, Funeral Director (State of Illinois) and Author.

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  
Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

Your FuneralGuy: Practical Funeral Cost Info on IFDA Preneed Trust Story in the Press

25 Feb

LOCAL NEWSPAPER MEDIA REPORTS ONLY PART OF THE IFDA PRENEED TRUST STORY! They did report the story and give practical advice on funeral cost. Good information was provided on the low cost funeral and the lower cost funeral.

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  
Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

The State Journal Register in Springfield, IL deserves credit for carrying the story and putting it on the News wires. Newspapers often take great risks when presenting stories about Funeral Directors. Funeral Directors are the ones who call in obituaries. Obituaries are a key selling point for newspapers. So often Newspapers will not report anything negative about Funeral Directors. This from the old newspaper guy, your funeral guy.

The State Journal Register also took another risk in that many of it’s sources are state senators and other elected officials. Some of them are the sons and brothers of Funeral Directors like Illinois State Senator Randy Hultgren.

Here is an excellent quote from the article,

A trust fund designed to pay funeral expenses for nearly 50,000 participants is running a $40 million deficit and has been paying out more than it has been taking in.

GA_googleFillSlot(‘il-springfield_instory_300x250’); _GA_googleAdEngine.createDOMIframe(‘google_ads_div_il-springfield_instory_300x250′ ,’il-springfield_instory_300x250’); The Illinois Funeral Directors Association, which administers the fund, says it is solvent. But, at the behest of state regulators, the IFDA has decided to put a third-party trustee in charge of the $300 million Preneed Trust.

The trust currently is being kept afloat with life insurance policies taken out on IFDA board members, funeral home directors and association members. According to the IFDA board of directors, the insurance policies are worth about $160 million, more than enough to balance the books. But people have to die before money goes in the bank, and the IFDA says it will stop using life insurance as an investment tool.

Joshua Slocum, executive director of the Funeral Consumers Alliance, a watchdog group based in Vermont, said he has never heard of a funeral trust fund financed with life insurance policies on industry insiders.”

for the full story go here.

The newspaper avoided the scandalous parts of the story such as the fact that the IFDA has spent over 8 million dollars of the funds money on Lobbying and that the State of Illinois removed the Illinois Funeral Director’s Associations License to manage the fund. The story does mention that a board member did borrow from the fund! The article did not mentioned state officials connected to the IFDA.

Your Funeral Guy has obtained the domain name
in the near future your funeral guy will begin posting there on this extraordinary IFDA Preneed Trust.

It does not appear that this scandal will rest in peace soon. Your Funeral Guy will notify the national media through his connections if the story is not picked up from the ap wire.

Your Funeral Guy. Funeral Director, Illinois and Virginia.

R.Brian Burkhardt, Author of

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt BacakYour Funeral Guy has sources in Springfield, IL. and Washington D.C. working on this story.

R.Brian Burkhardt is still awating a call back from NFDA member and Congressman Charlie Wilson Democrat from Ohio.

Your Funeral Guy: Comment Made on the IFDA TRUST SCANDAL#1(Funeral Cost)

25 Feb

This is the best comment I have received so far on the IFDA Preneed Trust Scandal brought to you by the Illinois Funeral Directors Association.

“The IFDA should never have been allowed to manage the fund. The only way to preplan a funeral is through a life insurance product, not a trust product. Life insurance products are managed and monitored by a licensed life company. All these instances you read about are when a trust account is administered. Trust accounts are not as secure as life products. The IFDA is the “fox watching the henhouse”.
I have written a book on this, from a cemetery and crematory aspect, viewable at:
I also have a website:

The comment here is right on because it is what the AARP says you should do. You may want to check out what they have to say about planning a funeral at the AARP website. if you do what this person says you will not have to take funeral planning 101.

This is a very useful comment. Funeral Homes at least the ones I have worked at have all had a form that they sometimes thrust upon you at your moment of grief. This is where they try to make themselves first beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Please do not sign this form, it is YOUR money not theirs,

It will require some explanation but in the Future I will explain how the federal government is using the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) to guard the “national funeral home hen house”.This is not effective government. Nor does it promote broad prosperity, personal freedom, or a better future.

Sad to say I received personal attacks, many. They will not be published. From the intensity of the comments you would have thought I had asked the world to sing 98 IFDA members on the wall.

Your Funeral Guy

R, Brian Burkhardt.

Funeral Director State of Illinois

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  
Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak