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NFDA issues new numbers on the Average cost of A Funeral-Your Funeral Guy

11 Oct
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The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) has issued numbers for the average cost of a Funeral in 2009 comparing the Numbers to 2004. The NFDA says the average funeral cost  for a traditional funeral at the funeral home  in 2009 is 7, 755 USD.
The previous numbers for the average cost of a funeral in 2006 were $7,323.00 USD.
These are NFDA numbers for median funeral cost in 2009.

Non-declinable basic services fee  2009 $1,817  2004$1,460  growth 19.6%

Removal/transfer of remains to funeral home 2009 $250  2004$195 growth 22.0%

Embalming 2009 $628  2004 growth$498  growth 20.7%

Other preparation of the body2009 $200 2004$175  growth 12.5%

Use of facilities/staff for viewing 2009$395  2004$339 growth  14.2%

Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony 2009$450 2004$395  growth12.2%

Hearse 2oo9$275 2004 $225  growth 18.2%

Service car/van 2009$125  2004$100 growth  20.0%

Basic memorial printed package 2009$125 2004$95 24.0%

Subtotal without casket $2009$4,265 $2004$3,482 18.4%

Metal casket (average charge for the most
frequently purchased item) 2009$2,295 $2004 $2,100

8.5% AVERAGE COST OF A FUNERAL 2009  $6,560 2004 $5,582 14.9%

Vault (average charge for the most
frequently purchased item)
2009 $1,195 2004 $998 16.5%

Total with vault 2009 $7,755 2004$6,580 15.2% * Median Price – The amount at which half of the figures fall below and half are above.

via www.nfda.org

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What offends? Embalming-Blood in Drain, or Green Cremation-yourfuneralguy

10 Sep
The embalming process includes the use of spec...
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What offends you more, Blood going down the Drain in Embalming or water going down the Drain in Green Cremation? Here is a video from the History Channel that explains Embalming and blood going down the drain in embalming. It is not too graphic(quite sterile).

Now look at this alkaline hydrolysis  machine where sterile water can go down the drain or on the ground as an effective fertilizer.

Last time I checked human blood was not safe or good for the Earth. Neither are the carcinogens present in Embalming Fluid

Alkaline hydrolysis disposition is known as resomation, bio cremation, water cremation, water resolution, cycledburial, aquamation and other names.

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CycledLife Machine pic used with permission. Your Funeral guy is not affiliated with any alkaline hydrolysis Company.

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Louisiana Funeral Directors need to lose Casket Law-yourfuneralguy

15 Aug
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Funeral Industry needs to lose oudated practices Image via Wikipedia

Louisiana Funeral Directors need to lose the outdated Casket Law that is threatening Catholic Monks from selling their caskets. It is absurd for Monks to be required to have an Embalming facility and be embalmers  in their Abbey in order to sell Caskets.

But in order to sell caskets in Louisiana, you have to first know how to embalm a body. And you can’t know that unless — similar to the interior designer registration statute — you take classes, pass an exam and serve an apprenticeship that is a “primary form of employment.” At that point you get to call yourself a funeral director. But that’s not all. You can only sell those caskets in a souped-up funeral parlor equipped with embalming tools and staffed by licensed embalmers.

via www.nola.com

The Funeral Industry is hanging onto outdated laws and practices. This has contributed to Funeral Industry decline. There is a great need for funeral directors to get in touh with the times and their customers.

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Friday the 13th-Unexpected Death|Your Funeral Guy

13 Aug
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It is Friday The 13th so we are going to  cover unexpected death. Sometimes the Grim Reaper comes out of Nowhere and surprises us with unexpected death. Most of us have experienced this horrific surprise.

This was the exact scenario in the recent death of  Alaska Senator Ted Stevens

A day above ground is better than a day below.

The person doing the post today is Gail Rubin She has a new book coming out in September: “A Good Goodbye:
Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die”
I have previewed the book and it is one you should read.

Americans’ idea of “expected” death versus “unexpected” death is a lot like the classic Monty Python skit about the Spanish Inquisition. “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

“Expected” deaths, which happen in settings such as hospitals, nursing homes or hospice settings, still manage to seem “unexpected.” Whether a death is a complete surprise or not, here are a few things that happen on the way to a funeral.

The first call in an “expected” death goes to the primary doctor or hospice provider for the deceased, to facilitate pronouncement. Emergency room doctors can also record pronouncement. After the time of death is officially recorded, the body can be moved and preparations made for final disposition of the body. The second call would be to a funeral director, if previous arrangements have been made. If arrangements aren’t already in place, a boatload of decisions will need to be made under duress.

Chances are, you’d be in the same boat with an “unexpected” death, such as an auto accident, suicide, homicide, when a person under the age of 18 dies or a body is discovered under mysterious circumstances. A police officer, coroner or medical investigator will make the pronouncement to the best of their ability given the circumstances.

By health code, a body has to be processed within 24 hours – before decomposition begins – in one of four ways: refrigerate, embalm, cremate, or bury. Embalming and refrigeration give the family a few more days with the body before cremation or burial, allowing distant relatives to travel for a funeral. Both Jews and Muslims are prohibited from embalming and those religions dictate burial within 24 to 72 hours.

The funeral director or the Office of the Medical Investigator/Examiner (or coroner) prepares death certificates, with information completed by a medical certifier. You might be surprised at the information you need to supply about the deceased. In addition to their legal name, you need any AKAs (also known as), Social Security number, birth date and place, marital status at death, mother’s name prior to first marriage, military service discharge information, and more. If you’d like a full listing of information usually requested for a death certificate, drop me a line!

Gail Rubin, author of
The Family Plot Blog and A Good Goodbye:
Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die

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The information in this Post Came From Gail Rubin, thanks Gail for the practical advice

Do not be fooled|Green Embalming is a plan to keep charging for Embalming|Your Funeral Guy

19 Apr

Bio Embalming, Eco Friendly embalming, green embalming is still EMBALMING money down the GRAVE

Do not be fooled, Green Embalming is a Funeral Industry Plan to keep Charging you for Embalming. So Far there is no solid indication that the line of Eco Friendly is friendly to the environment. Sadly to report that this is a plan to raise your funeral cost.  Embalming Fluid embalms and then degrades in the body after initial preservation. The line of embalming products comes from Champion Company: the leader in th production of the Carcinogin  Based Formaldehyde Products.The Product Line is called Enigma.It is called bio embalming.


On the surface this looks like an attempt to raise the consumers funeral cost and keep cremation from happening, The larger question looms how will(does)l the consumer know what kind of embalming fluid is used?

“When compared to traditional embalming chemicals, funeral homes will pay more for Enigma products, but with proper usage, it should not impact the end cost to purchasers of funeral home services, Bauman said.

With the introduction of Enigma, the company has found an additional opportunity to reintroduce their formaldehyde-free products.

“It’s giving us an opportunity to return to customers who shunned us before, now 15 years later they’re more interested,” Gianakopoulos said’-via Springfield News Sun.com

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Lesson For the Consumer: You have the right to refuse embalming, Do nor be caught up in Embalming tricks to raise your funeral cost.

Green Embalming, No, No and No!-YourFuneralGuy

8 Feb

Embalming Fluid

The Declining Funeral Industry in the United States of America is trying to present themselves as Green. First there were Solar panels  on the roof making the funeral home green. Then there were those who said cremation is green. NOT!  Some funeral directors will even say that a wooden casket burial is a green  burial!

The latest in the false greening of the Funeral Industry is formaldehyde free embalming fluid. This seems a little far fetched but it is not as poisons such as arsenic were used in embalming in the distant past. Both embalming fluid  companies Dodge And Champion have come out with a formaldehyde free embalming fluid. Details are a bit sketchy. Preservation is limited to Four or Five days with refrigeration.

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Virginia considers new regulation in reaction to SCI Veterans Corpse Abuse|YourFuneralGuy

2 Dec

Entrance to National Memorial Park -Grounds where National Funeral Home and SCI Central Embalming facility are located.

Those responsible for funeral regulation in the State of Virginia are considering new regulation as a result of Veterans Corpse abuse that occurred at  the SCI- Service Corporation International National Funeral Home. This was reported in April 2009 by the Washington Post. A veterans corpse did not receive proper care(embalming) by SCI before Burial at Arlington National Cemetery. This happened at National Funeral home in Falls Church,VA.

This scandal was one of several reported about Service Corporation International (NYSE:SCI)this year. The new regulations would make sure that deceased veterans would receive proper care awaiting Burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

The changes being considered by the Virginia Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers would require funeral service providers to refrigerate unembalmed bodies stored for more than 48 hours.

via www.dailypress.com

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