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Chicago Tribune IFDA articles Fail to mention Burris-Your Funeral Guy.

28 Feb
The Chicago Tribune Did Significant Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal Stories March 1st 2009

The Chicago Tribune Did Significant Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal Stories March 1st 2009

Breaking News Feb 28th 2009-The Chicago Tribune has done several articles on the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Funeral Trust Scandal dated March 1st.

The Chicago Tribune failed to mention the big name in the situation, Senator-IL-Roland Burris. Burris was Comptroller in 1980 gave the IFDA their license for the fund. In 2007 he was a lobbyist for the IFDA involved with significant negotiations with the State of Illinois Comptroller’s Office. (Dan Hynes) This was over the IFDA Preneed Trust.

Here are the names of the two March 1st  articles with links from the Chicago Tribune:

1.Illinois Funeral Directors Association faces questions over trust’s shortfall, management

State comptroller’s office continues 3-year investigation Link HERE

2.Funeral directors, Illinois comptroller’s office at odds over trust regulation Link HERE

Article one mentions that funeral directors assets are in jeopardy.The Tribune fails to mention that future funeral costs are likely to be past on to consumers due to IFDA shortfalls.

A snippet from the first article:

“Now, the funeral directors themselves face financial hardship. For guaranteed contracts, they have to absorb inflationary increases in the cost of funeral services they contracted to provide, in some cases years ago.

A Snippet from the second article states that  folks are outraged at the Comptroller Dan Hynes:

The comptroller’s office discovered a $39 million deficit in the trust in 2005 that grew to more than $50 million last year.

Consumers and funeral directors are outraged at the lack of oversight

Although the Chicago Tribune and the State Journal Register have done significant stories the story was first carried by World Net Daily on January 16th 2009.

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IFDA Diverted Hundreds of Thousands To Funeral Museum-Your Funeral Guy

28 Feb

Breaking News-February 28th 2009, It appears that hundreds of thousands were diverted from the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Trust fund to the History of Funeral Customs Museum.

Late yesterday the State-Journal Register newspaper in Springfield IL posted an article about the diversion of ifda preneed trust funds to the IFDA museum.

The amount of money diverted was up to 250,000 USD dollars in 2006 and 2007. According to the Springfield Journal Register Article and Illinois Historian Schwartz.

“However, Schwartz said he assumes that the collapse of a pre-need funeral trust fund that once generated millions of dollars in management fees for the association led to the museum’s demise.

According to an IFDA-commissioned audit, the foundation that ran the museum received at least $250,000 annually in 2006 and 2007 from the association, which got more than $2 million each of those years from management fees generated by the trust fund.”

FD  Charles Childs (IFDA President 2006-2007) and Geoffrey Hurd IFDA President (2007-2008)  were active at the time the funds were transfered.

Both men have been mentioned in the Press. Childs and the press is mentioned at a February 12th post at this blog. Hurd is mentioned in the press here.

Sadly folks funeral cost is raised when funeral trust funds are misappplied.

The IFDA museum the History of Funeral Customs Museum has an excellent replica of Lincoln’s Casket Display. Thanks to the misappropriation of funds it appears that the museum may be closing. You can view a Lincoln Replica Casket like the one at the museum here.

Currently Randall L  Earl is Secretary of the NFDA and The Director of the IFDA Museum of Funeral Customs. This according to the NFDA Website.

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Post updated March 22, 2009 at 5:41pm.

Charles Childs and Geoffrey Hurd are public figures because they are IFDA Presidents. Speaking to the press thrust them into the public spotlight. The same with Randall L Earl who is a public figure as Secretary of the NFDA.

Illinois Funeral Directors Association Investigations-yourfuneralguy.

27 Feb

The Illinois Funeral Directors Association is now be investigated at least four different ways. There are folk working  hard to protect your funeral cost.

1. The First Way they are being investigated is through the media. The Chicago Tribune has done a story and the State Journal Register has done multiple stories as well. The State Journal Register Reporter Bruce Rushton has reported specific wrongful/fraudulent? applications of IFDA Prreneed Trust fund. Funeral Industry Reporters have done stories on the situation as well. Illinois Senator  Roland Burris’s connection to the Scam has been explored by some

2. The Second Way the Illinois Funeral Directors association is being investigated is through the Comptroller of the State of Illinois Dan Hynes. This investigation has been ongoing for several years.

3. The Third Way the IFDA is being investigated is through Lawsuits and Lawyers. Two Lawsuits one class action and another by Six Funeral Directors in the  State  of Illinois.

4. The Fourth way that The IFDA is being investigated is through bloggers. Bloggers across the internet have picked up on the Illinois Funeral Directors Ponzi Scheme and manipulations of the IFDA preneed Trust.

So there are people looking out for your funeral cost-the media, the comptroller, some lawyers and bloggers.

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Service Corp Inc sales drop, Average Cost of a Funeral Down-yourfuneralguy

26 Feb

According to SCI (Service Corporation International) It’s Cemetery operation Sales were down 59% in the Fourth Quarter. This means the Average Cost of a Funeral is going down. Service Corporation International is the largest funeral corporation in the world.

Quoting from the Press Release:

“Cemetery operations were more susceptible to economic and financial market conditions, with comparable gross profit decreasing $28.4 million or 59%, driven by lower preneed sales, lower trust fund income recognized and less cemetery property construction revenue.”

They stated that there was a  a reduction in preneed cemetery sales. Translation-folks just are not buying burial property.

This statement coupled with the continued rise in cremation as reported in media sources means the average cost of a funeral is going down!

In Cremation Vs Burial the lower cost cremation option appears to be the winner in the bad economy.

I have declared the average cost of a funeral to be 8,500 USD in 2009.

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Your Funeral Guy: Corpse Left in Hearse 2 months dead 2 years!

26 Feb

As mentioned before it is important to sign your Funeral (Cost) Contract. A funeral is both an emotional contract and a financial or funeral (Cost) contract. BE Sure To Sign and Understand YOUR CONTRACT! This is both for your financial and emotional protection..

According to the Associated Press and some folks did not do this and there was shocking results. A cremation did not happen. Instead:

Funeral Director Allegedly leaves Corpse in Hearse” for over 2 months,person dead 2 years!

“A funeral director faces a felony charge after police found a woman’s decomposing body in the back of a hearse. Police said the 76-year-old funeral home owner was charged Tuesday with abusing a corpse. Police said the woman died of natural causes in November 2007 at the age of 52. Relatives said they wanted her remains cremated.”

The family was negligent in that they never signed the cremation papers or paid the funeral home.

You can find out more information on your funeral cost contract either preneed or at need here.

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt

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Your Funeral Guy: Exposing the Funeral Cost Scam-by World Famous Author

25 Feb

In March  a Creative work exposing the Funeral Industry and your funeral cost will be published by a world famous author. The story is a creative mystery and it addresses problems in the funeral industry.

The Undertakers Tale” will Rock the Funeral Industry with humor and creativity and expose charlatan behaviors. I have not read the story but because of the author’s world wide status it will be good. This author is very creative so I do not believe that the current Illinois Funeral Directors Association (IFDA)Scandal-Alleged Ponzi  scheme or the National Prearranged Services (NPS) scandal  will be addressed. There are rumors of another  eastern exposure of these recent events.

The best selling author has a large number books published and was at one time the most popular author in the United States of America. I am the author of a book on the funeral industry and will never be as  famous as the “Undertaker Tale” guy. Neither will anyone else alive today.

You see the famous author is Mark Twain.

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Information on the upcoming story is here.

Now A Funeral Cost Last Stand-Your Funeral Guy.

23 Feb

In an effort to come in under the average cost of a funeral an Illinois Resident has taken her stand on  preneed for her family. She has recovered funeral cost money $1000.00 USD of the principal that was paid in 2003.

This lady successfully stood up to an Illinois Funeral Directors Association Funeral Home.  Not only did she negotiate with the Funeral Home(advocated here), she negotiated with the Comptroller of the State of Illinois, and the Illinois Funeral Directors Association-IFDA. You can view the full article here: Pre-need Funeral Investor Demands Repayment of Principal

This is a helpful example of how you can come in under the average cost of a funeral and negotiate your funeral cost.

The scenario is also instructive on why one should not prepay or purchase a preneed contract.

This is outlined in the funeral cost book.

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral.

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