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Your Funeral Guy: The most Difficult skill needed for a Lower Cost Funeral

28 Jan

Your Funeral Guy: Four Skills needed for a Lower Cost Freedom by RBrianBurkhardt

The First Three Basic Skills needed for a Lower Cost Funeral and the most difficult skill for a lower cost funeral.

1. Basic Negotiating Skills 2. Basic Personal Expense Skills 3, Basic Learning Skills

1. Basic Negotiating Skills .

All of us in Life use basic negotiating skills. These include staying in control. leveraging our strengths, and dealing with bullies. The first basic negotiating skill we all learn is to stay in control. A child learns to stay in control by not losing his/her temper when negotiating with parents. A parent learns to stay in control by saying no to the child. As we move forward in life we learn that staying in charge or in control is basic to negotiating any situation. The second negotiating skill we all learn is to leverage our strengths. When you purchase a car you leverage your strength of your assets and the fact that you are going to pay for it. The third basic negotiating skill is dealing with bullies. Often while growing up we learn to deal with bullies in school or in the neighborhood. At a funeral arrangement conference the use of these three basic negotiating skills is a necessary asset.

2. Basic Personal Expense Skills Basic personal expense skills is living within your payment means. All of us whether we realize it or not live within our payment means. This does not necessarily mean living by a budget. It means living so we keep on moving forward. All of us do this. One has to have positive personal expenses to pay for Funeral Expenses.

3. Basic learning skills. If you have completed grade school you have enough learning to do a lower cost funeral arrangement conference. All one has to learn is about is basic funeral choices and about funeral expenses.


4. Accepting the reality of Death and Dying. No one likes to think about death. Death and Funerals are not fun subjects. The reality is that death and dying are not easily thought about let alone accepted. One has to accept and be ready for the reality of death in order to be effecive in the Lower Cost Funeral Arrangement Conference.

The best Place to learn about this in “Rest In Peace Insider’s Tips to the lower Cost Less Stress Funeral” by R Brian Burkhardt Funeral Director and Author.

Please be sure to let me know about your Lower Cost Funerals and how it helped with your broad prosperity, personal freedom and better future.—-Your Funeral Guy

Your Funeral Guy:You or Your Pet’s Lower cost Funeral

26 Jan

Recently in Louisville Kentucky a Pet Cremation and burial service has just opened up seats 50 people and a cremation window where you can watch the cremation of your pet. Many funeral homes also offer this same type of low cost cremation funeral service available for humans. This is the Lower Cost Funeral Solution that is available for You or Your Pet.

This is not really a low cost funeral service for your pet. The low cost funeral for the pet is still the “no cost” backyard burial with your own ceremony. I do not recommend burial in your backyard for humans. This is not an advisable low cost funeral. It arouses suspicion and in most places quite illegal.
If you would like to see the article on Pet cremations and burials you can go here and find out more:…
If you are really attached to your pet, this may be the way to go. It is more desirable than the dumpster at the veterinarians

The idea of a pet cremation and cemetery service is not new. A book copyrighted in 1948, first brought the concept of the pet cemetery to our attention with the pet cemetery “The Happy Hunting Ground”
In the past year I have gone back to this book ;”The Loved One” by Evelyn Waugh.
and discovered it influenced my choice of a becoming a funeral director.. This is true entertainment on funerals.. This book is quite prophetic. Last year I attended a lecture for Funeral Directors on Pet Cemeteries. I immediately recalled this book and the Happy Hunting Ground.

Reading about “The Happy Hunting Ground” a fictional employer mentioned in the Loved One” was quite a fun read . The book a second time around .(I first read it in the 1970’s) was great. Be forewarned, the work is a brutal introduction to the details of what goes on in funerals, both for pets and humans.(Disclaimer: I, RBRianBurkhardt and your funeral guy are not responsible for the content and have no financial interest in “The Loved One”)
That said everyone should find this book particularly funny.

There are some more cultural points of interest here. Funeral Directors and Grief Counselors today refer to a family’s
deceased person as your loved one. Please do not be shocked if you hear this term when negotiating a lower cost funeral.
In our culture backyard funerals for pets are OK. They are not OK or legal for humans. No cost funerals are generally not acceptable, but the funeral industry and the culture.are moving that way. Many people who speak to me
privately state that the fair price for a low cost funeral is a a no cost funeralNow that would truly Promote Broad Prosperity Personal Freedom and a better future for all. To all people and all pets who are no longer alive, Rest in Peace.

More information on Low Cost Funerals can be found in the book: “Rest In Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral” by R.Brian Burkhardt

Your Funeral Guy gives You Five Benefits To Your Lower Cost Funeral.

19 Jan

Five Benefits to Your Lower Cost Funeral that are Outside the Box.

This post is for those who have already considered their funeral and have chosen a low cost funeral. There are actually thousands of benefits to the Low Cost Funeral. All benefits of the low cost funeral promote personal freedom and broad prosperity because it puts money into people’s pockets.

Benefit#1 of the of the Lower Cost Funeral is : Have the funeral in whatever location You Want. If you choose not to have your funeral at a funeral home you immediately have lower cost. You also are one up on having the funeral ceremony you desire. If you can have it in a recreation center, a park, a country club (surprise a country club is less than a funeral home), a church (costs even less) a park, a room, a nursing home, or even at the cemetery. When you have a location in a facility other than a funeral home you maintain (naturally) more direct control over your funeral ceremony.

Benefit#2 of the Lower Cost Funeral: is have the funeral in multiple locations wherever You Want. Many people have a cremation, have a ceremony at a church (location #1), and a celebration at a room in a restaurant (location#2) and scatter the ashes at another location (#3), some scatter ashes at a favorite ride at Disney World. When thinking outside the box on funeral cost, there are thousand of location combinations.

Benefit#3 of the Lower Cost Funeral is to have a funeral where you can serve whatever drink You Want. One does not have to be limited to the coffee and water which is the general drink of a funeral home. By having the funeral away from the funeral home and at a your private location you can serve whatever drink you want alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Benefit#4 of the Lower Cost Funeral follows from #3. All you need is a location with access to a caterer or a kitchen and you can serve whatever food You Want. Examples are a cafeteria, a restaurant or a cafeteria , etc. Serve your favorite dish if you like. Have them eat whatever you desire.

Benefit#5 of the Lower Cost Funeral is that again at a private Location where you can have the guests at your funeral smoke whatever You Want. It should be legal smoking. No longer do you have to put up with smoking cigars or cigarettes outside the funeral home. At a private location you can allow them to smoke right beside your casket.

To some these benefits of the low cost funeral may seem like more than outside the box. It may seem like the outer limits of Funerals. In the near future everyone will see lower cost funerals with these 5 common benefits listed above. They are actually are only simple funeral tweaks. Green Funerals and Green Burials are coming to America. They are coming from across the pond just as cremation came thirty years ago. A better future and a more shared responsibility will be experienced by all.

R Brian Burkhardt

Your Funeral Guy.

Funeral Director

Your Three Steps To Your Low Cost Funeral

14 Jan

Three Basic Steps to a Low Cost Funeral.

The first basic step to a low cost funeral is to get your casket on the internet. I remember the first time I observed this as a funeral director. A member of the family drove from out of state to the funeral home where I worked. The casket came in a rented van. The casket was a beautiful wood grain just like the one on the funeral home floor. To my surprise I had never heard of the internet casket angle for the consumer. Further research made it apparent, consumers can get caskets off the internet for Three Hundred to Seven Hundred percent less. It does not have to be brought to the funeral home in a van by a family member. In fact the casket many times can be delivered next day for free just as the funeral home does it. Since the casket is usually the major product purchase in a funeral, purchasing a casket on the internet is a first basic step to a low cost funeral. The most interesting part of this is that the funeral director cannot charge you anything for doing this.

The second basic step to a low cost funeral is to make the cremation choice. With this choice a casket is not needed. Since it is best to have an urn for a memorial services, an urn can be obtained for less than the funeral home’s price on the internet. If you decide to get creative about the urn you can even obtain it for less than this. Some of the most beautiful urns I have seen were hand made at little cost. Quality urns can be obtained for less on the internet or off the internet.

The third basic step to the low cost funeral is to avoid funeral home scams. The largest portion of these scams come from the sale of preneed. This can be referred to funeral insurance or purchasing funeral service in advance. When purchasing a funeral in advance you most often do not get the interest on your money. It usually goes to the funeral home, and the funeral insurance company. The other way money can be lost is through simple theft, put in plain terms: The Funeral Director takes the money. This happens more often than one may think. Avoid “Preneed”, “Funeral Insurance and “Funeral Home Scams.”

All this is information comes from Your Funeral Guy’s Experience. Yes this information is a sad commentary on the funeral industry. The smart consumer can work these things to their advantage. More information can be found in the book available in 2008: “Rest in Peace Insiders Tip’s to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral” by R Brian Burkhardt. I am proud to say that the #1 Best Selling Author, Matt Bacak wrote the Forward to this book. It is also worth noting that Jason Oman the #1 International Best Selling Author gave a thumbs up to the book.

The more people who have a low cost funeral, the more money there will be for personal freedom, broad prosperity and a better future for all.Be sure to pickup a copy of your funeral guy’s book when it becomes available for more great lower cost funeral information. Please let me know the details of Your Low Cost Funeral and funeral expenses.

Your Funeral Guy, R Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director and Author.