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23 Nov
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In spite of  the many options to lower the cost of a funeral,  most folks do find funerals expensive and have trouble lowering the cost of  a funeral or finding a way to lower the cost of a funeral. The Funeral Consumers Alliance can help with lowering  the cost of a funeral alon with the book Rest in Peace Insiders tips to the low cost less Sttress Funeral.

When you think of a funeral, many people think about the casket, the church service and grave burial. But there are many other choices, especially if you’re looking to reduce costs.

It is an inevitable part of life. “It’s something we simply don’t like to talk about,” said Overton Ganong of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of South Carolina.

Dealing with death is hard. Not planning for it makes it worse. “It was such a whirlwind event, it was really kind of just numbing,” said Tammy Chapman.

Cancer took Chapman’s father Julian, and she was responsible for the funeral. He owned a burial plot, but didn’t have life insurance. That left Tammy with few options. “When he passed unexpectedly like that, we had literally just enough money to bury him,” said Chapman.

Tammy’s situation is all too familiar to the Funeral Consumers Alliance. “We see a lot of times families getting into real disagreements at the time of the death when there has been no conversation around these issues,” said Ganong.

Ganong says families should talk about what they want. Tight budgets make that conversation crucial. “Funerals are not inexpensive,” said Greg Dunbar, who manages a funeral home in Columbia.


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