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Wal Mart May have trouble selling Caskets in Georgia-Your funeral Guy

30 Nov

What if Walmart online casket sales go up in the next year?

Walmart may have trouble selling caskets in Georgia. That state has specific regulations on registering casket and urn sellers. Wal Mart may just have to register to conduct business there.

Costco does not sell caskets in its stores for this very reason.

And, if Walmart does indeed shake the foundations of the funeral industry with its decision to sell discount caskets and urns, that may not wind up mattering to Georgians. A state law could prevent the retailer from selling or delivering discount funeral merchandise here.

On Tuesday the Georgia Secretary of State’s office sent a letter to Walmart telling the company it is required to be registered with the state to sell funeral merchandise and as of now, it may be in violation of state law if a Georgia consumer buys a casket online from its Website.


It will be interesting to see if WalMart registers as a Casket Seller in the The State of Georgia. One thing is for sure. If Online caskets sales pickup they  Casket could be tested in their stores.

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2009 Summary-Folks want lower costs Funerals-yourfuneralguy

29 Nov

There is no doubt about it. Because of the recession people have opted for lower cost funeral options. The revenue numbers for the year are down for the the major funeral corporations SCI (Service Corporation International) STEI (Stewart Enterprises) and HI(Batesville Casket  AKA) Hillenbrand, inc.)

Cremations are on the rise across the land. People are not  just shopping around for a funeral, they are opting for lower costs.

“When you can’t afford the cost of living, you certainly can’t afford the cost of dying,” says Joshua Slocum, director of the Funeral Consumers Alliance, a nonprofit funeral industry watchdog organization. “We’re hearing from funeral directors and consumers that the economy is affecting choices. People are planning ahead. They’re reconsidering long-held traditions for simpler, more personalized funerals.”

“The economy is directing people to look for less expensive alternatives for everything, including funerals,” says Luke DiMaria, owner of Abby Funeral & Cremation Service Inc. in Rocky Hill, Conn. “It’s one of the reasons cremations have become much more popular.”


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Yes You Can have the Funeral Home discount the Basic Service Fee-YourFuneralGuy

27 Nov

There is good news for the Funeral Consumer. The Federal Trade commission has clarified discounts on  the funeral homes basic service fee. This is useful to the consumer in coming in under the average cost of a funeral.

The Federal Trade Commission issued an advisory ruling on November 24th 2009. In the ruling the Federal Trade Commission stated that the consumer can receive a discount to the Funeral Directors basic service fee.

Specific alternative services were mentioned. These services are forwarding remains,  receiving remains, direct cremations and immediate burials.

Snippet from the NFDA

“…the [Funeral] Rule permits funeral providers to reduce their basic services fees for forwarding remains, receiving remains, direct cremations, and immediate burials, in order to reflect the proportionate reduction in facilities overhead and services of funeral director and staff required to provide them.”

This FTC Staff Advisory Opinion is important because it finally puts to rest the question of whether a funeral home’s prices for these four alternate services must be greater than the funeral home’s basic services fee. The answer is that it does not. When pricing the services of forwarding remains, receiving remains, immediate burial, and direct cremation, a funeral home may include only a portion of its basic services fee; it does not have to incorporate the entire amount of the fee into the price of those services.


Many Funeral Directors will tell you that you cannot discount the basic service fee or the charges for funeral director and staff- on what is known as the general price list(GPL). Now you can simply tell the funeral director they can be discounted, to lower your funeral cost.

By using alternative services consumers across the United States have lowered the cost of their family funerals.

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Government Allows SCI to Buy Palm Mortuary-Your Funeral Guy

26 Nov
The worlds largest funeral corporation will soon be in control of the Las Vegas Market

The worlds largest funeral corporation will soon be in control of the Las Vegas Market

The government has allowed Service Corporation International to buy Palm  Mortuary in Las Vegas. This will allow SCI to Control the Funeral Market in Sin City.

Service Corporation International (SCI) is the worlds largest and cemetery and funeral corporation.

SCI has had poor financial reports in 2009 and terrible scandals, veterans corpse abuse in Falls.Church,VA at National Funeral Home and massive Grave Desecration at Eden Memorial park in the Los Angeles Area(500 graves).

This is sad news for the funeral consumer and the people of Las Vegas Nevada.

A Texas company has agreed to sell some of its Las Vegas funeral home operations to settle an antitrust lawsuit filed by the state over its purchase of Palm Mortuary Inc.

Service Corporation International (SCI) will sell Davis Funeral Home and Memorial Park, 6200 South Eastern Ave. (Sunset Road), the Nevada Attorney General’s office said.

SCI must also sell the pre-paid funeral business from that home and the pre-paid business from Davis Funeral Home, 2127 West Charleston Blvd. (Rancho Road); to settle a complaint filed by the state so it can proceed with the purchase of Palm Mortuary.


Both the State Attorney General of Nevada, and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)  are  behind the legal agreement.

There is more information on this here

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Massachusetts Funeral Homes found to Violate the Rules-Your Funeral Guy

25 Nov

In in a sting operation by the the Division of Public Licensure in the State of Massachusetts, funeral homes in the Bay state were found to be violating the rule of law concerning funerals.

In August, 46 of the 175 Bay State funeral parlors checked at random failed an undercover sting, according to the state Division of Public Licensure. As a result, those funeral homes potentially face thousands of dollars in fines.


Contrast this to the State of Illinois where the Head of the Licensing Board is under investigation in the IFDA Preneed Ponzi Scheme.

In Massachusetts, it is the usual- Funeral Homes failed to hand over the general price list as required by the FTC, Funeral Rule.

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Batesville Casket another pointer of Funeral Industry Decline-Your Funeral Guy

24 Nov
Batesville, the company that made Michael Jackson Golden Casket

Batesville, the company that made Michael Jackson Golden Casket lost over 29 million in revenue this year compared to last

Batesville Casket(Hillenbrand)(HI) 4th quarter results are in and according to the Business Courier of Cincininati. “Hillenbrand sees lower sales in 4Q, stock drops

Although profits are up for the year, the stock fell Tuesday on 4th quarter announcement. This is bad news for the funeral industry.It is the Business Courier’s Judgement that  Investors are losing faith in Hillenbrand. The company is also the maker of The Michael Jackson Golden Casket. It is the authors opinion that Batesville has shown dismal numbers all year.

Snippet from the Business Courier of Cincininati.

For fiscal 2009, Hillenbrand posted net income of $102.3 million, or $1.66 per share, versus $93.2 million, or $1.49 per share in fiscal 2008. Revenues declined to $649.1 million from $678.1 million.

IT IS MY OPINION THAT A 29 million dollar decline from the World’s Largest Casket Maker is a sure indication of traditional funeral industry decline and the rise of cremation.

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Michael Jackson Golden Casket Pic From Flickr under the creative commons license from

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Working in the Funeral Industry Causes Cancer-yourfuneralguy

23 Nov

Close up of cancer Cell

The National Cancer Institute(NCI)has issued a report on the Funeral Industry and Cancer. Those who are exposed to Formaldehyde continually in the business show high risk for brain cancer. The report appeared  in the Oxford Journal.

A summary of the article can be viewed here.

Those in the Funeral industry are well aware of their high risk  to cancer through exposure to Formaldehyde

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