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Illinois Preneed Scandal Explodes upon Association-YourFuneralGuy

16 Dec
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The ongoing Preneed Scandal in Illinois has taken a turn that may effect the financial future of Funeral Directors in Illinois and especially those of former executive Board Members including the current NFDA elected Presitent Randal L. Earl

Board Members of the IFDA may be personally liable for up to 100 million in losses.

The scandal has been going on since 2007 and intimately involves the former Senator Roland Burris(D-IL),

The Fact that some of the  many associations losses will not be covered by their association may in fact be a death blow to the Illinois Funeral Association.


A federal judge ruled last week that the insurer for the Illinois Funeral Directors Association would not be responsible for claims resulting from litigation surrounding the association’s beleaguered Master Trust.

In March 2009, Federal Insurance Company, which has provided up to $5 million coverage in business insurance, including coverage for directors and officers of IFDA since 2005, filed suit against IFDA stating it should not have to pay the claims associated with the previous two lawsuits — one in Circuit Court of Kane County and the other by the six funeral directors in Cook County, which alleges mismanagement of the Preneed Trust the fund by IFDA that resulted in millions of dollars in losses. The insurer claimed that IFDA did not notify the company of claims in a timely manner.

In the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan sided with Federal Insurance Company ruling that IFDA failed to give the firm proper notice of claims against it.



Your Funeral Guy has been covering this since February 2008  along with the State Journal Register in Springfield, Illinios. Extensive coverage of this subject can be found at and lowercost

This indeed may be the final chapter of the current  Illinois Funeral Directors Association due to the IFDA Preneed Trust Scandal.

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Congressman Rush Complements Illinois Funeral Scam Man”Randall Earl”|Your Funeral Guy

24 Mar

Congressman Bobby Rush has complemented  a key Player in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association preneed,funeral scandal, Randall  Earl.

Earl is the current  executive treasurer at the  National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). He is a past Illinois Funeral Directors Association President. There is evidence that the project he directed at the IFDA, the now closed Museum of Funeral Customs was set up and maintained with the folks prepaid funeral funds.

Congressman Bobby Rush in response to The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal is sponsoring the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights act (AKA bereaved consumers protection act). Rush spoke before the NFDA Advocay Summit in Washington DC earlier this month.

Rush complimented NFDA Treasurer Randall Earl on the testimony he provided in January during a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection concerning H.R. 3655. He noted that Earl’s testimony brought balance and perspective to the hearing.


If Congressman Bobby Rush did complement Earl  either he does not know or does not care about Randall L Earl’s involvement in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Preneed Ponzi Scheme.

More on this

NFDA Elects Possible Felon as Executive Treasurer

NFDA Randall L Earl must go

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This is not a personal attack on Randall Earl. He is a major player in a  public preneed scandal. Funeral Directors need to be above reproach.  Congressman Rush has displayed great courage in Proposing the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act. It is quite possible that he bobby Rush is not aware of Randall Earl’s history.

Illinois Press remiss in Coverage of Funeral Director Swindle?-YourFuneral Guy

26 Sep

thumbnail (6)The Illinois Press has been remiss in it’s handling of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Preneed Funeral Insurance Swindle. This may indeed be in part because of the misinformation (babbling)put out this year by the Executive Director Of the Illinois Funeral Director’s Association Duane Marsh.

The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Stole and Mismanaged between $59-100 million of the  folks funeral money in the State of Illinois.

Marsh who has been only in Illinois nine months is really not qualified to deal  with the depth of funeral( NFDA’s Randall L Earl, Charles Childs Jr) and political corruption ( Illinois Senator Roland Burris founding poitico, and lobbyist of the IFDA Preneed Trust). It also should be noted that this is his first Funeral Directors Association.iStock_000002848648XSmall

Nine months in the state with  failed promises to bring a NEW ILLINOIS FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION IN JUNE 2009-it has been the same old same old-Lawsuit after Lawsuit, Investigation after investigation and trustee after trustee for the  IFDA Preneed Trust! Just like the corrupt Executive Director before him Duane Marsh  has to get up every morning and spin  a web of misinformation and lies.

Then there is that look yourself in the mirror thing.

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Duane Marsh is mentioned here because he has been mentioned In Numerous reports(articles on The IFDA Preneed  Ponzi Sheme.

Coverage in the Press By on the IFDA Funeral Scam Has Been Minimal. The State Journal Register in Springfield, Illinois has done an excellent job covering this matter.

Medical Science delaying Baby Boomer Funerals-Your Funeral Guy

8 Sep

Medical Science is hollding back the Funerals of Baby Boomers

Medical Science is hollding back the Funerals of Baby Boomers

Medical Science is holding up Baby Boomer Funerals and an explosion of Business for the Funeral Industry. Because of the recession interest in Funeral Service is up 20% according to Mortuary schools. The cremation rate for 2009 has jumped to 38% nationwide.

Many folks are leaving their traditional jobs thinking they are entering a recession proof business called funeral service. Cremation sales are up and traditional sales are down. It is not the number of Sales that are down but the amount of Funeral Goods and Services  people are buying.


“To the funeral industry, the deaths of baby boomers – people born between 1946 and 1964 – is a windfall worth lusting over. But first, the industry must survive the current “death trough,” the decline in death caused by advances in medical science, among other things.

According to federal agencies that track population and health statistics, the nation’s death rate has dipped slightly and is expected to be “stagnant” for several more years.”

The Funeral business is hurting and anyone who suggests you will have a new  profitable career there is lying. Preneed Sales or prearrangement sales are down 50% (according to the NFDA)and the industry is tarnished by Scandal(IFDA,NPS, Neptune Society, SCI).

Yes Medical Science is holding back baby boomer funerals, but the funeral industry will have to adjust before wind fall profits arrive.

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Burr Oak Cemrtery Scandal: Proposed legislation Comment -yourfuneralguy

28 Jul

Subcommittee returns to DC to write Federal Cemetery Legislation

Subcommittee returns to DC to write Federal Cemetery Legislation

A  United States House of Representatives Subcommittee is about to propose Federal Cemetery legislation. This is in reaction to the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal. The comments here by MarsellusM710 are his opinions and not those of Your Funeral Guy.

“Dear Funeral Guy and Funeral Service Colleagues,

When will it all stop???  The idiotic actions and the lack of integrity of those involved with the infamous catastrophes in funeral service is simply unforgivable. Tri-State Crematory, NPS, IFDA, the organ/tissue ordeal, SCI’s Cemetery problems, and God only knows how many others and now Burr Oak.  What were they thinking???

And every time there is a reported wrongdoing issue in funeral service or cemetery care the consumer advocacy groups rear their ugly heads and scream for new or more regulation, When in fact there is more than likely regs on the books that already cover the violations and wrongdoings but are not enforced.

Regulators need to get off their duffs and out of the office buildings and be more visible in the field.  In one instance, a field auditor for the Illinois Office of the Comptroller, was doing his or her job, but the boss (Hynes) wasn’t listening or didn’t want to listen, and you see what that got IFDA Trust into.  When regulators, local, state or federal, don’t or won’t do their jobs and lets take it on down to the managerial level, you can almost bet fraud, deceit and greed will raise their ugly heads.

Blog+Image_sized_oldgateThe deeds done at Burr Oak Cemetery has the gruesome makings for an ungodly horror movie.
The Black Community, an entity of people who truly value the traditional funeral, done a dirty deed
by a group within the “community” itself.  Crime truly knows no color or economic background.  Those involved with this will not survive prison.  The Black Community will not stand for this to go “unpunished”, even behind prison walls.

Respectfully submitted,

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“From the Chicago Tribune”

Stirred by the emotional testimony of the living victims of the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal, congressional leaders left Chicago on Monday intending to push for legislation for federal oversight of the cemetery industry.

Burr oak cemetery pic from religion

News Article points to Comptroller In Illinois Funeral Mess-YourFuneralGuy.

5 Jul

thumbnail (6)July 5th 2009– Today in a  print Newspaper areporter in Illinois put forth a great summary of the Funeral Preneed mess in Illinois. The reporter has seemed to lose his perspective on the matter however. He seems to blame to the Comptroller of the State of Illinois for the IFDA Preneed Funeral Mess of nearly100 million dollars….

From the State Journal Register Springfield,IL

“Even as a pre-need funeral fund worth hundreds of millions of dollars began tanking in 2001, the state comptroller’s office ceased audits designed to ensure the money was safe.”

This seems to be the latest smokescreen in the Illinois Funeral Directors Ponzi Scheme. The Illinois Funeral Directors Association has filed a lawsuit Against the Comptroller in Illinois. The Six Illinois Funeral Directors who  have filed a lawsuit{against the IFDA} have amended it leaving comments about the poor policing job the Comptroller of the State of Illinois.

The NFDA Executive Secretary is a key player in Illinois Funeral Scandal. He HAS SHOWN NO REMORSE.

The NFDA Executive Secretary is a key player in Illinois Funeral Scandal. He HAS SHOWN NO REMORSE.



The FUNERAL DIRECTORS LITIGATING THE IFDA-did not watch their leaders or hold them accountable. Those LEADERS ( individuals) are the ones responsible for all the funeral grief and pain in the Illinos Funeral Directors MADOFF like Poni scheme. They should be prosecuted.

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Any time Funeral preneed funds are stolen or msiappropiated funeral directors and preneed policyholders lose money.

Merrill Lynch Holding “Fire Sale” in Illinois funeral mess-YourFuneralGuy.

16 Jun
The Illinois Funeral Directors Association preneed scandal has brought great grief to the folks in Illinois.

The Illinois Funeral Directors Association preneed scandal has brought great grief to the folks in Illinois.

Merill Lynch(MLBT) is holding a “Fire Sale of IFDA Preneed Trust Life Insurance Policies.”  This is another factor in the demise of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association.  As the trustee of the assets of the IFDA Preneed Trust, Merrill Lynch has  the right to do thi:. Hold the fire sale and cash out the life insurance policies involved.

The more the Illinois Funeral Directors Association preneed policy mess spirals out of control the more the consumers will pay in raised funeral prices. New problems for the going to the grave IFDA appear each week.

According to the State Journal Register 06.15.09.

“Rather than risk getting no money at all, the trustee{Merrill Lynch} for a troubled pre-need funeral fund is surrendering life insurance policies for cash value, worsening already steep losses in a fund that’s supposed to pay for funerals for more than 40,000 people in Illinois.”

In it’s amended lawsuit the six Illinois funeral directors suing the IFDA named some of the insurance companies whose policies are being written down. The argument here is that there is no insurable interest for the IFDA in the lives of the funeral directors lives covered. Insurable interest is the responsibility of the the insurance company selling the policy.

The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal Continues to bring great loss and grief to the State of Illinois.

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