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Video Dorothy Height Funeral|YourFuneralGuy

30 Apr

Dorothy Height was a famous civil rights leader. She recently died at age 98-President Obama recently spoke at her funeral service giving the eulogy at the National Cathedral in Washington DC

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PETA Buy’s ad space on a Cremation Urn|YourFuneralGuy

29 Apr

PETA Buy’s ad space on a cremation urn. Yes this week there was a man in Eugene Oregon who sold ad space on  cremation urn and yes the animal rights group is putting ads on the man’s urn that says

One of the PETA ads will say: “I’ve Kicked the Bucket — Have you? Boycott KFC.” The other reads: “People who Buy Purebred Dogs Really Burn Me Up. Always Adopt


This is a very bizarre story, even for a funeral guy.  Click Here to read about the man selling ad space on his urn.

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World’s Largest Funeral Corporation’s Shocking Radio Ad |Your Funeral Guy

29 Apr

The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn Has revealed a radio ad being run by the World’s Largest Funeral Corporation Service Corporation International, NYSE: SCI. The advertisement is extremely inappropriate and shows the extreme that a dying Funeral Industry will go.

Here’s the text of a radio commercial now running from something called the Dignity Memorial Network:

Your phone rings, the last thing you expect is your father calling from his vacation in Mexico. And as soon as you hear his voice you know something terrible has happened. Your heart sinks, your palms sweat. “It’s your mother,” he says. An auto accident on a coastal road. She’s gone. His voice cracks. And you try to remember if you’ve ever heard your father cry. You struggle to speak. You sit down and begin to worry about how to get both of them home.

Old fashioned of me, I’m sure, but I prefer discreet euphemisms and soft sell in funeral-industry come-ons — “your time of need” and so on — to vivid evocations of family tragedies.

Also, really, the last thing you expect is your folks to check in from vacation.


SCI Known for it’s antics and scandals in the Funeral Industry, was exposed last year in the Washington Post in a veterans corpse abuse scandal, at National funeral Home in Falls Church,  Va. There was also a Burr Oak Like Scandal, involving  Service Corporation International at a cemetery outside of LA Last year.

Displaced Funeral Execs Maintain Control SCI Divested Property|Your Funeral Guy

29 Apr

Service Corporation International (the world’s largest funeral corporation) recently purchased the #5 Funeral Corporation . In an effort to maintain control of property required to be divested(sold as part of the deal and required by the FTC.) several Keystone execs(#5) will maintain control of the businesses sold.

Several Keystone Executives have formed a company and purchased the property. This shows the extent corporate leaders in the Funeral Industry go to maintain, control of your funeral dollar.

Snippet from the Memorial Business Journal-

It seems that the funeral home/cemetery acquisiton market has a new player. What was speculated for months is moving closer to fruition as three former top executives at Keystone North America have formed a new company and are moving forward with the acquisition of the properties the Federal Trade Commission last month ordered divested by Service Corporation International in order to complete the company’s acquisition of Keystone.

The company, Foundation Partners Group, will be headed by Steve Shaffer, who is president and chief executive officer. Shaffer was previously chief financial officer at Keystone. Jim Price, who co-founded Keystone in 1996 and was the company’s chief operating officer, is Foundation Partner’s executive vice president and chief operating officer; and Chris Thomley, who has served as Keystone’s chief accounting officer since 2005, becomes chief financial officer.


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Funeral Industry Slide|Service Coproration International (At Need) Funeral Income Down|yourfuneralguy

28 Apr

Service Corporation International At Need Funeral  income is down in Q1. Income from the preneed funeral investments rose with the markets. Funeral Corporations are still struggling so many companies like SCI have turned to acquisitions to make the downward trend stop. Service Corporation International #1 funeral corporation recently purchased Keystone the #5 funeral corporation in North America.

SCI’ income increase in Q1 2010 revenue increased over the First Quarter in 2009. but the increase does not begin to make up for the 2009 losses.

Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI), the largest provider of deathcare products and services in North America, today reported results for the first quarter 2010.  Our unaudited condensed consolidated financial statements can be found at the end of this press release.  The table below summarizes our key financial results:

(In millions, except for per share amounts) Three Months Ended

March 31,

2010 2009
Revenues $      530.9 $      510.6

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Your Funeral Guy supports Digital Death Day

28 Apr

Your Funeral Guy Supports Digital Death Day

Your Funeral Guy has done several posts on Digital Dying or what happens to your Life on Line online after you die. This is an important topic and in order to facilitate discussion on this matter, Your Funeral Guy Supports Digital Death Day.

Digital Death Day will be a part of

IIW X       Internet Identity Workhop  10
May 17-19, 2010
at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California

Here are some of Your Funeral Guy posts on digital dying and digital assets.

Set up A Free Facebook Memorial For Your loved One

How to Add an Obituary to Facebook

Places to plan your Digital Funeral

Digital Funeral Arrangement

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Dealing with your Digital Assets will be an important  part of Future Funerals

Burr Oak Cemetery Sold with condition|Your Funeral Guy

27 Apr

Burr Oak Cemetery has been sold with a condition. The price was not $25,000 but $110,000 Dollars. The deal included Cedar Park, which brought the total deal to 1 million dollars.

Click here to see a video on the The sale of Burr Oak Cemetery

Burr Oak Cemetery was the cemetery where less than a year ago it was discovered that over 300 graves were desecrated and bones were piled up all over the cemetery.

There is a catch to the deal: It’s contingent on obtaining permission to perform burials in 9 acres on the northern side of Burr Oak Cemetery. It’s the area the workers allegedly used as a dumping ground for human remains.

“It’s very important to get the cemetery into the hands of qualified operators who have the funds to run it the way it should be run,” said Robert Fishman, Burr Oak debtors’ attorney.


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The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal inspired Congressman Bobby Rush to introduce the Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act of 2009.