2010 Your Funeral Guy in NYT

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Your Funeral Guy has been Featured In The New York Times in July 2010

You can get help with your Funeral Cost- Lowering your funeral cost is extremely important to  your Funeral. Over the Years Your Funeral Guy, author blogger and funeral director has been featured in various News outlets.

The Lower Cost Funeral Guy, R Brian Burkhardt has been featured in the New York Times The July 15th 2010 article is entitled:

Plan Ahead Save on Your Funeral,You cannot cheat death but maybe you can get a good deal from the undertaker(Funeral Director).

This title is actually the theme of the funeral cost book Rest in Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral.

The author of the NYT article refers to your funeral guy blogs and names R.Brian Burkhardt as saying one of the best ways to Save on a Funeral is to obtain your casket at a discount on the Internet. That very point is highlighted in Rest In Peace.

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