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31 Dec

Revenue for the Leading Casket Maker in the USA Is way down. pic-3D IStockPhotocasket

The Funeral Industry  Website Connecting  has been chasing the Batesville Casket Company Selling Vaults(BetaTest). The story is important because it shows the effects of the recession on the Funeral Industry. The leading casket maker in the USA  has to go outside the casket sale to increase revenue.

Could  Cremation, The Economy  and Walmart (Third Parties)selling caskets have that much effect? YES

Check this out:

Batesville Casket C0.Testing Vault Sales after Very Bad Revenue Year

But as every fourth grader knows- ya need the who, what, when WHY and where. Although the beta  test has been going on since  September the young webmaster was not the first but one to get the story. He did get it to his credit.

But as the pattern at Connecting directors goes the whys neglected. Blind support of  the Funeral Industry supports  the STATUS  QUO which is quite sad. The Funeral Industry is not trusted  much these days-and the Scandals and financials prove it. The Website only repeats what is on the web and very rarely mentions  the “why” the story. We should not expect  real help for the funeral industry or the consumer from Connecting in 2010!

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Batesville Casket Testing Vault Sales after Very Bad Revenue Year-YourFuneralGuy

31 Dec

Batesville Casket  has been testing the sale of Funeral Vaults.  Reasons are revealed here on Why Families do not need  a Batesville Golden casket or any other coffin from the company. Batesville  Financial Reports  have been the worst in recent memory another indication of Funeral Industry Decline.

Reasons are Revealed Here Why You Do Not Need a Michael Jackson Golden Casket or any other "Batesville"

Snippet Batesville 3rd Quarter Results  From RTT:

Revenue came down to $496.0 million from $519.3 million in the same period (9 month) last year.

As I have stated in other corners of the web.

“Batesville and SCI have no choice but to acquire to survive. With Financial numbers and net revenues for the year down in the 10s of millions,you cannot just keep cutting expenses to be profitable….

Batesville is the Largest casket supplier in the United States of America. The official Company Name is Hillenbrand INC(HI). Astute Funeral Industry Observers have known about the Batesville Vault Beta Test.

Detail from  Goria Vault Corporation Web Page-

Goria Vault Corporation”My purpose in writing today is to advise you of a change in our business. Effective November 16, 2009. Goria sold the molds and intellectual property rights on which our vaults are produced. Goria has closed its burial vault business and have ceased all manufacturing operations and will no longer be a supplier of burial vaults. For a number of reasons, we felt the time was appropriate and are confident we made the right decision in choosing the reputable organization we sold too.”

Connecting is reporting that Batesville has purchased  a portion of  Goria Vault  and that the Goria Vault Beta Test is extending into 2010.

A Casket is much more reasonable at Walmart Online.

It is my opinion that  a Family should not purchase the high end Batesville Casket, because you do not need to pay up to and  $25,000 dollars for a golden casket like  the Michael Jackson Family!

THE FUNERAL CONSUMERS ALLIANCE MAY HAVE LOST THEIR ANTI TRUST LAWSUITS AGANST BATESVILLE AND SCI-but  it appears they may be winning the war as these funeral giants experience massive financial and other difficulties.

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Michael Jackson Golden Casket pic from flickr under under the creative commons license from

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Your Funeral Guy Top 10 Blog Posts of The First Decade Of the 21st Century

30 Dec

Your Funeral Guys’s Top Ten Blog Post of the first decade of the 21st century.

1.What Will They Be Drinkin at Your Funeral

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The Top 7 Funerals of the First Decade of the 21st Century-Your Funeral Guy

30 Dec

Here are the top 7 Funerals with video of the First Decade of The 21st Century 1) Pope John Paul II Funeral2) Ronald Reagan Funeral 3) Gerald Ford Funeral 4) Walter Cronkite Funeral 5)Ted Kennedy Funeral 6)Jack Kemp Funeral 7)Michael Jackson Funeral-four of these funerals occurred in the year 2009.

1. Pope John Paul II Funeral 2005

2. Ronald Wilson Reagan Funeral 2004 State Funeral

3. Gerald Ford Funeral 2007 State Funeral

4 Wallter Cronkite Funeral and Memorial Service 2009

5. Ted Kennedy Funeral 2009 Almost a State Funeral

6. The Jack Kemp Funeral 2009. Almost a State Funeral

7. The Michael Jackson Funeral | Memorial Service funeral for the next generation 2009

Your Funeral Guy under Fire for saying Excellent Free(Low Cost)Funeral Services available-YourFuneralGuy

29 Dec

Your Funeral Guy under fire from

Your Funeral Guy- some fire today from Connecting  It was simply stated in a recent blog post that the consumer does not have to put up with(be ripped off) by High End Funeral (Specific)Services.. This is the main theme of your funeral guy blogs.

High Funeral Expenses are not to be paid  when the same high quality free and lower cost funeral services are available.

Here are  some of the comments on the post.

“Apparently their is someone in the funeral industry who believes that funeral homes, with the help of industry companies like FuneralOne and, have came together in 2009 to formulate new ways to rip off the consumer. According to the statements, by ‘Your Funeral Guy‘ in the following article he apparently thinks that offering services like, online obits, Webcasting and better websites, services the consumer is demanding, is ripping them off because the funeral home charges for these services.

I strongly disagree with the article. It is ridiculous to think that a funeral home should offer these service and not charge for them. Also, funeral homes are not “pushing” these services on the consumers, the consumer is demanding and requesting these services!! The 7 “New and Improved Ways” funeral directors are ripping the consumer off”via

Firstly ,, and are pro funeral owner, funeral director sites. Secondly, by charging high fees for for tech and other services that are available for free or at low cost they really are really not helping funeral directors or the industry.

Thirdly, I have seen no proof that Funeral Consumers are demanding these services. Funeral Consumers.are definitively not demanding services that they can obtain with high quality at no or little cost.

Fourthly, Funeral directors do have the right to charge for their services, but NOT OVER CHARGE WHICH APPEARS TO BE  THE PERPETUAL PROBLEM IN THE FUNERAL INDUSTRY.


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Read more reply at

Yes the sites, people mentioned above and in the previous post did come together in 2009 to take more money from funeral consumers, families.:) That is rather obvious.

WSJ Chooses Arcade Fire |Funeral|best recording of the Decade!-Your Funeral Guy

29 Dec

The Wall Street Journal(WSJ)  has called Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” the best recording of the decade. Indeed it is! Excellent  choice.

“It was a tumultuous decade, not only in the music industry where the business model shifted to focus on live performance with recordings serving to persuade fans to attend shows and buy merchandise. …. The band’s debut, “Funeral” represents the decade in another way: The Arcade Fire paid for and produced it themselves. Whether downloaded, shared or purchased in a remaining record store, fans and critics alike consider the album a prize among the decade’s recordings.—for the best concert video go to the article here

credit: Mark Obstfeld/UPPA/Photoshot/Everett Collection The Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” is the best album of the decade, says Journal rock and pop music critic Jim Fusilli.

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Another Top 09 Funeral Story-Woman fights to be Buried in National Cem.|YourFuneralGuy

29 Dec

According  to the AP there is yet another top o9  Funeral News Story. A woman is fighting to be buried with her son in a national cemetery. There is legislation before both houses of Congress could  make this happen. Your Funeral Guy is supporting this legislation

The Legislation in the Senate is  S. 2096.  The legislation in the house is H.R. 3949.


WASHINGTON – Denise Anderson lost her only son in the Iraq war. She’s determined not to lose her fight to be buried with him in a national veterans cemetery.

Army Spc. Corey Shea died Nov. 12, 2008, in Mosul, with one about a month left on his tour of duty in Iraq.


Although the legislation here is important, The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act should be given equal attention. Support the Corey Shea Act.

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