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Top Ten Funeral Websites for 2010-Your Funeral Guy

9 Jan

Top Ten Funeral Websites for 2010Here are the top ten funeral websites for 2010. These are the websites that will help with your funeral. They are the not so traditional websites. These sites usually engage the humor  these are not the traditional funeral websites, like nfda.org,( national funeral directors association) funeral consumer alliance websites, connectingdirectors.com, or even your funeral guy blogs. In the past year and a half there has been an explosion of Funeral industry websites, but alas most of them are just crude and not so crude attempts at internet marketing of the funeral business, or funeral products.

1.The number one and number two Funeral Websites come from the UK.

My Last Song is an excellent non traditional Funeral planning website from the UK. It is unique, there is none like it anywhere.

My Last Song features a Lifebox to store the important details of your life; advice on farewell music; and advice on end of life issues.

via www.mylastsong.com

2.At The  Good Funeral Guide Blog, Charles Cowling does a great job posting on everything funeral. Charles  uses humor plus common sense to look at everything funeral.

For all the trainspotterly debate about the relative merits of alkaline hydrolysis and freeze-drying there is, as natural burial guru Ken West likes patiently to point out, already a greener, simpler way of disposing of bodies. Yes… natural burial.

via www.goodfuneralguide.co.uk

3. Death Reference Desk gives us an academic perspective on funerals death dying and the news. It provides us with a different perspective on these topics. Academic but Relevant.

The Death Ref Research Guides list great books, websites and more to help you start exploring niches of death. These will evolve and new guides will be added as time allows.

via deathreferencedesk.org

4.The Family Plot blog by Gail Rubin. To my knowledge no one else has blogged about 30 Funerals in 30 days and put up videos from those funerals.

The 30 Funerals in 30 Days Challenge started with coverage of the memorial tribute to Abruzzo at the Albuquerque International Balloon Museum on October 29, and it is fitting to add this coda at the end.

via thefamilyplot.wordpress.com

5. Death care.com. This site provides a good honest intellectual approach to death, dying end of life issues, and funerals.

Based on his analysis of funeral cost(s), he has two recommendations. One is that the industry must work with representatives from insurance companies, and civic and welfare agencies, and others, to reform the death business so competition is not the motivator for people working with the dead. Two is to educate the public on what is truly appropriate when it comes to disposal of the dead.

via www.deathcare.com

6.Obit Mag .com This is probably the most highly acclaimed funeral website in the world.

Death gives life its immediacy. Because we know it will end, we savor and value life all the more. Obit examines life through the lens of death. Whether it’s the loss of a person, a place, an object or an idea, life’s constant change presents an opportunity for examination, discussion and even celebration.

By examining the transformations we face, we can understand how the past influences our time and our future.

via obit-mag.com

7.Otrib.com, this website has a great guneral planner and allows you to name a heir for your facebook account.

Otrib’s Final Wishes

Lets you name an heir to your Facebook account and specify its handling after you die.

via www.otrib.com

8.The Funeral Lady. She discontinued her e-mail series but her blog goes on.

Everyone has a story and every life is worth remembering.

Listening is the first step… Help the healing begin..

via celebrantpam.blogspot.com

9.Funeralwise.com Generally I do not recommend funeral planning sites but this one is exceptional.

making funeral arrangements for a loved one, or providing grief support to a friend, you can rely on the resources at Funeralwise.com to guide you through the process.

via www.funeralwise.com

10.  The DigitalBeyond not a funeral site in the traditional sense, it is still quite important because it deals with what happens to your digital assets when you die. The people behind this site have a new book.

2010 was a big year for The Digital Beyond. Before I make any predictions for 2011, let’s review 2010.

via www.thedigitalbeyond.com

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Digital Death and Dying Makes it into the New York Times-YourFuneral Guy

8 Jan

Digital death and Dying has made it into the New York Times. What happens to your digital assets when you die? This is an important questions

One estimate pegs the number of U.S. Facebook users who die annually at something like 375,000. Academics have begun to explore the subject (how does this change the way we remember and grieve?), social-media consultants have begun to talk about it (what are the legal implications?) and entrepreneurs are trying to build whole new businesses around digital-afterlife management (is there a profit opportunity here?). Evan Carroll and John Romano, interaction-design experts in Raleigh, N.C., who run a site called TheDigitalBeyond.com, have just published a tips-and-planning book, “Your Digital Afterlife,” with advice about such matters as appointing a “digital executor.”

Dying on Facebook?

Adele McAlear, a social-media and marketing consultant, became interested in this subject a few years ago, when one of her regular Twitter contacts died. A Web enthusiast who has created “Lord knows how many profiles” for herself in the course of road-testing various new services, she is an “advocate of creating content and putting it online.”

via www.nytimes.com

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Cremation for the Indigent-Your Funeral Guy

4 Jan
A typical American crematorium.
Typical American Crematorium -Image via Wikipedia

As the dead pile up in the country in the Morgues across more and more  the cremation alternative is being considered. Medical Examiner(s) and Coroner(s) are considering taking this action across the United States.

As City’s scramble toward creativity in raising cash, cremation of the indigent is being considered over burial.

The latest story on this comes from Toledo, Ohio.

With some of Toledo’s city-owned cemeteries filling up and its finances quickly dwindling, the Bell administration Tuesday plans to propose cremating dead indigent people rather than burying their bodies.

Dennis Garvin, the city’s commissioner of parks and forestry, said the change would save money.

“It’s not a new idea and it is something that had been bandied about and first proposed by the cemetery commission 12 years ago,” Mr. Garvin said. “What happened since then is the cemetery is pretty well filled up.”

via toledoblade.com

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2010 was a year of mishandled Human Remains-Your Funeral Guy

29 Dec

One could argue that Arlington National Cemetery Led the way of Mishandled Human Remains in 201o. ANC was the highest visibility point of the the mishandling of human remains.

Surprisingly, the mishandling of human remains is a problem becoming apparent across the land. This problem was alive in well in 2010 and will continue in 2011.

The Army has launched the first criminal investigation into the misplacement of remains at Arlington National Cemetery after discovering the cremated remains of eight people dumped in a single grave site there.

via www.washingtonpost.com

Sevice Corporation International(NYSE:SCI) had 2010 example of wrong body , wrong grave in Massachusetts.


A Recent Example is here:

Funeral Home Shut After Giving Widower Wrong Ashes

Funeral Industry|Funeral News| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Funeral Scandal is as sad thing and this sort of Scandal does damage to Families and the funeral business as a whole.

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Top Three Funeral Books in 2010-YourFuneralGuy

29 Dec

There have been three great funeral books published in 2010 that can help with Funerals and your funeral cost. These book state the principles presented in Rest in Peace: Insider Tips to the Low Cost  Less Stress Funeral. The First one is A Good Goodbye by Gail Rubin a new funeral book from the USA.

A Good Goodbye will help readers design a meaningful, memorable, healing end-of-life ritual, reducing costs and confusion while avoiding family discord and stress added to grief.

A Good Goodbye will be especially helpful for interfaith families who might not know much about their own religious traditions, let alone their partner’s. The religious funeral traditions chapter can help prompt interfaith conversations.

via agoodgoodbye.com

The second one is Death for Beginners by Karen Jones. This is an effective Funeral planner and Digital Funeral Planner.

Death for Beginners makes funeral planning smart,thrifty, stress-free and funny

Written in a time-saving “grab, read, do and get on with your life” bullet-point format, Death for Beginners lets readers quickly grasp essential information, decide what issues are most important to them, and further explore these topics.

via deathforbeginners.com

The Third is from Across The Pond  The Good Funeral Guide by Charles Cowling

The Good Funeral Guide will tell you everything you need to know and everything you need to do when someone dies.

It will inform you speedily, efficiently, matter-of-factly and thoroughly. It will enable you to:

  • decide how the body of the person who has died will be cared for and who will do it
  • make informed choices about products and services
  • get best value for money
  • read reviews of best funeral directors
  • create a meaningful and memorable funeral ceremony
  • create an end-of-life plan
  • acquire some background information about death and dying, and find out where to learn more.

Above all, The Good Funeral Guide will put you in charge.

via www.goodfuneralguide.co.uk

Funeral Industry|Funeral News Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Your Funeral Guy Is not financially vested-  with the authors or publishers of these books.(has no financial involvement with the three 2010 books.)

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Woman almost buried alive in Brazil-YourFuneralGuy

28 Dec

A woman was found to be alive  after hours in a Funeral home in a casket in Brazil. How can people miss the fact that someone is alive? The line between life and death is not a clear one.

A funeral home in Brazil was shocked to find an awakening surprised when prepping a woman for her burial.

Maria das Dores was declared dead on Christmas Eve, three days later she opened her eyes, hours before her funeral.

According to reports the police are investigating how the 88-year-old woman, whom hospital authorities had declared dead of hypertension and clogging of her arteries, was almost buried alive.

Funeral industry|Funeral news| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

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Studies show that People Die on Thanksgiving Christmas and New Years-Your Funeral Guy

22 Dec

Most funeral directors know that there are more deaths at the holidays and quite often on Christmas. Now this is all verifiable on a survey.

Funeral Director calls, peak on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. and increase on Holidays.

Now a survey bears this one out.

The study found that more people died on hospital wards, or had died before arrival, on the public holidays than on any other days of the year.

Researcher David Phillips, a sociology professor at the University of California, told the National Post: ‘It’s not trivial. We looked at all cause categories and, for nearly every one, we found an excess of deaths – particularly for people who are dying rapidly, like dead-on-arrival or dying in an emergency department.’

He said that the team’s analysis of 57.5million death certificates showed the chance of dying during the holiday period increased ‘somewhere between three per cent and nine per cent, depending on the demographic you’re looking at’ and ‘somewhere between one per cent and ten per cent, depending on what cause of death you’re looking at’.

He added: ‘It’s speculated that psychological stress can make a difference.

‘But to make a difference so quickly and so precisely bang-on Christmas and [New Year’s Day], for a huge range of diseases, makes it seem unlikely as a broad-scale explanation.’

Possible explanations behind the spike in deaths include overcrowding in emergency departments, winter travel, cold weather and substance abuse.

Mr Phillips and two other researchers at the university wrote a paper linking sudden infant death syndrome with alcohol use.

In the paper, which appeared last month in the Addiction journal, they argued that cot death increased 33 per cent on New Year’s Day – triggered by an increase in alcohol consumption by carers.

via www.dailymail.co.uk

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