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Your Funeral Guy is Thankful for Ken McArthur For the Final Stages of “Rest in Peace”

31 Mar

R.Brian Burkhardt, Your Funeral Guy is thankful to Ken McArthur For help with the final stages of “Rest in Peace” a book on funeral cost, that lowers the cost of your family Funerals.Your Funeral Guy joined a membership site run by Glenn Dietzel. There were weekly calls where Dietzel, worked with Ken McArthur, in the creation of the work: Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions, and Make a Difference in a Noisy World. Your Funeral Guy recommends the purchase of this book if you want to make an impact in Your World:


Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions, and Make a Difference in a Noisy World by Ken McArthur

Your Funeral Guy believes that “Impact: How to get Noticed, Motivate Millions, and Make a Difference in a Noisy World” is a zingwhacker of an Idea.

Your Funeral Guy is sure that the Book: “Rest in Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral” will be the zingwhacker on Funeral Cost in the creation of the lower cost funerals.

R.Brian Burkhardt encourages you to purchase both books. Each book promotes the broad prosperity, better future, and personal freedom of all. Both Books will light your world.

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak Your Funeral Guy, Funeral Director, State of Illinois, Commonwealth of Virginia.

Purchase These Works, Leave a legacy and impact your world.

Your Funeral Guy: Special Thanks to Matt Bacak for help with “Rest in Peace”

31 Mar

Matt Bacak was a great encouragement in the writing of “Rest in Peace Insiders Tips tp the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral. Your Funeral Guy attended Matt Bacak’s MIT workshop in July of 2007, where Matt privately encouraged R. Brian Burkhardt, Your Funeral Guy to refine his manuscript and move it towards Publication. The work helps people with their Funeral Cost.
R Brian Burkhardt became deathly ill in the summer of 2007 and came very close to death in August 2007. Your Funeral Guy continued working on the manuscript but became quite upset when the manuscript was “kidnapped.”

With some legal help your Funeral Guy was able to get the manuscript back. R.Brian Burkhardt immediately showed the manuscript to Matt Bacak. This happened at one of Matt Bacak’s Big Boy Boot Camps. Matt recommended Your Funeral Guy to his own Publisher.

Quite Quickly the publisher accepted the work and Your Funeral Guy and “Rest in Peace” went through the Publication Process.

The Result Rest in Peace will be published on May 1st 2008.

Your Funeral Guy is eternally great full to Matt Bacak. Go to one of Matt Bacak’s seminars for help with your business or project.

Your Funeral Guy. Author and Funeral Director.

The work simply helps folks with the “life” part of a funeral. You can have a lower cost funeral without sacrificing dignity and honor. Order the book here.

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

Your Funeral Guy-Featured in Morgan James News.

28 Mar

YOUR FUNERAL GUY’s Book. Featured in Morgan James News. Here is the excerpt:

Your Funeral Guy Reveals Desperately Needed Information in Funeral Cost Book

Discover how to lower the cost and stress of any funeral, guaranteed. In the pages of “Rest in Peace” R. Brian Burkhardt walks with you through the heartbreaking situation of the funeral and reveals the solutions you most desperately need.

R. Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director and your funeral guy revealed that the book Rest in Peace: Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral. is reasonably priced at $12.95, and is now available for pre-order at A book purchase brings a free 15 minute call on the phone with a Funeral Director. This will help you with your family funerals and bring about reduced funeral costs.

Burkhardt, known on the internet as “Your Funeral Guy” wrote a chapter in his soon to be published book about prepaid funerals in the Funeral Industry. He did not have information on the “IFDA Preneed Trust” 40,000,000 USD deficit when his final manuscript went to the publisher, Morgan James. Accordingly, Your Funeral Guy released limited information to the State Journal Register (newspaper) in Illinois because the information is not contained in the pages of “Rest In Peace.” The blog and the book “Rest in Peace” puts you on the path to solving the painful problem of the funeral…

Here is the link:

Your Funeral Guy, Funeral Director, State of Illinois,

Your Funeral Guy: Reveals Five Causes of Death and Funeral Cost

27 Mar

Revealed 5 Causes of Death and Funeral Cost
Revealed Here are 5 causes of death that increase funeral cost. There are Five little known causes of death that contribute to the cost of a funeral. These are also mostly unknown causes of death that contribute to higher funeral cost. .
Here are 5 Overlooked causes of death and their relationship to funeral cost.

1.Old age in 1952 Old age was eliminated as a cause of death. In our youth culture even the old folks like to think they are young. By continually thinking they are young older folks neglect planning their funeral and end up paying more in funeral cost.

2. The improperly directed ambulance. Many times an ambulance is not directed to the proper facility for your injury. This has even happened to your funeral guy. If you have a brain injury you need to be taken to a hospital facility where there are qualified brain surgeons.
Your Funeral Guy ended up at the right medical facility and avoided his funeral and funeral cost.

3. The non directed ambulance. Princess Di’s (Princess Diana) ambulance did not go quickly to a to her medical facility. Many say that the fact that the ambulance sat at the scene was a contributing factor to her death. Not getting to the hospital quick enough brings an unexpected death and often unexpected funeral cost.

4. The diverted ambulance. Often times ambulances are diverted. This is as serious as a heat attack. In the heart attack scenario you have 20 minutes. If the ER near you is full of
people without health insurance, unfortunate ones or legal or illegal immigrants you may run out of 20 minutes and find yourself in a sudden death scenario and your family saddled with high funeral cost. Just by stating this cause of death Your Funeral Guy knows there will be hostile reactions.

5. The Rural Hospital cause of death. No this usually has nothing to do with facilities. It has to do with the quality of the medical personnel in rural areas. If you have a medical situation that needs a specialist. You may not find one in time in a rural area. Generally Rural Hospitals are 15 years behind the times because of lack of specialists. Your Funeral Guy’s experience is that the quality of medical personnel is less. The quality of Funeral director is also less and this raises funeral cost. A whole blog post could be made on the rural or country funeral director!

These are the opinions of your funeral guy,

R.Brian Burkhardt,

Author, Funeral Director, State of Illinois, Commonwealth of Virginia,

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral  

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

Your Funeral Guy: Funeral, Funeral Homes & Funeral Cost

16 Mar

Funeral, Funeral Home, and Funeral Cost all the good information is here from Your Funeral Guy.

“Funeral homes in the U.S.”

It may surprise you to know that there are only over a little over 121,000 Funeral Homes in the USA. It may shock you to know that you do not need a funeral home to do a funeral. You do however in most jurisdictions need a funeral director. Usually the funeral director is only associated with a funeral home. Many Funeral Directors these days are operating independently of Funeral Homes in an effort to reduce your funeral cost and funeral expenses.

“Number of people who work in the funeral service industry.”

You may not be aware of this situation but many of those who work at funeral homes are not funeral directors. There are secretaries, administrators, and funeral associates as well as funeral directors.
A licensed funeral director is needed however to do a funeral and be present at a burial in most states.

“112 ” (Jan 10th 2009 it is now 100)
“The number of funerals an average home handles per year.”

A funeral home that does 112 Funerals a year may not be the best place to do a funeral. A funeral home just cannot be profitable on 112 funerals a year. If you are a good negotiator you may be able to do a lower cost funeral. But watch out, the pressure on the funeral director there to make a profit off your family’s grief is quite high.

“33.5 percent”
“Percentage of bodies cremated in 2006.”

This is quite amazing in light of the fact that cremations in 1970 were quite unheard off.
Cremation is often the best path to a lower cost funeral. Many folks are not aware that funeral fires were often not available 1970’s. Funeral Cremations today are available almost everywhere in the USA. Cremation is also mandatory in Japan.

“57 percent””
“Expected cremation rates by 2025.”

“Average cost in 2007 of a funeral with casket; includes embalming, transportation, casket and use of funeral home facilities.”

Many are shocked to find the cost of a funeral to be this high today. A funeral does not have to cost that much and there are several movements afoot to help people lower the cost of their funerals. Indeed if you desire to lower the cost of your funerals you can get help from books, blogs and the FCA or Funeral Consumers Alliance.

The Book:

This funeral book will help.

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak.  #1 International Best Selling Author Jason Oman also gave thumbs up to this book. This book is published by  Morgan James Publishing.This is your funeral cost book.

Your Funeral Guy, R Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director, Author, Blogger, State of Illinois

The Blog:

The Organization: Funeral Consumers Alliance.

Quotations “Source: National Funeral Directors Association”

Quotes are from the NFDA otherwise known as the National Funeral Directors Association.

Your Funeral Guy, Funerals, Funeral Cost: Say Thanks No Funeral Directors Day.

13 Mar

Your Funeral Guy, Funerals, Funeral Cost: Say thanks no  National Funeral Directors Day! Funeral cost in America was not raised. Many funeral directors will help you with a low, or lower cost funeral. Others only raise funeral cost,
March 11th, 2008 was not declared National Funeral Directors Day! Thanks to lower cost funeral advocates and the US Congress!

Honest Funeral Directors may see this as a defeat. My position is until the industry is reformed, there should not be National Funeral Directors Day. The funeral directors who take advantage of your family at the time of death, do not need to be honored. Another way to say this is that “Funeral Directors who skim off the top need to be stopped”
Some folks have been asking me,  “Your Funeral Guy” to name names of the bad guys.

Your Funeral Guy is not naming names of individuals. Your Funeral Guy has named the the name of the “Illinois Funeral Directors Association” The officers of this organization is a matter of public record in the State of Illinois. This organization is known as the “IFDA.” These “Funeral Directors” in this association mishandled $40,000,000.00 of the folks money in the State of Illinois. Yes $40,000,000.00 (IFDA preneed trust) is gone and the Illinois Funeral Directors Association is not willing to say where the money went. This is after 1 month after the loss was revealed. This Association will not say where 40 Million dollars went!

Your Funeral Guy contacted members of Congress in both the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.Leaders were informed about the IFDA Scandal,
and National Funeral Directors Day. It was concluded That National Funeral Directors Day would not be good for America on March11th 2008. The National Funeral Directors Organization, NFDA, was the lobbying organization that sponsored National Funeral Directors Day.

Funeral Directors should be honored once the industry is reformed. There are honest guys out there. This is only the opinion of

Your Funeral Guy, R Brian Burkhardt,

Funeral Director, State of Illinois, Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dedicated to Reducing the Cost of Your Family Funerals.

Your Funeral Guy: IFDA Will Not say Where $40,000,000 Went!

12 Mar

In spite of pressure from the press the IFDA (Illinois Funeral Directors Association) refuses to say where 40 Million Dollars of funeral cost money went. The people of the State of Illinois and participants in the deserve to know where their “Lower Cost Funeral Money” went. Participants in the IFDA Preneed Trust are forced to continue to trust the IFDA in spite of clear mismanagement of 40 Million Dollars.

This is simply part of a larger problem. Many Funeral Directors (as is true of the IFDA) do not want to be accountable. If the Funeral Directors Association cannot be held accountable who is there to hold funeral directors, funeral homes, funeral home owners accountable.

The only answer is the general public. Here is the IFDA’s non accountability answer to the IFDA Preneed Trust $40,000,000.00 deficit.

This comes directly from the IFDA website:


Families can be reassured that funeral benefits for participants of the IFDA Preneed Trust are still being paid in full at the time of death-as they have always been. Now IFDA is working with Regions Morgan Keegan Trust as trustee to move forward.

So….Hospitals have their patient advocates. Who will be your Funeral cost Advocate?

The answer is here:

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak

Here are the folks you can hold accountable for the $40,000,000 IFDA Preneed Trust.

President: Geoffrey W. Hurd CFSP Hurd Hendricks Funeral Home and Crematory 120 S.Public Square Knoxville, IL 61448 1-309-289-4129 Fax 1-309-289-4123

President Elect: James D.Boma, CFSP, Bosma-Renkes Funeral Homes LTD 404 Lincolnway East Morrison, Illinois 61270 1-815 -772-2322 fax1 815-772-4202

VicePresident: Chris Woodbridge, CFSP, Targehetta & Woodridge Funeral Homes, Inc. 501 W. Center St. P.o Box 715 Brighton, IL 62012 618-372-3712 Fax 618-372-3311

Secretary/Treasurer: David M McReynolds, CFSP, Wilson-McReynolds Funeral Home PO Box 370 900 N.Court St Marion, IL 62959 618-993-2131, Fax 618-993-3143

These are some other folks on the IFDA TRUST Committee.

Charles S. Childs, Jr CFSP AARaynor and Sons, 318 E.71st St, Chicago, IL 60619, 773–846-8415 fax 773-846- 8415

Dennis R Davidson, Dawson and Wikoff, 515 West Wood 217-429-4421, fax 217-429-3153

Please ask these folks where the $40,000,000 USD Went.

Your Funeral Guy, Author, Funeral Director, State of Illinois, Commonwealth of Virginia,

R.Brian Burkhardt

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral