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It’s Bad, its Sad |Illinois Funeral Directors Assoc.will be gone-yourfuneralguy

31 May
In one year the Illinois Funeral Directors Association will be gone

In one year the Illinois Funeral Directors Association will be gone

It s Bad and Sad for the Illinois Funeral Directors Association They are hanging on to the past when they should be looking to the future. The Grim Reaper is staring down face of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association.

First, the Illinois Funeral Directors association  is not willing to change. They have chosen a poor and good old boys lineup of speakers for their Convention.

Randall L Earl-The Embattled NFDA Executive Secretary- has brought the Organization down, he has been Named in 4 lawsuits. There is evidence that this former IFDA President started the decline of the IFDA Preneed Trust. He may have fraudulently setup the Museum of Funeral Customs. If there is to be a new IFDA he should be let nowhere near the Convention center let alone the podium.

IFDA, NFDA Leaders contributed to the Demise

IFDA, NFDA Leaders and Merrill Lynch contributed to the Demise

Jeffrey L. ByranAccording to the convention brochure: Jeff  works with the Merrill Lynch guys. Why have someone speak who is in with the folks taking your organization down?

James D. Bosma– The current IFDA President is also named in 4 Lawsuits. He said in the 2009  “IFDA Yearbook”  Common sense and plain dealing…..I believe that the mistakes of the past. were honest mistakes” Honest mistakes do not result in 4 lawsuits multigovernmental investigations, and months of negative press. (Source: the convention Brochure and the Yearbook)

The Comptroller and other State of Illinois regulators have contributed to the IFDA demise.

The Comptroller and other State of Illinois regulators have driven nails in to the IFDA coffin.

Second, they are facing an almost  10 million dollar payment demand from The Comptroller of the State of Illinois.

Check  this out in the State Journal Article: Hynes demands $10M from funeral directors

Third the COMPTROLLER of the STATE of Illinois has taken over the administration of an 18 million dollar semicriminal settletment with Merrill Lynch.  The Funds belong to the IFDA Preneed Trust,the citizens of the state and the funeral homes who sold the policies. This infuriates funeral directors in the State.

Read: “Merrill Lynch agrees to settle funeral fund case for $18M

For these reasons and others the Illinois Funeral Directors Association  will soon check out for good. The IFDA will be gone. They will layoff everyone.

“My prediction is that the Illinois Funeral directors association  will be out of business by this time next year.”-yourfuneralguy

The lesson here for Consumers in Illinois is to avoid IFDA Preneed, for funeral directors start over, elect good leaders.

There will be no new Funeral Directors Association in Illinois this year, 2009.

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Colorado:Funeral Directors Now need License-yourfuneralguy

30 May
Colorado Funeral Directors will soon need a license but Home funerals can still be done by citizens.

Colorado Funeral Directors will soon need a license but Home funerals can still be done by citizens.

Colorado is a state where you can be the funeral director. The average person there can conduct a funeral, if you follow the rules. Starting July 1st, 2009 Funeral Directors will have to follow the rules as well.  All Funeral Directors will have to have a state license.

Snippet from

No, you don’t need to use a funeral home or purchase a casket there, said Steffani Blackstock, executive director of the Colorado Funeral Directors Association and administrator for the Colorado Funeral Service Board.”

If families are up to it, and some have been, they can perform the functions of a funeral director, including notifying the coroner, filing the death certificate and handling arrangements for the service.“-Director of Colorado Funeral Directors Association.

As  all states laws require, standards of  funeral service must be followed.

You can get assistance with the standards and laws at the Colorado Funeral Directors Association’s web site.

Colorado has been the only state not to  require licenses in the funeral  industry for over 20 years A  law passed by the  Colarado Legislature  to take effect July 1 after being signed by the governor brings licensing to the State of Colorado.

Families still  are not  required  by law  to use funeral homes. Home Funerals are  still welcomed.


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Here is the Colorado Source.

Other information from the funeral experience of Your Funeral Guy.

As of July 1st you will have  to have a funeral license in Colarado to be a funeral director. Folks are not required to be a funeral director and can do a home funeral. You have to however follow the rules mentioned at the Colorado’s Funeral  Directors association’s web site.

Home Funeral Picture from flickr under the Creative Commons License from  Undertaken With Love’s photostream

National Funeral Directors Association Exec.named in 4th Lawsuit-yourfuneralguy

29 May
The National Funeral Directors Association is giving up it's integrity for one guy.

The National Funeral Directors Association is giving up it's integrity for one guy.

The National Funeral Directors Association  Executive Secretary, has been named in a  fourth lawsuit  for Fraud. Randal L Earl of Britlinger and Earl Funeral Homes in Decatur, Illinois is on the  executive board of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).

One individual may eliminate the integrity of the professional organization for Funeral Directors in America. How can the Board of Directors of the NFDA stand for it? How can the CEO of  the National Funeral Directors

allow this?  Certainly Christine Pepper the CEO should be concerned. For one man she is risking the organization? Why risk the same fate as the Illinois Funeral Directors Association

Here is the Link to the latest lawsuit submission.

Here are the names of the defendants listed in the Court Document:

I.F.D.A. Services, Inc., Illinois Funeral Director’s Association, Linda Allan, James D. Bosma, Kevin Burke, Charles S. Childs, Jr., Mark K. Cullen, Brent M. Davis, Dennis R. Davison, Steven Dawson, Vickie Diedrich, Paul G. Dixon,

Randall L. Earl, Michelle Harrison, Donald Henderson, Geoffrey W. Hurd, Derek S. Johnson, Robert Konzelmann,Jack R. Kynion, David M. McReynolds, Robert W. Ninker, Michael Sayles, Edward Schainker, King Sutton, Eric R. Trimble, Chris Wooldridge, Richard D. Yurs, Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith, Inc., U.S. Bancorp and Sikich LLP”

If you hug a Funeral Director make sure he/she is not named in a lawsuit

If you hug a Funeral Director make sure he/she is not named in a lawsuit

Take it as you will, Randall L Earl, should resign in the interest of  all the Funeral Directors in the Land.

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You Can view the State Journal Register Take on this lawsuit here.

Have you hugged your funeral director today picture from flickr under the creative commons license from

G. J. Charlet III’s photostream

Cemeteries being used for weddings-yourfuneralguy.

28 May
Weddings may be taking place in cemeteries and funeral homes in the near future.

Weddings may be taking place in cemeteries and funeral homes in the near future.

Now you can do more than lower the cost of your funeral at a cemetery. You can lower your the cost of your wedding as well.  Cemeteries and funeral homes have been reported to be  an  alternative spot for weddings.

In a Milwaukee  Sentinel l Journal Article a  Stewart Enterprises  Employee said:

Funerals are becoming much more a celebration of life than a dark event, so why not have your wedding at a funeral home?” said Denise Westerfield, spokeswoman for Stewart Enterprises Inc., which operates Wisconsin Memorial Park and about 360 funeral homes and cemeteries across the nation.

Brookfield city officials say there is nothing stopping the park from holding weddings and baptisms in its original Great Memorial Building, the mausoleum with a church-like Chapel of the Chimes where the Jessweins wed.”

Stewart Enterprises, Inc (STEI) and Service Corporation International(NYSE: SCI) may do well to enter this market. There cemetery sales are in a deep black hole since the economic downturn began.

If these guys enter this market they soon would be able to offer Americans affordable funerals. Funeral Corporations  small and large being stuck  in  an unrealistic traditional funeral model may not be able to make this change.

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Six Suing ILLINOIS Funeral Directors Start Own Trade Association?-YourFuneralGuy.

27 May
Six Suing Funeral Directors Seem to have started their own Trade Association.

Six Suing Funeral Directors Seem to have started their own Trade Association.

(updated June 5th 2009.)

May 27th 2009, It appears that the six Funeral Director Lawsuit Guys have started their own new Funeral Director Association.

Whether it will live or die who can tell? All signs do indicated the IFDA(Illinois Funeral Directors Association) is going to the Grave.

It is not clear what they (IFSA) are up to but they are up to something.  The names are at the New Website are:

Alex Calvert Calvert Funeral Homes

Jeffrey M. Dames, Fred C. Dames Funeral Homes

Tom Dean, McCracken-Dean Funeral Homes

Todd Dean, Bass Patton Dean Funeral Homes

Tim Gernon, Clancy-Gernon Funeral Homes

Steve Knapp, Knapp Funeral Homes

The measure of funeral ministry is not in the words spoken, but in our conduct, on behalf of the families  we are privileged to serve.”

Author Known-QUOTE FROM THE NEW IFSA Website

Their Organization is called THE IFSA

I have it on authority that these folks are E-mailing IFDA members around the State. I received an E- Mail from the Six Funeral directors above.


Don’t Rush to join their association. Some of those above  bringing  the lawsuit are anything but ministerial in their approach.( This statement  is based on the information below and personal experience with 2 of the 6 funeral homes.) to Funeral Service- Old School Funeral Homes with OLD SCHOOL WAYS seeking your money-see note at end of post.

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NOTE: The Funeral Homes recently, secretly (May22nd 2009) filed another Lawsuit benefiting only themselves against  various Merrill Lynch organizations.

Historical note a nearby state to Illinois had  similar a funeral Director Association split.

Six funeral diirectors and funeral homes are mentioned here because they have filed two Lawsuits. and named themselves at the IFSA website. They Put the information out there for all the world to see.

Your Funeral Guy Can be reached at 630-386-7403 for information on this sensitive post)

Illinois Funeral Lawsuit to be Amended-YourFuneralGuy

26 May
Illinois Funeral Directors lawsuit to be amended.

Illinois Funeral Directors lawsuit to be amended.

The Six Funeral Director’s Lawsuit Calvert Funeral homes  “COMPLAINT” is expected to be amended on May 30th 2009. There is suppose to be to have a Status hearing on July 7th 2009.

On those those dates we will find out more on the depositions in the lawsuits, the effect of the settlement with Merrill Lynch and Regulators, and legislative proposals and the lawsuit.

The significance of all this in 2009 is that there will not be a resolution to the IFDA ponzi Scheme Scandal Soon. Sadly there will be no “NEW IFDA” in 2009 as some claim is about to happen on July 1st 2009.

The National Funeral Directors Association continues to  so stand behind the controversial  Executive Secretary Randall L Earl who is deeply involved in this Scandal.

Losses in the IFDA Trust  will continue to  have funeral costs rise in Illinois due to this deficit.

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Wexler Wallace Website for

“Wexler Wallace filed Plaintiffs’ Derivative Complaint on January 28, 2009.  The case is set to have a status hearing on July 7, 2009.  An Amended Complaint will be filed by May 30, 2009”

Five Grave Scandals in 2009|SCI-yourfuneralguy

24 May
Service Corporation has been caught 5 times abusing the dead this year. It has been reported in the press.

Service Corporation has been caught 5 times abusing the dead this year. It has been reported in the press.

Here are Five Scandals that have occurred at Service Corporation international in 2009. This is sad. This post serves as a reason why one should not use an NYSE: SCI funeral home. Service Corporation International  is the largest funeral corporation  in the world. In 2009 this funeral corporation has had a host of funeral scandals and has been plagued by financial problems.

April 5th 2009 SCI VETERAN CORPSE ABUSE REPORTED IN  The Washington Post Article and Video

Location: National Funeral  Home, Falls Church, Virginia

April 19th 2009 SCI Ripping memorials from Grave reported in Courier & Press

Location: Alexander Memorial Park  Evansville, Indiania

April 26th 2009 SCI  mishandling baby remains in burial-Washington Post

Location: Mount Comfort Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia

April 26th 2009 SCI has Wrong Body in Wrong

Location: Mount Holy Cemetery, Charlotte, NC. SCI Grave problem

May 22nd 2009  “SCI Grave  Problem”

Location Dade Memorial Park, Miami Florida

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