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Cremation Costs can vary by Thousands of Dollars-Your Funeral Guy

17 Jan

Cremation costs can vary by thousands of dollars. This is is an important factor when considering funeral costs and cremations costs. We have addressed this subject in several places before,-it is important to address this subject again.

You can view a video on this with more info here.

As with funeral cost, and cremation cost- it is very important to shop around.

The remains were brought to the cremation center at Sunland Memorial Park in Sun City. Dickson was quoted a price of $2,425 for what is called a “direct cremation.”

“I just told ’em I wanted the bare basic just the ashes in a box no services no nothing,” he says.

At the time he thought it seemed like a lot of money for what he was getting. “I thought of it, but I thought what am I going to do, they’ve got the body here.”

Dickson paid the bill. But a few weeks later, an acquaintance of his wife said he had paid for a cremation around the same time and it only cost $600.

Dickson hit the phone and called about five different crematories in the valley — he received quotes of $400 to $2,400 for the same service.

But according to Arizona law, the Sunland Memorial Park did nothing wrong.

“We cannot control the prices. In other words this is free enterprise. A business is able to charge whatever they may want,” says Rudy Thomas, executive director of the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers.

Thomas has heard the complaints before, but the FTC dictates that funeral homes nationwide don’t limit pricing. A consumer must physically be given a guide to funeral information if they are inquiring about services.


It is important to note that Sunland Memorial Park is a corporate facility specifically a Service Corporation International facility( NYSE: SCI)

Although this event is not a Service Corporation International Scandal, it does show the high pricing that can occur at an SCI Facility. This is something that the Funeral Consumer must be continually be made aware of.

Many times it is best inorder to save on Funeral Cost To Avoid a Corporate Funeral Home.

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It is important to remember that the FTC does not regulate Funeral or Cremation Cost.

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Recession and Funeral Cost gains Media attention|Your Funeral Guy

8 Sep
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Recession and Funeral Cost are gaining attention -the attention of the Media. Today there was an interesting article in the Huffington Post On this subject.


In the past few recessionary years, most of us have gotten used to closely watching our expenses for everything from child rearing to college to retirement funding. Another important area where comparison shopping makes sense is funerals. Yes, funerals.

While it may not make for typical water cooler chatter, dying in America is expensive and the costs are often borne by grieving family members who are in no mood to haggle. Just as life insurance is meant to benefit family members of the deceased, planning funeral arrangements in advance can save survivors time and a significant amount of money.


There have been other important articles on this subject in the New York Times and MSN  Money Central.

The Basic ways to save money on a Funeral are:

1. Shop around(Comparison Shopping)

2. Purchase your Casket on the Internet.

3. Choose cremation.

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CDTV getting into Your Funeral Wallet|YourFuneralGuy.

2 Feb
In this interview the webmaster with Connecting admits he is not a funeral guy but a tech guy. The website  claims to be an expert site for  funeral directiors but the webmaster behind the curtain is a  Techie not a funeral director.

Perhaps that is why copying  and pasting the information and articles from others on the web  is how articles are presented.

In episode 7 the webmaster interviews  a VP From about technology obituaries, memorials etc on the internet. is one of the more expensive sites for memorials and obituaries on the internet. Lower Cost options are not mentioned and certainly not the free alternatives.. It is all part of an assault on the funeral consumer to find news things to charge you for at the funeral. Embracing the high end funeral options will not bring you in under the average cost of a funeral and take money out of your funeral wallet.


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The National Funeral Directors Associatiion Plans to raise Consumers Cremation Costs-YourFuneralGuy

9 Jan

One way Funeral Directors add to the cost of a Funeral|Cremation is get you to buy a Cremation Casket

The National Funeral Directors Association is planning to raise Your Cremation Cost.(NFDA) This is a tactic Funeral Homes often use when it comes to a cremation. In fact I am aware of Funeral Directors who claim they can raise the cost of a cremation above a the fact of a traditional funeral The NFDA(National Funeral Directors Association) has become quite blatant about this lately.

Snippet  from a special NFDA-webpage.

Whether your cremation rate is 6% or 60%, increase your profit margins from 0% to 100%!

Capitalize on cremation before, during and after the first call. This 3-day, core-business conference will teach you:

* How to abolish the word “direct” from consumers’ cremation vocabulary.
* How your perception in the community determines whether you or your competition receives the first call.
* How to be both creative and create value in subtle ways during the service to boost your bottom line.
* How an aftercare program can have a BIG return with very little expense.
* And MUCH more, including cremation litigation, how to dominate your market and social networking.-

Cremations cost the crematory about $200 USD. Logically it is not unreasonable to pay $495-$695 for a cremation through a Funeral Home. The information here shows why you need to take some one when with sharp negotiating skills when you go to a Funeral Home to negotiate a Funeral Arrangement/Contract.

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Now of course and CANA, Cremation Association of North America had to get into the act-Click Here to read about that!

Hillenbrand CEO(HI) Said Stage For Companies 09 Revenue Decline-YourFuneralGuy

1 Jan

The recession made 2009 the year of the Lower cost Funeral and Lower Cost Casket

The CEO of Batesville Casket Company parent Hillenbrand Inc(HI) set  the stage for funeral revenue decline at Batesville. IN a comment made on an Investor call Kenneth Camp stated.

It is not our intention to be the lowest-price provider out there. Funeral directors make more money selling caskets than they do buying them.
And when we have caskets that families can select from and see high value in, they’re better off financially.”


In 2009 Families were not better off financially with higher price caskets.

As it turns out 2009 was the year of the Lower Cost Funeral and the LOW COST CASKET.

Report after report in 2009 showed cremation was on the rise. Newspapers carried stories about how people generally were purchasing lower cost funeral options.

The leading Casket company was significant Funeral News in 2009.

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2009 Summary-Folks want lower costs Funerals-yourfuneralguy

29 Nov

There is no doubt about it. Because of the recession people have opted for lower cost funeral options. The revenue numbers for the year are down for the the major funeral corporations SCI (Service Corporation International) STEI (Stewart Enterprises) and HI(Batesville Casket  AKA) Hillenbrand, inc.)

Cremations are on the rise across the land. People are not  just shopping around for a funeral, they are opting for lower costs.

“When you can’t afford the cost of living, you certainly can’t afford the cost of dying,” says Joshua Slocum, director of the Funeral Consumers Alliance, a nonprofit funeral industry watchdog organization. “We’re hearing from funeral directors and consumers that the economy is affecting choices. People are planning ahead. They’re reconsidering long-held traditions for simpler, more personalized funerals.”

“The economy is directing people to look for less expensive alternatives for everything, including funerals,” says Luke DiMaria, owner of Abby Funeral & Cremation Service Inc. in Rocky Hill, Conn. “It’s one of the reasons cremations have become much more popular.”


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America’s spending on Funerals cut- YourFuneralGuy

17 Aug
Americans are spending less on funerals

Americans are spending less on funerals

The results of a National Funeral Directors Association(NFDA) survey indicate that the folks are spending less on funerals. Cremation is growing at a rapid rate and costs much less than a traditional funeral. There is less money spent on flowers visitations, and expensive caskets. Spending on funerals in America has been cut.

The head of Batesville Casket Co. recently stated that this is the first time that a recession has effected the coffin makers business.  The major funeral corporations numbers are way down.

From the BBC
Americans have cut their spending on funerals considerably compared to last year, according to a survey by the National Funeral Directors Association.
The majority of undertakers surveyed said that increasing numbers of people were choosing a cheaper coffin or were opting for a cremation instead of a traditional burial…..

“For many families, it’s becoming difficult to pay for funeral services. Many people are cutting back because of the economic crisis,” said association spokesman James Olson.

Folks are making more of an effort to come in under the average cost of a funeral. most industry experts agree that the average cost of a funeral is about $10.000.00. Folks just cannot afford that amount.

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