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Illinos Preneed Scam seeks appeal in Court-Your Funeral Guy

7 Jan
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Over a year and a half ago Icanceled my membership in Illinois Funeral Directors Association. Paying an organization that questionably handled folks  funeral preneed funds  to the tune of nearly 100 million dollars is simply something I could not do!

Recently because of other questionable actions the judge has stated that the insurance company for the Illinois Funeral Directors Association did not have to insure the debacle,  theft or ponzi scheme. Now it appears that the IFDA, Illinois Funeral Directors Association is appealing that decision.

The Illinos Funeral Directors Association has decided to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that IFDA’s insurer would not be responsible for claims resulting from litigation surrounding the association’s beleaguered Master Trust …………

“Our lawyers believe that there are several arguments that can be made during the appeal that may allow for this ruling to be overturned,” said Duane Marsh, IFDA executive director. He noted that the appeal process can take up to 12 months depending upon the court’s schedule.

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This Funeral Scandal has seen no national coverage. Tere has been very little coverage of this funeral Preneed Scandal outside of Springfield. Illinois!

Your Funeral guy Blogs covered this scandal extensively for several years. The situation now is in the Hands of the courts.

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Illinois Preneed Scandal Explodes upon Association-YourFuneralGuy

16 Dec
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The ongoing Preneed Scandal in Illinois has taken a turn that may effect the financial future of Funeral Directors in Illinois and especially those of former executive Board Members including the current NFDA elected Presitent Randal L. Earl

Board Members of the IFDA may be personally liable for up to 100 million in losses.

The scandal has been going on since 2007 and intimately involves the former Senator Roland Burris(D-IL),

The Fact that some of the  many associations losses will not be covered by their association may in fact be a death blow to the Illinois Funeral Association.


A federal judge ruled last week that the insurer for the Illinois Funeral Directors Association would not be responsible for claims resulting from litigation surrounding the association’s beleaguered Master Trust.

In March 2009, Federal Insurance Company, which has provided up to $5 million coverage in business insurance, including coverage for directors and officers of IFDA since 2005, filed suit against IFDA stating it should not have to pay the claims associated with the previous two lawsuits — one in Circuit Court of Kane County and the other by the six funeral directors in Cook County, which alleges mismanagement of the Preneed Trust the fund by IFDA that resulted in millions of dollars in losses. The insurer claimed that IFDA did not notify the company of claims in a timely manner.

In the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan sided with Federal Insurance Company ruling that IFDA failed to give the firm proper notice of claims against it.


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Your Funeral Guy has been covering this since February 2008  along with the State Journal Register in Springfield, Illinios. Extensive coverage of this subject can be found at yourfuneralguy.com and lowercost funeral.com

This indeed may be the final chapter of the current  Illinois Funeral Directors Association due to the IFDA Preneed Trust Scandal.

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Randall L Earl To Be Pres.Elect of NFDA|Funeral nightmare-yourfuneralguy

10 Oct
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Randall L. Earl is about to be elected President  Elect Of The NFDA. This is truly a nightmare on Funeral Street. Earl is a central figure in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Ponzi Scheme.(IFDA Preneed Trust-over 100 milliom dollars gone) Most folks are not aware of his role in this mess. As past President of the IFDA , his role in the Missuse of funds in the Museum of Funeral Customs,and involvement with IFDA Services in the scam make him an unsafe figure in anything Funeral.

The National Funeral Directors Association would do well not to Elect him President at the NFDA convention currently going on in New Orleans.

Earl is Named in all the IFDA Lawsuits and at the center of the scandal

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Contract for State Of Illinois Cemetery Oversight Data Bases-YourFuneralGuy

1 Oct
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The Firm Ramaker Associates has won the contract to develop  the Illinois Cemetery Oversight Act Data Base.

This Wisconsin firm specializes in CemeterySoftware.


Effective in March 2010, the Illinois General Assembly enacted the Cemetery Oversight Act (COA) for protection of Illinois consumers. This act requires the development of a statewide database for all burials that occur in the state of Illinois. The database will be on the Internet, and cemeteries in Illinois will be required to enter all new interments into the database within 10 days after a burial occurs.

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One do has to question as to why the dollars had to o outside Illinios?

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More Preneed Fraud in Illinois-YourFuneralGuy

16 Sep
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There has been another case of Funeral Preneed Fraud, another case of the Funeral Director takes your money in a prepaid funeral contract(Scam).

The most famous case of this in Illinois recently, was a scam hatched by the Illinois Funeral Directors Association in their IFDA Preneed Trust Scam where 100 million + dollars of the of the folks prepaid  funeral money in Illinois disappeared. Incredibly at the center of the IFDA scam is the current National Funeral Directors Association(NFDA) Executive Treasurer, Randal L Earl.

Snippet from the current Preneed scam Story:

A former Southern Illinois funeral director has been charged with mishandling funds from multiple pre-need funeral service contracts.

John B. Jones, a former partner with Gaskins-Jones Funeral Home in Harrisburg, faces 11 felony counts of theft and failure to deposit funds into a trust account — all dealing with pre-need funeral arrangements.

A warrant has been issued for Jones’ arrest, but as of Tuesday afternoon, he was still being sought by police, according to Special Prosecutor Charles Zalar with the Illinois Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Springfield. Bond in the case has been set at $100,000.

The charges were filed last week by Zalar.

He alleges that Jones, 50, of Equality, Ill., accepted payment from various pre-need funeral service clients and failed to purchase life insurance policies or annuities. Jones is accused of putting the money into the funeral home’s checking account to pay for business expenses instead.

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The lesson from the Scandal state of Illinois is to avoid funeral preneed or prepaid funerals.

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Bruce Conley Funeral Director of Excellence|continues Service|blogs about Cancer|YourFuneralGuy

18 Apr

A while back I did a blog post  about Bruce Conley, an Elburn, Illinois funeral director who is known for his excellence in funeral service, and aftercare programs. Bruce is  dying of Cancer  but is continuing his service and blogging about his struggles.

Snippet  from a Bruce Conley post made April 14th:

The Chemo-Pull is over and together, we did it! As I begin my first week without chemo, we also decided not to wait for mid-May and a visit to Mayo to get regularly scheduled CT scan. The doctors had felt something under my ribs in recent visits and I too was feeling different, so we decided to have a look sooner instead of later. What happened on my birthday, ironically revealed all I needed to know about that scan and loosed in me the permission I had been waiting for.

Please visit Bruce’s blog here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/bruceconley/journal

His website http://www.caringbridge,org has some unique and helpful Charities if you are so inclined.

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Your Funeral Guy has no affiliation or fiduciary relationship with Bruce Conley or Conley Funeral Home.  Your Funeral Guy mentions Conley, for the love and  personal care he has given to families over his long career. Your Funeral Guy became aware of Conley in the 1990’s through friends. Your Funeral Guy operated a business in Elburn. Illinois between 1999 and 2000

As i stated before if even a few had the attitude toward funeral service, as Conley does  there would be little need for Your Funeral Guy Blogs.

Funeral Aftercare is an important topic mentioned in Your Funeral Guy’s book Rest In Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral.

Merrill Lynch back on the Hook for Illinois Funeral Scam|YourFuneral Guy

27 Feb

Merrill Lynch is back on the Hook for the Illinois Funeral Scam. That would be the Illinois Funeral Directors Association(IFDA)  Preneed Trust Scandal. The 18 million dollar payment agreement  regulators took in return for no further investigations has been thrown out by  a  Cook County Judge.

A Cook County judge has ruled that state regulators overstepped their authority last spring when they extracted $18 million from Merrill Lynch to settle allegations that the financial giant violated state law in its dealings with the Illinois Funeral Directors Association.

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This is the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Lawsuit News.

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There is more information on this matter here.

Earlier this month, the Department of Insurance amended the settlement agreement so funeral directors can draw from the $18 million fund without releasing Merrill Lynch from liability. Anjali Julka, department spokeswoman, said the revised order could result in “immediate distribution” of the $18 million to funeral directors.

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