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Ten Companies controlling the Funeral Industry-Your Funeral Guy

14 Jan
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There has been an article on Ten Companies Controlling the Funeral Industry. What is interesting in the article are the Newcomers Wall Mart and Amazon .com These companies have only entered the funeral industry in the last several  of years. This is an indication of traditional Funeral industry decline and the desire of folks to pay less in funeral cost.

Here is a summary of the funeral business from the Article

The death industry is a tale of two economies. A relatively few large companies, most of them publicly traded, control most of the businesses that sells caskets and granite for memorials. The rest of the death industry is made up of many modest businesses. Most of the 19,500 funeral homes in the country are small operations, often owned by the same families for generations. There are more than 120,000 cemeteries and many of these belong to families, nonprofits, and religious institutions.

via 247wallst.com

Here is al ist of the ten companies in the report.

Hillenbrand Inc-HI

Service Corporation International (SCI)


Carriage Services Inc (CSV)

1-800 Flowers.com (FLWS)

Rock of Ages Corp(ROAC)

Stewart Enterprises(STEI)

Matthews International(MATW)

Amazon.com (AMZN)

Stone Mor Partners(Ston Mor)

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California Funeral Homes Scandal-YourFuneralGuy

16 Sep
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It is not the exact same scandal as the Illinois Funeral Directors Association(IFDA) Preneed Trust Scandal. But just as  in Illinois, problems with the California Master Trust and the California Funeral Directors Association relate back to funeral homes and misuse of Preneed Funds.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—A California agency plans to discipline about 300 funeral homes after finding the state’s second-largest funeral trust misused millions of dollars.Department of Consumer Affairs spokesman Russ Heimerich said Wednesday that funeral homes could be sent a warning letter or have their licenses revoked. The funeral homes all participate in the California Master Trust.

The trust holds money paid in advance by 27,000 individuals for funeral services, cemetery plots and other expenses.

Heimerich says the department will act against homes in coming weeks because the majority of them failed to say how they would correct problems found in a state audit released in July.

via www.mercurynews.com

Just a few more reasons to avoid funeral preneed contracts or Prepaying for a Funeral.

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Funeral Recession-YourFuneralGuy

22 Jul

In an amazing report in the San Francisco area, it has been revealed that five Funeral Businesses are for sale in one county. For Years now Your Funeral  Guy has been saying there is a Funeral Business Decline In fact he has been removed from Funeral Director websites for making such statements, ie ConnectingDirectors.com.

As said here its a double bind for funeral homes. Most have been forced to raise prices on the traditional funeral while folks are demanding lower funeral cost. That is why it is key for the funeral consumer and funeral home to learn as much as they can about negotiating a funeral. This can be done by Reading :Rest in Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral.”

That has been evident recently in San Mateo County, where five funeral homes and a cremation business are up for sale. They include Nauman Lincoln Roos Mortuary in South San Francisco and Chapel by the Sea Coastside Funeral Home and Cremation Service in Pacifica.

And selling the funeral businesses hasn’t been easy.

“It’s kind of been a tough process because money is tight,” said Century 21 Hometown Realty’s Steve Murphy, the real estate agent for the Pacifica and South San Francisco funeralbusinesses.

Via sfexaminer.com

One could say as far as the funeral industry is concerned is that the sky is not falling, it has fallen.It is a full funeral recession.

This is due to the funeral business not reacting quickly enough to the rise in cremation and the proliferation of funeral scandal, through preneed and body desecration!

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Funeral Directors and Service Corporation International avert strike in Chicago|YourFuneralGuy

1 Jul

Breaking News

Funeral Directors in Chicago and Teamster workers narrowly averted a strike, yesterday.

‘Contract negotiations between Teamsters Local 727 and Service Corporation International narrowly averted a walk-out of funeral directors and drivers at 17 Chicago metropolitan area funeral homes.’

via memorialbusinessjournal.wordpress.com

Pensions and Health care preserved for NYSE:SCI Members but wages and salary were sacrificed.

Following is a statement from Local 727:

Funeral directors, embalmers and drivers voted to ratify a three-year contract after Teamsters Local 727 representatives and SCI management reached an agreement
during the final negotiation session on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

Local 727 representatives were able to preserve pension and health and welfare benefits for all bargaining unit members.

“From Day One, we made it abundantly clear to SCI management that pensions and health and welfare benefits were the top priorities for our members,” said John Coli
Jr., Local 727 Vice President. “We fought long and hard and we had to make some sacrifices, but in the end, we were able to protect the things our members value most.”

via www.chicagounionnews.com

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Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation Forcing Strike,Lockout by hiring armed Guards?|Your Funeral Guy

30 Jun

The Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation May be forcing a strike in The Chicago Area by hiring armed Guards. This is just plain crazy.

On June 28, SCI hired a security firm and posted guards outside of its funeral homes, which has raised concerns among the Teamsters that the company plans to lock out employees. The contract expires Saturday at midnight but SCI has offered to extend it for one day.

via www.prnewswire.com

The breakdown of Negotiations and a contract and strike vote at the Union appears to be what has happened. Union Picket Lines and armed Guards at Funeral homes in ChicagoLand?

Service Corporation International rejected federal mediation with Teamsters-represented funeral home employees before making their final offer on Tuesday.

A federal mediator offered to mediate the dispute between the Chicago-area Teamsters and Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI) just hours before a strike vote loomed.

SCI had yet to make its final offer.

‘Is there any clearer indication that the company wants to force a strike?’ said Teamsters Local 727 Secretary-Treasurer John Coli

via www.www.istockanalyst.com

This is an incredibly bad situation for the funeral home employees and Funeral Consumers in the Chicago Area. Service Corporation International may be taking this course of action to take matters beyond strike and force the union out of their Funeral Homes! Service Corporation Funeral Homes operate Under The Dignity Logo.

Folks in the Chicago Area will know the outcome on this one shortly.

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Number of Death’s handled by the Funeral Homes down by a third in 10 years?| Your Funeral Guy

21 May

Presently the Funeral Industry is in a major decline. By all statistical indications the number of Death’s Handled by Funeral Homes(Industry)has declined on a large scale in the USA. This was brought out in a recent news article by Ken Gronbach, at cnbc..com.

Handling 3 million deaths 10 years ago now it is estimated that only two million deaths are handled by the Funeral Industry so what happened Down by one third. Snippet:

For those in the funeral industry, death, or lack thereof, has been no laughing matter for almost a decade. Funerals and cremations are at a 20-year low.

About a decade ago, the industry was handling three million deaths a year. Now that number is a third less.

With an inherent gallows-humor bent, it’s not surprising that lots of possible reasons have been circulating within the funeral industry about slow business. Among them are alien abductions, body snatchers, secret and private home funerals and burials, but none seemed to satisfy or be tenable.

via www.cnbc.com

So really is the decline in the Death Rate the real cause of the decline in the Funeral Biz? This analysis seems a bit simplistic.

Truly American Medicine has kept boomers alive. But currently Obesity may change all that. The baby boomers have not died as quickly as anticipated.

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Are Boomers helping or hurting the Funeral Industry?|Your Funeral Guy

20 May

How and When will Baby Boomer Deaths impact the Funeral Industry?

This is the question that is will determine the future of the funeral industry:”Are Baby Boomers hurting or helping the Funeral Industry? For the Funeral Industry?” this is the funeral industry question of the decade? Will it be cremation, Alkaline hydrolysis(green cremation)? Will they go for Walmart caskets? Will the dead live on online? Will the boomers avoid digital death?

So with the Boomers’ history in mind, the following questions come to mind: Will funeral homes remain relevant? How many Boomers will chose to be cremated? Will the somber tones and creepy music of the traditional funeral be replaced with celebration and rock ‘n’ roll? Will there be religious services? Or, if it’s available, will they buy a funeral kit online or at Wal-Mart // [WMT  51.30  -1.74  (-3.28%)   ]// and handle their own funerals? Will funeral services be cyber rather than in-person? Will the deceased live on as avatars? How will funeral directors communicate with Generation Y kids as they make funeral arrangements for their Boomer parents?

The funeral industry is at a crossroads, with change bearing down on it. The next five years or so will be defining. Demand will most certainly increase and the progressive contingent will prepare, change and dramatically prosper.

Bob Dylan pondered this idea when he penned the lyrics, “The times, they are a changing….” And how!

via www.cnbc.com

Another important question is how will funeral directors approach generation y?

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