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Cremation for the Indigent-Your Funeral Guy

4 Jan
A typical American crematorium.
Typical American Crematorium -Image via Wikipedia

As the dead pile up in the country in the Morgues across more and more  the cremation alternative is being considered. Medical Examiner(s) and Coroner(s) are considering taking this action across the United States.

As City’s scramble toward creativity in raising cash, cremation of the indigent is being considered over burial.

The latest story on this comes from Toledo, Ohio.

With some of Toledo’s city-owned cemeteries filling up and its finances quickly dwindling, the Bell administration Tuesday plans to propose cremating dead indigent people rather than burying their bodies.

Dennis Garvin, the city’s commissioner of parks and forestry, said the change would save money.

“It’s not a new idea and it is something that had been bandied about and first proposed by the cemetery commission 12 years ago,” Mr. Garvin said. “What happened since then is the cemetery is pretty well filled up.”

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Cemetery Scandal at Eden Memorial Park will go to trial In 2011-YourFuneralGuy

3 Jan

The Eden Memorial Park  Scandal -Cemetery-class action lawsuit  another Service Corporation International Scandal is expected to go to trial in 2011. This is a worlds largest Funeral Corporation Facility NYSE:SCI.

The Court held the preliminary injunction hearing or “mini-trial” on May 13 and 14, 2010, June 11, 2010, and August 13 and 16, 2010. The Court has taken this matter under submission and we expect a ruling will be issued within the next thirty (30) days. Additionally, we expect the case to go to trial next year, 2011.

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This law appears to be central in the formation of the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights.

Up to 500 Graves desecrated here

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Solution For Arlington National Cemetery appears to be the Department of Veterans Affairs-YourFuneralGuy

2 Jan
Arlington National Cemetery, Arlingtion, Virgi...
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A commentary and article in the Washington reveal that the answer for problems art Arlington National Cemetery in 2011 may be the Depatment of Veterans Affairs.

I have long thought there is scant logic for the cemetery to be assigned to the Office of the Secretary of the Army. That office is supposed to make policy, not manage operating entities. Managing cemeteries is not a proper Army mission. The Veterans Affairs Department is fully equipped and much better staffed to do such a job. It could take over the cemetery with hardly a ripple. And the employees would be part of a much larger workforce where supervision, training and opportunity are much better than in the smaller workforce of the cemetery.

Now is a good time to consider formally transferring ownership of Arlington National Cemetery from the Army to the Veterans Affairs Department. It would take congressional approval, and Congress should act.

Maury S. Cralle Jr., Burke

via www.washingtonpost.com

Arlington National Cemetery has recently enrolled its people in training at the Department Of Veterans Affairs(VA).

It will take an act of Congress to bring Arlington National Cemetery under The Department of Veterans Affairs but that may be needed to solve the problems that arose at the cemetery in 2010.

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2010 was a year of mishandled Human Remains-Your Funeral Guy

29 Dec

One could argue that Arlington National Cemetery Led the way of Mishandled Human Remains in 201o. ANC was the highest visibility point of the the mishandling of human remains.

Surprisingly, the mishandling of human remains is a problem becoming apparent across the land. This problem was alive in well in 2010 and will continue in 2011.

The Army has launched the first criminal investigation into the misplacement of remains at Arlington National Cemetery after discovering the cremated remains of eight people dumped in a single grave site there.

via www.washingtonpost.com

Sevice Corporation International(NYSE:SCI) had 2010 example of wrong body , wrong grave in Massachusetts.


A Recent Example is here:

Funeral Home Shut After Giving Widower Wrong Ashes

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Funeral Scandal is as sad thing and this sort of Scandal does damage to Families and the funeral business as a whole.

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Burr Oak Cemetery investigated by Archaelogists-YourFuneralGuy

13 Dec
The southwest side of the main entrance of Bur...
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Burr Oak cemetery is being investigated by archaelogists in order to complete the deal of the sale of the cemetery. Perpetua  Inc the bankrupt owner, will complete it’s sale to Cemcare once the survey is completed and it is confirmed that burials can be completed at the cemetery.

In uly 2009 over 300 graves were found to be desecrated at the cemetery.

As a condition of its sale to a south suburban company, Burr Oak Cemetery recently has been examined by archaeologists investigating the larger of its crime scenes, Cook County Sheriff’s police said Tuesday.

via www.wlsam.com

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Eden Memorial Park Scandal-Evidence Tampering-Your Funeral Guy

30 Nov

In Eden Memorial Park  Cemetery Scandal, possible  Evidence  Tampering has been revealed by the World’s Largest Funeral Corporation, NYSE:SCI, Service Corporation International.

A Los Angeles judge has sanctioned Service Corporation International (SCI), owner of Eden Memorial Park in Mission Hills, after finding that the cemetery intentionally tampered with and destroyed evidence related to a class action lawsuit alleging that Eden mishandled human remains.

Judge Anthony J. Mohr of the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered that the plaintiff’s attorney will be allowed to present evidence to the jury showing that SCI willfully tampered with evidence,

via www.jewishjournal.com

The Eden Memorial Park Scandal, along with the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal led to National Cemetery Legislation, The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act of 2009 which appears to be dead in the  Lame Duck US Congress. The new Republican House of Representatives will not move this matter forward.

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If its no lameduck pass- No Bereaved Consumers bill of Rights Act-YourFuneralGuy

14 Nov
United States Capitol in daylight
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If the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights act does not pass the 2010 lame duck Congress. Odds are it will not happen at all. The Bill has not been scheduled for a House Vote. The Bill Hr 3655  a cemetery legislative reform bill bringing some cemeteries under the FTC Funeral Rule.

Cemetery reform is definetley needed after the Burr Oak Cemetery and Eden Memorial Park Scandal of  2009. These are horror stories beyond comprehension.

In this year of real political confusion, these basic needed reforms may fall by the way side!

The bill has engaged Democratic support but Republican Opposition.

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