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2 Jan
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A commentary and article in the Washington reveal that the answer for problems art Arlington National Cemetery in 2011 may be the Depatment of Veterans Affairs.

I have long thought there is scant logic for the cemetery to be assigned to the Office of the Secretary of the Army. That office is supposed to make policy, not manage operating entities. Managing cemeteries is not a proper Army mission. The Veterans Affairs Department is fully equipped and much better staffed to do such a job. It could take over the cemetery with hardly a ripple. And the employees would be part of a much larger workforce where supervision, training and opportunity are much better than in the smaller workforce of the cemetery.

Now is a good time to consider formally transferring ownership of Arlington National Cemetery from the Army to the Veterans Affairs Department. It would take congressional approval, and Congress should act.

Maury S. Cralle Jr., Burke


Arlington National Cemetery has recently enrolled its people in training at the Department Of Veterans Affairs(VA).

It will take an act of Congress to bring Arlington National Cemetery under The Department of Veterans Affairs but that may be needed to solve the problems that arose at the cemetery in 2010.

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