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Cremation for the Indigent-Your Funeral Guy

4 Jan
A typical American crematorium.
Typical American Crematorium -Image via Wikipedia

As the dead pile up in the country in the Morgues across more and more  the cremation alternative is being considered. Medical Examiner(s) and Coroner(s) are considering taking this action across the United States.

As City’s scramble toward creativity in raising cash, cremation of the indigent is being considered over burial.

The latest story on this comes from Toledo, Ohio.

With some of Toledo’s city-owned cemeteries filling up and its finances quickly dwindling, the Bell administration Tuesday plans to propose cremating dead indigent people rather than burying their bodies.

Dennis Garvin, the city’s commissioner of parks and forestry, said the change would save money.

“It’s not a new idea and it is something that had been bandied about and first proposed by the cemetery commission 12 years ago,” Mr. Garvin said. “What happened since then is the cemetery is pretty well filled up.”


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Fox News Calls helping the Funeral Poor “Cash For Caskets”-yourfuneral guy

23 Aug



On Forbes on Fox Saturday August 21st 2009. Fox News called called helping the Funeral Poor “CASH FOR CASKETS.” This was uncalled for unnecessary, and quite classless. There was no need to to that. Instead of focusing  on how they may help  hurting folks lower their funeral cost they simply pooh poohed the State Programs that provide indigent funerals.

Some of the guests did point how they were out of line in making such statements. Playing on “cash for clunkers” with cash for caskets was unacceptable.

Why did they not just try to help folks come in under the average cost of a funeral by referring them to Rest In Peace Insiders tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral?

Illinois in  July stopped it’s “Cash For Caskets” program reimbursement for the poor but reinstated it in August.

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Related Rush Limbaugh had his own take on “Cash For Caskets”

LIMBAUGH: I like that. Cash for caskets. Cash for caskets to replace the whole notion of death panels. You know, you could use a Darth Vader-like figure assigning caskets to some seasoned citizen in a wheelchair or what have you, and the family of the seasoned citizen smiling, being given a check or some cash. Maybe include Geraldo in there — you know, he’s the grim reaper. He shows up on Fox and people die. That’s how I knew Michael Jackson was actually dead was when Fox put Geraldo on there. That’s how you knew.

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