CBO issue A Report On Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act-Your Funeral Guy

9 Sep
Burr Oak Cemetery Main Entrance 1
HR3655 will stop future Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal s-Image via Wikepedia

The Congressional Budget Office(CBO) has issued a report on HR3655 The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act.  This is also known as Funeral Rule 2.

The Bill Essentially will require cemeteries to operate under the funeral rule. Cemetery records on a computer are required. Price disclosures to consumers will be a requirement of Law.

This will prevent Cemetery scandals like those that occurred recently at Burr Oak Cemetery and Eden Memorial Park, a Service Corporation International Firm.

This legislation will bring significant needed reform to death care. The CBO Report brings the Legislation  HR3655 a step closer to full US House of Representative Passage

Here is a Snippet from the Full CBO report.

“Based on the information from the FTC CBO assumes would require five additional positions at a cost of 1 million per year to develop, enforce the new requirements,  train staff and develop education materials.”

View the full CBO Report here.

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