Jewish Cremation Advertisement stirs things up-Your Funeral Guy

12 Nov

A cemetery has put out a Jewish Cremation Ad that has stirred things up. Cremation in the Jewish and Muslim community is taboo. For Jewish folks cremation is especially sensative because of the Holocaust

Now some Jewish folks have been forced into cremation because of the great recession and funeral cost.

Although he sensed potential provocation, the general manager of a local Jewish cemetery said he never imagined that his full-page advertisement touting cremation as an alternative to burial would cause such a backlash.


“Did you know … Jewish people are being cremated?” blared the banner in the full-page advertisement for Roosevelt Memorial Park in Trevose in the Oct. 28 issue of the Jewish Exponent.

But in a barrage of letters and calls to the cemetery, as well as to the Exponent, several rabbis and Holocaust survivors expressed outrage


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2 Responses to “Jewish Cremation Advertisement stirs things up-Your Funeral Guy”

  1. SereniCare Funeral Home August 19, 2013 at 11:37 am #

    Jewish cremations are becoming more common but by no means are they as common as a normal funeral. Some people have asked to be cremated because they have a relative who was a victim in the Holocaust and they want to show them respects.


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