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Cremation Costs can vary by Thousands of Dollars-Your Funeral Guy

17 Jan

Cremation costs can vary by thousands of dollars. This is is an important factor when considering funeral costs and cremations costs. We have addressed this subject in several places before,-it is important to address this subject again.

You can view a video on this with more info here.

As with funeral cost, and cremation cost- it is very important to shop around.

The remains were brought to the cremation center at Sunland Memorial Park in Sun City. Dickson was quoted a price of $2,425 for what is called a “direct cremation.”

“I just told ’em I wanted the bare basic just the ashes in a box no services no nothing,” he says.

At the time he thought it seemed like a lot of money for what he was getting. “I thought of it, but I thought what am I going to do, they’ve got the body here.”

Dickson paid the bill. But a few weeks later, an acquaintance of his wife said he had paid for a cremation around the same time and it only cost $600.

Dickson hit the phone and called about five different crematories in the valley — he received quotes of $400 to $2,400 for the same service.

But according to Arizona law, the Sunland Memorial Park did nothing wrong.

“We cannot control the prices. In other words this is free enterprise. A business is able to charge whatever they may want,” says Rudy Thomas, executive director of the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers.

Thomas has heard the complaints before, but the FTC dictates that funeral homes nationwide don’t limit pricing. A consumer must physically be given a guide to funeral information if they are inquiring about services.

via www.myfoxphoenix.com

It is important to note that Sunland Memorial Park is a corporate facility specifically a Service Corporation International facility( NYSE: SCI)

Although this event is not a Service Corporation International Scandal, it does show the high pricing that can occur at an SCI Facility. This is something that the Funeral Consumer must be continually be made aware of.

Many times it is best inorder to save on Funeral Cost To Avoid a Corporate Funeral Home.

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It is important to remember that the FTC does not regulate Funeral or Cremation Cost.

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Top Service Corporation International Articles of 2010-YourFuneralGuy

5 Jan

Here are the top ten Service Corporation International SCI, -NYSE:SCI posts of 2010. Service Corporation International.

Service corporation International is known for  Funeral Scandal. All these posts are not scandal related, many though include scandal. There are more stories at Your Funeral Guy blogs on Service Corporation International.

Top Ten Service Corporation Articles of 2010 By Your Funeral Guy

  1. There has been “evidence tampering” reporting in the SCI -Eden Memorial Park(up to 500 graves disturbed) – Service Corporation International NYSE:SCI Lawsuit –  World Largest Funeral Corporation Eden Memorial Park Scandal Evidence Tampering
  2. Service corporation International is suing  anotherFuneral home(s) over the name.-SCI sues over Funeral Home Name
  3. In Chicago a discount and High end Funeral Home are fighting over a name with Service Corporation International Suing-Chicago Area Funeral home name Lawsuit
  4. Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation turns to Tempoary Workers– This is not a good sign
  5. In 2o1o as in 2009 Service Corporation International had a Wrong body Wrong Grave Scandal
  6. Service Corporation International had a flag flying over a grave scandal in Skokie Illinois outside of Chicago
  7. Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation averted a strike with the Teamsters, Funeral Directors had to give up concessions
  8. Service Corporation International sweeps away Baby’s Momentos, More of this was reported in 2009.
  9. The World’s Largest Funeral Corporation produces shocking, weird  NYSE: SCI radio ad.
  10. SCI Employee comments in 2010 on what its like to work at the World largest Funeral Corporation. We also Covered This in 2009 with info from a different employee.

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Remember using an SCI Funeral Home facility will not usually save on Funeral Cost

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Cemetery Scandal at Eden Memorial Park will go to trial In 2011-YourFuneralGuy

3 Jan

The Eden Memorial Park  Scandal -Cemetery-class action lawsuit  another Service Corporation International Scandal is expected to go to trial in 2011. This is a worlds largest Funeral Corporation Facility NYSE:SCI.

The Court held the preliminary injunction hearing or “mini-trial” on May 13 and 14, 2010, June 11, 2010, and August 13 and 16, 2010. The Court has taken this matter under submission and we expect a ruling will be issued within the next thirty (30) days. Additionally, we expect the case to go to trial next year, 2011.

via www.edenclaims.com

Funeral Industry|Funeral News|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

This law appears to be central in the formation of the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights.

Up to 500 Graves desecrated here

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Worlds largest Funeral Corp suing another funeral home over a name| YourFuneralGuy

17 Nov

The worlds largest Funeral Corporation is suing another Funeral Home over a name, a name it purchased fiffteen years ago. Service corporation NYSE: SCI,  Service Corporation International purchased many funeral homes about 1990. The non compete agreements are expiring.

Syracuse, NY — Fifteen years ago, one of the biggest funeral chains in North America added Syracuse to its empire by paying more than $6 million for Pirro & Sons, one of the area’s most prestigious and successful mortuaries.

As it does in other cities, Service Corporation International went on to snap up other area mom-and-pop funeral homes in Syracuse to add to its chain of more than 1,200 mortuaries.

Now the Pirros have split from SCI and one has started an independent mortuary, Thomas J. Pirro Funeral Home, in Salina. That move has sparked a fight between SCI and the well-known Syracuse family of morticians over the right to use the name “Pirro.”

SCI is suing the Pirros and will take its case before a judge in February.

via www.syracuse.com

This is a different case than the case  tham the Mandel case already mentionedpreviously mentioned

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Service Corporation Stock in Bearish Territory-YourFuneralGuy

4 Nov
MACD 12,26, 9
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The stock for Service Corporation International is in bearish territory. This does not bode well for the World’s Largest Funeral Corporation NYSE: SCI. Service Corp Intl.

MACD indicator has moved into bearish territory with a reading of -0.0435. The Zacks #4 Rank (“Sell”) stock remained unchanged to $8.26 in the morning trade. The Zacks Consensus Estimate on the company’s earnings for the year ending 2010 has decreased by a cent over the past week to 54 cents per share.

via www.zacks.com

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World’s Largest Corporation Miminal Growth 3rd quarter-YourFuneralGuy

29 Oct

The World’s Largest Funeral Corporation has had minimal growth in the 3rd quarter 2010 ,when 2009  one of the worst years ever for  Service Corporation International, NYSE:  SCI

2010                                                                                                                                                                      2009

Revenues $533.2                                                                                                                                             $497.2

Operating income     $68.5                                                                                                                           $78.0

Net income attributable to common stockholders     $18.8                                                           $31.2

Diluted earnings per share  $.08                                                                                                                 $.12

Earnings from continuing operations excluding special items $31.9                                         $32.4

Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations excluding special items $.13       $.13

Diluted weighted average shares outstanding 247.5                                                                         $ 253.0

Net cash provided by operating activities $80.1                                                                                $94.2

Net cash provided by operating activities excluding special items $82.5                               $94.2

via www.marketwatch.com

These numbers indicate a Struggling Funeral Industry. Cause The Great Recession.

Funeral  Industry, Funeral News, Funeral Blo by Your Funeral Guy

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SCI continues to Fight Funeral Home over name-YourFuneralGuy

14 Oct
Skokie destination sign
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SCI( Service Corporation International the world’s largest Funeral corporation) is suing a Jewish Funeral Director over a funeral home name. The  NYSE: SCI Lawsuit has been going on for a while and continues.

This is all happeenibg in the Chicago Suburbs of Deerfield and Skokie.


Two north suburban Jewish funeral parlors are now locked in a legal battle for the use of a man’s name.

Service Corp. International, the owner of Skokie’s Lloyd Mandel Levayah Funerals, is suing Lloyd Mandel, the former owner of Levayah. The corporation is asking the court to bar Mandel from using his name for his new funeral service business, Lloyd Mandel Mitzvah Memorial Funerals. It’s also asking for unspecified damages.

via www.chicagotribune.com

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