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13 Dec
The southwest side of the main entrance of Bur...
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Burr Oak cemetery is being investigated by archaelogists in order to complete the deal of the sale of the cemetery. Perpetua  Inc the bankrupt owner, will complete it’s sale to Cemcare once the survey is completed and it is confirmed that burials can be completed at the cemetery.

In uly 2009 over 300 graves were found to be desecrated at the cemetery.

As a condition of its sale to a south suburban company, Burr Oak Cemetery recently has been examined by archaeologists investigating the larger of its crime scenes, Cook County Sheriff’s police said Tuesday.

via www.wlsam.com

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  1. Dante Wilson February 3, 2011 at 6:27 am #

    wanted to Know the Staus Of The Burr Oaks Cemertary Scandle Lawsuits.

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