Hillenbrand CEO(HI) Said Stage For Companies 09 Revenue Decline-YourFuneralGuy

1 Jan

The recession made 2009 the year of the Lower cost Funeral and Lower Cost Casket

The CEO of Batesville Casket Company parent Hillenbrand Inc(HI) set  the stage for funeral revenue decline at Batesville. IN a comment made on an Investor call Kenneth Camp stated.

It is not our intention to be the lowest-price provider out there. Funeral directors make more money selling caskets than they do buying them.
And when we have caskets that families can select from and see high value in, they’re better off financially.”

via cincinnati.bizjournals.com

In 2009 Families were not better off financially with higher price caskets.

As it turns out 2009 was the year of the Lower Cost Funeral and the LOW COST CASKET.

Report after report in 2009 showed cremation was on the rise. Newspapers carried stories about how people generally were purchasing lower cost funeral options.

The leading Casket company was significant Funeral News in 2009.

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