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Shocker-Michael Jackson Autopsy to be reenacted-Your Funeral Guy

15 Dec
Michael Jackson performing The Way You Make Me...
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Here is a shocker, the Michael Jackson autopsy is to be reenacted on the discovery channel according to TMZ. This is takening the details of death over the top and is asad commentary on our culture and television

Michael Jackson fans are scrambling to stop the Discovery Channel from broadcasting a gruesome reenactment of Mj’s autopsy … calling the whole thing an “affront to human dignity.” TMZ has learned … fans have already collected nearly 1,500 signatures — all demanding the network pull the plug on a special entitled ” Michael Jackson’s Autopsy ” … in which Mj’s bloody autopsy is expected to be reenacted in gory detail. The fans behind the petition call the documentary “an affront to human dignity” — adding, »

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Coroner pleads not guilty to giving away dead person’s TV|Your Funeral Guy

8 Aug
Seal of Kane County, Illinois
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A coroner outside of Chicago land has pleaded Not  guilty to giving away a dead person’s tv to 2 of his deputies. This is a strange case of death care gone bizarre.

There is no excuse for lack of ethics from elected officials and especially those who handle deaths.

The Kane County coroner has pleaded not guilty to charges that he allowed a TV to be taken from a house where a death was being investigated.

Charles West entered the plea during his arraignment Friday. He’s charged with five counts of felony misconduct. His attorney, Gary Johnson, didn’t return a call seeking comment Saturday.

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Actor Gary Coleman Dies|Funeral to come|YourFuneralGuy

28 May

Actor Gary Coleman has died,  hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage and in a coma he died at age 42 in Utah. There are no Funeral Arrangements public  at this time. Known for his acting on the Television series  “Different Strokes” He  was a television celebrity.

Actor Gary Coleman died Friday at the age of 42. The “Diff’rent Strokes” star had suffered a brain hemorrhage and died in a Utah hospital.

While the actor hadn’t landed a blockbuster role since childhood, fans have already begun outpouring support on Internet forums and on sites like Twitter.

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Twitter is increasingly being used for memorials.

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Obituary Explosion about “Art Linkletter”-YourFuneralGuy

28 May

There has been an obituary explosion the “Art Linkletter Death. As soon as the News was put about Art Linkletter’s passing , there was an explosion of News reports and obituaries around the world.

Americans and the world desire more innocence. Terrorist attacks, wars, economic meltdowns, and a President stirring up strife on Immigration make a  memory of a time of innocence with “Kids say the Darndest things” big news.

There is yet to be public information about the Art Linkletter Funeral.

Obituary pages love nothing more than mourning that favorite American archetype: the “example of a more innocent time” in our history. That’s how Time’s James Poniewozik remembers Art Linkletter. “A television pioneer who made millions of people laugh by getting kids to say the darndest things,” according to the New York Daily News, Linkletter turned his mid-century stint as what the Associated Press calls “a genial but gently mischievous television personality” into a fortune thanks to investments in hula hoops, oil wells, and a charm school, among other things. In his late years, he was best known as a motivational speaker who encouraged seniors to embrace life.

via www.obit-mag.com

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Memorial Service(Funerals) For Lakewood officers Live on Television-YourFuneralGuy

8 Dec

Lakewood Slain police Offers Funeral will take place at the Tacoma Dome Dec 8th

The Memorial Service for the Lakewood Police Officers will be televised live. Seattle TV stations will be covering the Service LIVE . The Governor of the State of Washington, FBI director, Canadian Mounties are all expected to be present.

As the Three hour Funeral Procession Got under way, The Lakewood Police station was overflowing with flowers.

Here is where you can find television coverage.

The Tacoma Dome service, which is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m., will be televised live on Seattle channels 4, 5 and 7.

TV stations KOMO, KING and KIRO also plan to pre-empt regular programming to provide live coverage of the 10-mile procession and related activities beginning at 10 a.m.

The three-hour procession of about 2,000 emergency vehicles, led by the slain officers’ families’ motorcade and cars from the Lakewood Police Department, will leave for the Dome from McChord Air Force Base about 10 a.m.

via www.peninsuladailynews.com

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More on Lakewood Police Funeral Procession.

There appears to be now live streaming video of the memorial service nationally or locally.

Your Funeral Guy: NFDA to Defend Funeral Cost/ Industry/Preneed.

29 Jan

Breaking News January 29th 2009-This is an historic move on funeral cost, the funeral Industry and Preneed. (prepaid funerals) The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) announced plans to reach the masses in the defense of their industry.

This was done in  reaction to two disastrous Scandals in 2008 -National Prearranged Services(NPS) and the Illinois Funeral Directors Association IFDA Preneed Trust Mismanagement Debacle. The NFDA will spent thousands of dollars to reach millions on a major television advertising blitz.

This will do nothing but raise the average cost of a funeral in the United States. I have estimated the average   funeral  cost to be $8,500.00 USD plus.

In times of deep economic trouble with folks demanding lower cost funerals. this is clearly an attempt to drum up business for an industry clearly in trouble with massive overhead.

The full press release can be viewed at Nfda.org

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