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Cremation Costs can vary by Thousands of Dollars-Your Funeral Guy

17 Jan

Cremation costs can vary by thousands of dollars. This is is an important factor when considering funeral costs and cremations costs. We have addressed this subject in several places before,-it is important to address this subject again.

You can view a video on this with more info here.

As with funeral cost, and cremation cost- it is very important to shop around.

The remains were brought to the cremation center at Sunland Memorial Park in Sun City. Dickson was quoted a price of $2,425 for what is called a “direct cremation.”

“I just told ’em I wanted the bare basic just the ashes in a box no services no nothing,” he says.

At the time he thought it seemed like a lot of money for what he was getting. “I thought of it, but I thought what am I going to do, they’ve got the body here.”

Dickson paid the bill. But a few weeks later, an acquaintance of his wife said he had paid for a cremation around the same time and it only cost $600.

Dickson hit the phone and called about five different crematories in the valley — he received quotes of $400 to $2,400 for the same service.

But according to Arizona law, the Sunland Memorial Park did nothing wrong.

“We cannot control the prices. In other words this is free enterprise. A business is able to charge whatever they may want,” says Rudy Thomas, executive director of the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers.

Thomas has heard the complaints before, but the FTC dictates that funeral homes nationwide don’t limit pricing. A consumer must physically be given a guide to funeral information if they are inquiring about services.

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It is important to note that Sunland Memorial Park is a corporate facility specifically a Service Corporation International facility( NYSE: SCI)

Although this event is not a Service Corporation International Scandal, it does show the high pricing that can occur at an SCI Facility. This is something that the Funeral Consumer must be continually be made aware of.

Many times it is best inorder to save on Funeral Cost To Avoid a Corporate Funeral Home.

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It is important to remember that the FTC does not regulate Funeral or Cremation Cost.

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Cremation Funeral Cost|YourFuneralGuy

26 May

Revealed here is a brief outline of Funeral and cremation costs or Expenses. Funeral homes and directors often  pride themselves on their “Sales”ability to bring up YOUR FUNERAL costs or expenses.

Average Cost of a Traditional Funeral (No Cemetery) $7,000-10,000 USD

Neptune Society Cremation Cost : $1499.00 USD

World’s Largest Funeral Corporation $2,200-$2,950 USD(World’s Largest Funeral Corp is Service Corporation International, NYSE:SCI)

Cremation Cost to Funeral Home or Funeral Director, $125-$250 USD


Cremations are becoming increasingly popular as families, pinched financially by the still-slumbering economy, seek to memorialize their loved ones more affordably.

Of the 2.4 million people who died in the U.S. in 2005, 32 percent were cremated, according to the Cremation Association of North America. The association estimates almost 40 percent of people who die in 2010 will be cremated, and that by 2025 about 57 percent will be cremated.

A traditional funeral typically costs from $7,000 to $10,000 for services, casket, burial and a headstone, according to funeral-tips.com.

Based on data collected by the Cremation Association, the average cost of cremation is about $1,600, ranging from less than $1,000 to more than $5,000 with additional services that might include a coffin, custom urns and a burial plot.

But consumers should be aware that package options and add-ons can bring costs in line with traditional funerals. The key is knowing how much a memorial and burial of ashes will cost.

Basic: The most basic of cremation services is called a direct cremation. It includes transportation of the body from the place of death to the funeral home, refrigeration, transportation to and from the crematorium, the cremation and the return of the ashes in a container. The Neptune Society, one of the largest direct-cremation companies in the country, with locations in Des Plaines and Orland Park, charges $1,499 for these services.

Rates vary, however.

A basic cremation offered by Service Corp. International, North America’s largest provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services, can range from $2,200 to $2,295, depending on transportation costs.

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The National Funeral Directors Associatiion Plans to raise Consumers Cremation Costs-YourFuneralGuy

9 Jan

One way Funeral Directors add to the cost of a Funeral|Cremation is get you to buy a Cremation Casket

The National Funeral Directors Association is planning to raise Your Cremation Cost.(NFDA) This is a tactic Funeral Homes often use when it comes to a cremation. In fact I am aware of Funeral Directors who claim they can raise the cost of a cremation above a the fact of a traditional funeral The NFDA(National Funeral Directors Association) has become quite blatant about this lately.

Snippet  from a special NFDA-webpage.

Whether your cremation rate is 6% or 60%, increase your profit margins from 0% to 100%!

Capitalize on cremation before, during and after the first call. This 3-day, core-business conference will teach you:

* How to abolish the word “direct” from consumers’ cremation vocabulary.
* How your perception in the community determines whether you or your competition receives the first call.
* How to be both creative and create value in subtle ways during the service to boost your bottom line.
* How an aftercare program can have a BIG return with very little expense.
* And MUCH more, including cremation litigation, how to dominate your market and social networking.-

Cremations cost the crematory about $200 USD. Logically it is not unreasonable to pay $495-$695 for a cremation through a Funeral Home. The information here shows why you need to take some one when with sharp negotiating skills when you go to a Funeral Home to negotiate a Funeral Arrangement/Contract.

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Now of course connectingdirectors.com and CANA, Cremation Association of North America had to get into the act-Click Here to read about that!

Funeral Industry Struggling in USA, Washington State-Your Funeral Guy.

24 Mar
Choose cremation if you need to Lower Funeral Costs.

Choose cremation if you need to Lower Funeral Costs.

The Funeral Industry is having a tough time around the country, because  of the difficult economy. Every day there is more evidence for the downward spiral of the average cost of a  traditional funeral.

I have declared the average cost of a  traditional funeral to be $8,500+dollars in 2009. For the first quarter of 2009 that number is trending significantly downward.

This number has been recently confirmed by numbers in Washington State. More and more folks are requesting cremation there and in the the rest of the country. According to KXLY.COM in  Spokane,Washington-Heritage Funeral Home President Dennis Murphy said:

“An individual cremation, you’re looking at less than $1,000, and with the average full body burial with cemetery property you’re looking at $8,000 to $9,000

The bad economy equals more cremations this year.

“I’d say they’re up 25 percent,” Murphy said.

In Washington 75 percent of all funeral business is cremation, and Murphy says that number could reach 85 percent before the year is out.”

A similar article has been posted at the Seattle Times and carried in Parade Magazine, and the Boston Herald. It shared similar information to what has been presented here.

A Rise in Cremation has been documented across the United States of America.

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Your Funeral Guy sets funeral Fires While encouraging Cremation

6 Aug

Lower Funeral Cost Encourages cremation. Economic times are forcing people to turn to the Lower Cost option-Cremation Funeral fires are being set in Crematories for lower funeral cost and much lower than the average cost of a funeral. The best information on this can be found here:

REVIEW: Rest in Peace Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

This is from a Suburban Chicago Newspaper that states the average funeral cost is $6,000 and the average cremation cost is $3.000- $4,000. But we all know that you you can have the sane dignity for less:

Check out the full article here:


You can read a portion of this interesting article here:

“With the cremation rate steadily rising, we are seeing more people calling and asking questions about funeral prices compared to cremation prices,” said Gerald Sullivan, president of the Cremation Society of Illinois, which has nine locations in the Chicago area. “People are trying to get an idea of how to best spend their money, while also paying their final respects to loved ones.”

Purchasing a casket, which can sell from $2,000 to $10,000, burial plot and grave liner can all add up to be pricey funeral expenses.

Cremation can be costly as well. A family can choose to put their loved one within a casket and to have an entire funeral service before cremation.

However, a less expensive option would be to purchase an urn to store the ashes, or have the ashes scattered across grave sites, bodies of water or other meaningful places of the deceased. Cremation expenses can run as low as $1,000, for a direct cremation, which does not include visitation or services.”

Your Funeral Guy: Beware Funeral Cost Vampires

19 May


Did you know that on one side of town you can pay $500.00 for a cremation and on another side of town your cremation cost may mean $2200.00.

THIS FROM THE MAY 18th  issue of the Arizona Republic:

“A “direct cremation” at Angels Cremation and Burial in Mesa is $475. At A-L Moore Grimshaw Mortuaries in Phoenix, expect to pay $2,195.

For a “traditional burial,” which includes basic services such as picking up the body, refrigeration, obtaining a death certificate and placing the body in a casket, a customer could pay $1,305 at Greer-Wilson Funeral Home in Phoenix. Or $4,700 at Phoenix Memorial Park and Mortuary.

Not including the cost of the casket.”

This comes from Edythe JensenThe Arizona Republic

View the full story here:


As you can see there are truly funeral cost vampires out there. So be sure to find one that is not going to bite you.

You can read more about it here:

Find out about the funeral cost vampires that are out there.

Insider's Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

Rest in Peace: Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral by R Brian Burkhardt and Matt Bacak. #1 International Best Selling Author Jason Oman also gave thumbs up to this book.

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