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National Prearranged Services Executives Indicted-Your Funeral Guy

23 Nov
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National Prearranged Services  (NPS) Executives have been indicted. These are responsible for 600-100 million dollars of preneed insurance funds.

ST. LOUIS | Officers at a prearranged funeral business defrauded customers, funeral homes and states out of as much as $600 million, according to a 50-count federal indictment announced Monday.

The U.S. attorney’s office in St. Louis announced indictment on fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and other charges against Randall Sutton, 65; Sharon Nekol Province, 66; Doug Cassity, 64; his son Brent Douglas Cassity, 43; Howard Wittner, 73; and David Wulf, 58.

All six defendants are from St. Louis County, and all were controlling officers for National Prearranged Services Inc., based in Clayton.

Brent Cassity is listed in the Missouri secretary of state’s office as the owner of Mount Washington Forever Funeral Home in Independence, which closed in July.

via www.kansascity.com

This is an incriminate story preneed  funeral theft and fraud. Incredibly the main tool in this incredible insurance theft were bottles of white out.

Officers of this company are now part of the criminal Lawsuit.

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Funeral Cost, Pre-plan, No Prepay-Your Funeral Guy

20 Sep
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It is best to pre-plan your funeral, wise not to prepay. Preplanning can save your family from difficult decisions when they are emotionally distraught.Preplanning is not difficult, and does not have to take along time. It doses involve some thought.

Prepaying a funeral can be dangerous. Each preneed contract is different. In most cases you cannot get your money back. If you move the Funeral may or may not be transferable to another state. There is  also the risk of the Funeral director taking your money. The Illinois Funeral Directors Preneed trust Ponzi Scam (100 Million gone) and the National Prearranged Services Scam(Estimated 1 billion) gone are prime examples of Preneed gone crazy.

Funeral Cost is gaining attention in the media.

Snippet from CBS:

First, try to preplan. We’re used to shopping around for everything else, but people feel like they need to spend big on funerals as a way to show their love. It’s a good idea to have a family discussion or leave instructions in your will about what you want. That helps determine how much to set aside, and keeps family and friends from spending too much.

Don’t pre-pay. Funeral homes’ pitch to lock in funeral costs by pre-paying while you’re alive may sound appealing, but it’s almost never a smart idea. State regulation controls how much if any of those plans can be refunded, should you move, or if the funeral home goes out of business. Most offer little recourse. It’s better to create a payable-on-death account or a funeral trust through a life insurance company.

via www.cbsnews.com

The preneed pitch to lock in today’s prices now to save on Funeral Cost is simply not true in this economy. No Investment can be guaranteed due to the great recession.

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Folks from NPS Funeral Home getting some preneed relief-Your Funeral Guy

9 Aug
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Folks at the  Mount Washington Forever Funeral Home  in Independence Missouri are getting some preneed, prepaid funeral relief. Their policies which they paid under  a National Prearranged Services prepaid funeral policies were eclare no longer valid.

But two Funeral Home chains are lending a hand and folks have been getting credits on their NPS Policies.

Representatives of Charter Funerals and Speaks Family Legacy Chapels said hundreds of Mount Washington Forever clients had brought in paperwork documenting their transactions with Mount Washington, which ceased operations in July.

A substantial number have agreed to new contracts, taking advantage of credits offered by the companies.

What remains unclear is the fate of payments made on contracts to National Prearranged Services Inc., a St. Louis area company that figures in federal litigation alleging fraud in as many as 19 states.

via www.kansascity.com

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Folks with Preneed Policies at NPS Funeral Home lose all?|YourFuneralGuy

29 Jul
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Folks with Preneed policies at the National Prearranged Services Funeral Home in Missouri may have lost it all. It is a fact that  all the monies in prepaid funerals at Washington Forever Funeral Home in Missouri are gone.  There is the possiblity that some customers of Washington Forever Funeral Home may get some credits from two area Kansas City Funeral Homes Charter Funerals and Speaks Legacy Chapels, but the details are a bit vague.

It was stated by the Missouri Attorney General that folks who bought a preneed policy at the Independence, Missouri Funeral Home will have to get their funeral somewhere else. The total estimates in the NPS Preneed  Funeral Scams are between 600 Million and   1 billion dollars. This is significant enough warning  for anyone not to put their funeral cost money into a prepaid funeral

The Missouri attorney general’s office Tuesday issued recommendations for those who purchased prepaid funeral plans from a now-closed Independence funeral home.

Consumers who purchased a plan from Mount Washington Forever Funeral Home will need to make new arrangements at another funeral home, according to the office.

Last week, two Kansas City area funeral homes firms, Charter Funerals and Speaks Family Legacy Chapels, offered to issue possible credits to those customers.

Anyone still paying on such plans purchased through Mount Washington Forever, the attorney general release said, “should stop making payments.”

via www.kansascity.com

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Prepaying a Funeral Causes Stress(Not Relief)-Your Funeral Guy

19 Jul

Many a Funeral Home and Funeral Corporation will tell you that prepaying a funeral will relieve the Stress of a funeral at the time of your death.

The news about preneed of late shows that this does not work.  Often times the Funeral Directors or other preneed professionals simply take your money.The fact that this can occur is additional funeral stress.

This was the case in:

1: the NPS , National Prearranged Services scandal in 2008,2.the Illinois Funeral Directors scandal revealed in 2009.3. The California Funeral Directors Association in 2010

Funeral Preplanning does work. Funeral Prepaying does not. This was conveniently left out of a recent, Dignity Memorial, Service Corporation International, blog post.

If you are finding the stress of planning your loved one’s funeral difficult to deal with, consider funeral pre planning for own funeral. This will allow those who love you to not have to deal with this level of stress and difficulty when you pass on. Talk to the funeral director about planning your own services once you are feeling more relaxed.

via dignitymemorialnc.com

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All this is covered further in Rest In Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost less Stress Funeral by R.Brian Burkhardt

Austin News advises against “Prepaid Funeral”-yourfuneralguy

17 Jul

An Austin. Texas news station has advised against buying a prepaid funeral as away of Saving on Funeral Cost. Prepaying a Funeral may on the surface sound like a good idea, but recent history has found it to be quite risky.

One Reason it is quite risky is that Funeral Directors lately have been found to take the money.

This has been revealed in three major Funeral Director Scandals.

1. The National Prearranged Services Scandal -2008

2. The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Preneed Ponzi Scheme- 2009

3. The California Funeral Directors Association Scandal(California Master Trust) 2010

On the surface, it seems like a good idea to pay today’s price for final arrangements.

Since funeral prices have been going up by more than the rate of inflation, it might seem like a wise choice to pre-pay for your funeral arrangements.

Unfortunately, the prepaid funeral business, like other industries, is not without its share of fraud and deceit.

The average cost of a funeral in today’s dollars is about $10,000, and that cost is increasing every year, so you can see why consumers in Texas have contracts worth $3 billion.

via www.news8austin.com

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Preneed Contracts, White out, Lawsuits| Close Funeral Home-YourFunreralGuy

15 Jul

National Prearranged Services Preneed Contracts, and the NPS National Prearranged Lawsuit has closed down a Funeral Home. The Main tool in this fraud was white out. It’s all about Mount Washington National Forever Funeral Home in Independence, MO.

It is very interesting to note that the NPS, National Prearranged Funeral Scandal all had to do with a bottle of White OUT! Read more on that  by clicking here:

Although the lawsuit is for 600 Million USD estimates of the NPS Scam

The funeral home was receiving no money to try and fund pre-need contracts that families had with a company previously managing the home, said Duke Radovich, chief executive officer of Charter.

Pre-need burial and funeral services involve a pre-payment by the customer in exchange for the promise that funeral services will be provided at no further cost when the customer dies.

National Prearranged Services went to different funeral homes, offering to sell prearranged funeral services and to manage the money from the pre-need contracts.

The problem was that National Prearranged Services was sued in federal court for $600 million, alleging the company preyed on consumers and funeral homes to perpetuate a multi-million dollar, nationwide scheme from the sale of pre-need contracts.

The suit looks to recover costs expended by plaintiffs and seven state insurance guaranty companies.

via www.examiner.net

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