The National Funeral Directors Associatiion Plans to raise Consumers Cremation Costs-YourFuneralGuy

9 Jan

One way Funeral Directors add to the cost of a Funeral|Cremation is get you to buy a Cremation Casket

The National Funeral Directors Association is planning to raise Your Cremation Cost.(NFDA) This is a tactic Funeral Homes often use when it comes to a cremation. In fact I am aware of Funeral Directors who claim they can raise the cost of a cremation above a the fact of a traditional funeral The NFDA(National Funeral Directors Association) has become quite blatant about this lately.

Snippet  from a special NFDA-webpage.

Whether your cremation rate is 6% or 60%, increase your profit margins from 0% to 100%!

Capitalize on cremation before, during and after the first call. This 3-day, core-business conference will teach you:

* How to abolish the word “direct” from consumers’ cremation vocabulary.
* How your perception in the community determines whether you or your competition receives the first call.
* How to be both creative and create value in subtle ways during the service to boost your bottom line.
* How an aftercare program can have a BIG return with very little expense.
* And MUCH more, including cremation litigation, how to dominate your market and social networking.-

Cremations cost the crematory about $200 USD. Logically it is not unreasonable to pay $495-$695 for a cremation through a Funeral Home. The information here shows why you need to take some one when with sharp negotiating skills when you go to a Funeral Home to negotiate a Funeral Arrangement/Contract.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

Now of course and CANA, Cremation Association of North America had to get into the act-Click Here to read about that!


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