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16 Jun

It appears that TV actor Gary Coleman may not have a funeral at all.  A  judge has ordered he be cremated(have a cremation) by today June 16th 2010. Coleman was evidently involved with two women who claim to be the executor of his will.

This is an example of why it is important to preplan(not prepay) your funeral and keep those funeral plans updated when your life situation changes.

Gary Coleman will not be having a funeral, this in accordance to his 2005 will.

An independent attorney was named by a Utah judge to oversee the late actor’s property and his cremation. At this time, Gary Coleman’s body has still not been cremated. Robert Jeffs is the attorney who will be the special administrator of Gary Coleman’s estate due to an ongoing dispute between two women the actor was once involved with.

Gary Coleman’s ex-wife, Shannon Price is claiming that she is the rightful executor of Coleman’s will and is entitled to his property. Now an ex-girlfriend of Coleman’s, Anna Gray, is making the same claim.

via www.examiner.com

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