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Amazon.com and the Funeral Industry-Your Funeral Guy

15 Jan
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Amazon.com stepped up it’s selling to the Funeral Industry after October 2009 when it was revealed that WallMart was selling Caskets on line. The Fact that Amazon has a contract with an online casket provider for 67% off the list price of many caskets, points to the fact that the markup on caskets can be  300% or more. Not all funeral homes do this, there are lower cost funeral homes  and online casket providers where the markup is much less.

This supports what I have been saying for several years that many times the markup of caskets in the funeral home can be up to 500%!

What is interesting about amazon.com and other online vendors is that they sell directly to the consumer. This is a trend that will continue and more and more  Funeral vendors will be doing this!

In Fact Last Year the National Funeral Directors Association lobbied on behalf of the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act asking that online vendors like amazon.com be brought in under the Funeral Rule Regulations.

With the election of Republicans to the US House of representatives the passage of the Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act is unlikely to happen and caskets and other consumer funeral products being sold directly to the consumer for the short term will avoid  funeral regulations.

What is mentioned above is contributing to Funeral Industry Decline in the USA. The more that funeral goods are available online especially at popular sites like amazon.com the less the local funeral home will be needed and the more the funeral industry will decline.

Amazon.com (AMZN)
> Interesting Fact: Amazon sells a steel embalming table
> # of Employees: 21,700
> Most Recent Quarter Revenue: $7.6 billion
> Most Recent Net Income: $231 million

Amazon.com helped bring the funeral service online.  Like Wal-Mart, the company offers caskets in more than 50 different varieties.  Additionally, it sells a steel embalming table for $1,095 and pet urns for under $200.  Many caskets are sold at 67% off the list price, thanks to a partnership with Bestpricecaskets.com.

via 247wallst.com

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your funeral guy has no affiliation with best priced Caskets.com http://www.bestpricecaskets.com/

Your Funeral Guy’s book Rest In Peace Insiders Tips to the low cost less Stressed Funeral is available online at amazon.com Presently Your Funeral Guy is not involved with the selling of  any Funeral Goods or products.

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Weddings at Funeral Homes Funeral Facilities A Trend-Your Funeral Guy

10 Jan
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Weddings being held at  at Funeral homes and Funeral Facilities are a continuing trend in the USA. It often is less expensive and bookings are much easier to get. This is simply a consequence of the Great Recession and a slow recovery.

Across the U.S., more funeral homes are building such centers and marketing them not only as places to mourn the dead, but as sites for events celebrating the living, including birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, school proms and, yes, weddings.

The lure? It is often less expensive; there is greater availability; and the settings — inside and outside — can be nothing short of wedding-picture perfect.

via www.indystar.com

Weddings are similar to Funerals Both are event planning. folks can save money easily on a wedding by using funeral home facilities.

Funeral industry| Funeral News Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

It si also a great way Funeral home owners can comat against funeral industry decline

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Resomation, Alkaline hydrolysis disposition to Gain International recognition in 2011-YourFuneralGuy

29 Dec
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Resomation or Alkaline Hydrolysis disposition is do to be tested in South Korea in 2011.-Image via Wikipedia

Resomation and Alkaline Hydrolysis disposition will gain international reognition in 2011. Belgium Funeral Directors have requested Alkaline Hydrolysis disposition(Resomation  in 2010. A Florida Funeral home has a Resomation Machine.

The acceptance of this new form of disposition will grow in 2011Water cremation, Water Resolution, or green cremation  are other word s for the same process.

The ‘Resomation’ process breaks down a corpse using alkaline hydrolysis instead of extremely high heat, says the ACS.

The alkaline hydrolysis method ‘has a much lower carbon footprint than cremation’ because the tissue is not burned and the process also uses an eighth of the energy required for cremation. Any dental amalgam that remains is easily separated from the bone ash and sent for recycling.

According to the ACS, Sweden and Germany will soon begin clinical tests of the Resomation process with humans who have volunteered for the procedure. Other tests will begin later this year in South Korea.

via www.sify.com

Funeral Industry| Funeral News

2010 saw a water cremation machine installed in Australia

Funeral industry|Funeral News| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

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FTC proposes guidelines to tax the dead-Your Funeral Guy

12 Dec
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Unfortunately debt collection does not stop when you die, In age where many American’s are overcome by debt. Debt has become a problem both before and after death.

The Great recession has caused many debt difficulties in the USA. The Wall Street Crash of 2008 has forced many into foreclosure and debt default. Mamuch debt has gone to horrendous, heartless third party collectors

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking to revise the protocol surrounding two of life’s touchiest subjects: debt and death.

Debt collection has become an increasingly controversial practice as more Americans default on loan payments. Government data show the charge-off rate on consumer loans spiked to 6.71 percent during the second quarter – the highest level in at least 25 years. (Five years ago, the charge-off rate – loans written off by their lenders as uncollectable – was 2.4 percent.) Meanwhile, debt collection ranked second on the FTC’s list of most common consumer complaints last year after not even cracking the top 20 two years ago.

The rise in debt collection has spawned a niche market devoted to recouping money from those who die with unpaid bills. The FTC began investigating the practice several months ago and found confusion among collectors over whom they were allowed to contact and what they could say, said Joel Winston, the agency’s associate director of financial practices.

“The debt doesn’t disappear when the person dies,” he said. “It’s still a valid debt, and the collector can still collect it.”

But the question is: From whom?

via www.thefiscaltimes.com

Death is  a burden on families, but collection  on the deceased’s debt causes more of a burden.

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TSA Security Administration screwing up a 2 Car Funeral-Your Funeral Guy

23 Nov
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Transportation Safety Administration has been screwing up a 2 car funeral. (TSA screwing up a 2 car funeral) is what the headline read. The pat downs have brought critism along with the full body scanners exposing body parts.

A Republican Congressman who supports the use of full-body scanners blasted the Transportation Security Administration on Friday for failing to deploy technology that would prevent the scanners from capturing images of private body parts.

Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he hasn’t had a change of heart about his initial support for the scanners following the attacks on 9/11, but faulted TSA for deploying equipment he termed “invasive.”

“They [TSA] went ahead and, without consulting us [Congress], bought, to me, offensive equipment that should not be used, and it does invade the privacy of people,” Mica said.

via thehill.com

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Alkaline Hydrolysis will change Funerals-Your Funeral Guy

26 Oct

Alkaline Hydrolysis Disposition, Water cremation water resolution or Bio Cremation will change Funerals forever.

Although the 1st  reaction is of many Folks is Ick the process will take hold eventually because Bio cremation or water cremation is good for the environment (The Earth), good for the consumer and good for the funeral industry. Anderson-Mcqueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg Florida is slated to be  the 1st in the country(USA) to put in place green cremation machine.

A bill to legalize the chemical process in New York was called “Hannibal Lecter’s bill.” Just before the same bill went down in defeat in New Hampshire, a lawmaker complained that he didn’t want his loved ones to go “down the drain.”

It’s called alkaline hydrolysis, and it’s one of a wave of green funeral options gaining popularity across the nation. Proponents say it’s better for the environment and gentler on the deceased.

It just takes some getting used to, is all. That’s because it’s basically melting your loved ones away.

via www.tampabay.com

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Green Cremation News from NFDA Convention-YourFuneralGuy

15 Oct
List of constitutions of the United States
Aquamation industries will  be selling a low pressure resomation, alkaline hydrolysis machine  in the United States. Image via Wikipedia

CycledLife and Aquamation shared the same booth at the National Funeral Directors Convention. Reports at the Convention  state that Aquamation now has the rights to sell the  Joe Wilson’s CycledLife machine in the United States.

Reports coming from the convention indicate that the green cremation process on humans  has been taking place  at the Acquamation Industries Center in Australia.

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