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7.23.09 Cronkite Funeral|2pm|Webcast cbsnews.com-YourFuneralGuy

22 Jul

Walter Cronkite Funeral to be Webcast on internet

Walter Cronkite Funeral to be Webcast on internet

The Walter Cronkite Funeral will be webcast live at cbsnews.com at 2pm (eastern) on 7.23.09 . If you have the time you can view the Walter Cronkite Funeral at the CBS website. More and more folks are webcasting funerals and some funeral homes offer this service. This is a kindness shown to Walter Cronkite .

If your friends and family can not make it to a funeral, the webcast is an alternative that allows participation.

From the NewYorkTimes;

CBS News will webcast the family funeral service for the former anchorman Walter Cronkite on Thursday…

the private service will include tributes by the “60 Minutes” commentator Andy Rooney and Mr. Cronkite’s son Chip, among others.

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