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Parents now Can be Buried With Fallen Soldiers-YourFuneralGuy

1 Oct
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Bill was Sponsored by Senator John Kerry Image via Wikipedia

Congress has passed a new law  that parents can be buried with Fallen Soldiers. This legislation has been before Congress for quite some time. The legislation however has gotten very little national attention.

A bill allowing parents of fallen soldiers to be buried with their children in any of the 131 national veterans’ cemeteries was passed this week by both houses of Congress, US Senator John F. Kerry’s office said today.

The Corey Shea Act, named for a 21-year-old Army specialist who was killed in Iraq in 2008, was sponsored by Kerry in the Senate and US Representative Barney Frank in the House.

“I feel more at peace now than I have in almost two years. I just feel elated that I can be buried with my son,” said Shea’s mother, Denise Anderson of Mansfield, who said she was “tired” from the yearlong fight to get the bill passed.

via www.boston.com

The bill was hr3949.

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Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens buried at Arlington National Cemetery-YourFuneralGuy

28 Sep

Former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on 9-28-2010. The committal Funeral Service(burial) was at Arlington National Cemetery at 1pm Eastern time.

Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens will be buried today at 1 p.m. Eastern time at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Stevens and four other people were killed in a plane crash in Alaska on August 9th.
He was 86 years old.

Four other people survived the crash.

Stevens was the longest-serving Republican in Senate history.

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Senator Stevens Funeral -Video Link, Dignitaries-YourFuneralGuy

18 Aug
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The Funeral For Senator Ted Stevens will take place in Alaska on 08/18/2010. Dignitaries from Washington DC will be present along with Vice President Biden.

C-Span has a link to video of the funeral. Click here. The Funeral  Service is to Take place at the Anchorage Baptist Temple at 2pm local time and 6pm eastern time.

Over 25 current and former U.S. politicians will attend the funeral of former Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) on Wednesday in Anchorage.

Vice President Joe Biden, nine former senators, 11 current senators, two congressmen and five Alaska governors are expected to attend the service for Stevens, whose four decades of service in the Senate made him a political giant.

via thehill.com

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VP Biden to speak at Senator Stevens Funeral-Your Funeral Guy

17 Aug
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Vice President Biden will be speaking at Senator Ted Stevens Funeral Wednesday. The Funeral Will take place in Anchorage, Alaska on Wednesday.

Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Anchorage, Alaska, to speak Wednesday at the funeral of former Sen. Ted Stevens.

Stevens, the longest-serving Republican in the Senate’s history, died Aug. 9 when his plane crashed in the remote mountains of southern Alaska. His funeral will be held at Anchorage Baptist Temple.

Biden, who represented Delaware in the Senate before becoming vice president, said he and his wife knew Stevens well.

via thehill.com

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Alaska Senator Stevens dies in a plane crash|Funeral ahead-YourFuneralGuy

10 Aug
Ted Stevens, former President Pro Tempore of t...
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The Former Alaska  Senator Ted Stevens has died in a plane crash, There may be as state Funeral ahead. It will happen in Alaska but it remains to be seen if it will be a National Celebration.

There are no public funeral arrangements at this time.  Ted Stevens was the longest running Republican Senate Member in United States History.

He lost his Senate bid in 2008 by 3700 votes and was victim of a false prosecution before the Senate Election.

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Bereaved Consumers Rights goes to Full House-Your Funeral Guy

21 Jul

The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act has been Marked Up To the Floor of the House of Representatives for a Full House Vote. This is good news for the Funeral and Cemetery Consumer. There soon may be a level playing field in the Funeral and Cemetery Industry.

HR 3655 was moved out of the house Energy and  Commerce Committee by a 15 to 12 vote.

The Bill would provide for for full disclosure from cemetery providers but exclude religious cemeteries and not for profit ones as well. This legislation is known as the Rush Bill or Funeral Rule 2.

The funeral industry and the e Funeral Consumer  sill need to take this legislation past the House Of Representatives and the United States Senate.

We will report more on the recent amendments later.

This is true Cemetery Reform.

via http://energycommerce.house.gov/

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Sen. Byrd leaves Senate in Funeral Casket For Last Time|YourFuneralGuy

1 Jul

Senator Robert Byrd has left the United States Senate for the last Time In His Funeral Casket. The senator “Lied in th Repose” in the Capitol Building today in the United States Senate. A United States Senator Lying in repose has not happened in over 50 years.

“The longest-serving member of Congress, Robert Byrd, who died at the age of 92 early Monday morning, lay in repose in the Senate chamber for several hours today. The last time a Senator was granted this honor took place in 1959, the year Byrd joined the Senate. Byrd served in Congress for 57 years and was the Senator from West Virginia for 51 years.

His body is being flown to West Virginia where there will be a receiving ceremony and public viewing starting tonight and a memorial service tomorrow including remarks by Pres. Obama and Vice President Biden.”via cspan.org

Senator Byrd died early Monday Morning. His Funeral will be next Tuesday, July 6th 2010 in Arlington VA

It’s Official President Obama will speak at Senator Byrd’s  Memorial Funeral Service  Friday Morning.

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