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Amazon.com and the Funeral Industry-Your Funeral Guy

15 Jan
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Amazon.com stepped up it’s selling to the Funeral Industry after October 2009 when it was revealed that WallMart was selling Caskets on line. The Fact that Amazon has a contract with an online casket provider for 67% off the list price of many caskets, points to the fact that the markup on caskets can be  300% or more. Not all funeral homes do this, there are lower cost funeral homes  and online casket providers where the markup is much less.

This supports what I have been saying for several years that many times the markup of caskets in the funeral home can be up to 500%!

What is interesting about amazon.com and other online vendors is that they sell directly to the consumer. This is a trend that will continue and more and more  Funeral vendors will be doing this!

In Fact Last Year the National Funeral Directors Association lobbied on behalf of the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act asking that online vendors like amazon.com be brought in under the Funeral Rule Regulations.

With the election of Republicans to the US House of representatives the passage of the Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act is unlikely to happen and caskets and other consumer funeral products being sold directly to the consumer for the short term will avoid  funeral regulations.

What is mentioned above is contributing to Funeral Industry Decline in the USA. The more that funeral goods are available online especially at popular sites like amazon.com the less the local funeral home will be needed and the more the funeral industry will decline.

Amazon.com (AMZN)
> Interesting Fact: Amazon sells a steel embalming table
> # of Employees: 21,700
> Most Recent Quarter Revenue: $7.6 billion
> Most Recent Net Income: $231 million

Amazon.com helped bring the funeral service online.  Like Wal-Mart, the company offers caskets in more than 50 different varieties.  Additionally, it sells a steel embalming table for $1,095 and pet urns for under $200.  Many caskets are sold at 67% off the list price, thanks to a partnership with Bestpricecaskets.com.

via 247wallst.com

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your funeral guy has no affiliation with best priced Caskets.com http://www.bestpricecaskets.com/

Your Funeral Guy’s book Rest In Peace Insiders Tips to the low cost less Stressed Funeral is available online at amazon.com Presently Your Funeral Guy is not involved with the selling of  any Funeral Goods or products.

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Placetized Bodies and Body parts sold online?-Your Funeral Guy

25 Oct
Gunther von Hagens 2009
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Plasticized bodies and body parts will soon be sold on line. This story is repugnant and very unsettling.

Gunther von Hagens latest move outrages queasy public

Plasticized corpse huckster Gunther von Hagens is jumping on the grisly express again. The German millionaire bizman scientist is preparing to offer plasticized body parts and entire bodies for sale online, sparking public outrage. VonVon Hagens developed a way to preserve corpses by replacing body fluids and fat with plastic resin, and has launched a controversial series of global exhibits staging dead people engaging in activities from pole vaulting to having sex. He plans to sell bodies for $90,000, torsos for $75,000 and human heads for $33,000.

via www.allvoices.com

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VIDEO: Consumers RIP: It’s OK To buy Casket From Walmart|YourFuneralGuy

3 May

Consumers all across the land can now rest in peace. A Funeral Director has stated that it is OK to buy your casket at Walmart online.
However the Funeral Director in the video displays his displeasure with the shipper of the Walmart, Star Legacy Casket
FED EX. Update 7/25/10: The Funeral director who posted the video on You Tube made the video private.

THis Video goes beyond just showing what to expect, and does put FED EX in a bad light, for not allowing tail gate off loading assistance, something the video does not define. It is unreasonable for Fed EX to accommodate funeral home(or any receiver) delivery requests or restrictions without extra charge, The Video does not reveal the conversation with Fed Ex on the phone so to point a finger at them without further detail is a tad bit unfair to the shipper-Fed Ex

A Batesville casket is cleverly shown in the video is a subtle advertisement for the world’s largest casket maker. .

Walmart starting to sell caskets on line shook the funeral world last October and created an internet explosion of commentary, jokes on Wamart selling Caskets.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News| Funeral Blog by R Brian Burkhardt Your Funeral Guy

Video(Ad) shows how buying Third party Caskets work|YourFuneralGuy

28 Feb

This  video ad shows how buying  Caskets on line works. This is an example of  third party caskets work. Your Funeral Guy is not associated, or affiliated with the product in this video.   Caskets on line can be obtained at Wal Mart, Costco, and on line casket casket companies like the one mentioned in this video. This casket video puts the expensive Funeral Home casket, and Batesville Casket Company in it’s proper place.

Funeral Industry| Funeral News|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy
Walmart started selling Caskets on line just before Halloween of last year.

New Funeral Home Software, integrates all-YourFuneralGuy

29 Jan

This Week New Funeral Software as revealed for Funeral Directors that integrates everything, except the funeral itself. No You Cannot have Your Funeral Online Yet. With new software everything is integrated, the funeral home website, the customers memorial sites, obituary sites and all vendors.  Funeral arrangements and funerals just got simpler.

“The ability for funeral directors to manage cases online while integrating products from all the major vendors just became a reality with today’s introduction of the FI Open Manager by Funeral Innovations, a leading provider of web-based software solutions for the funeral industry.via www.prweb.com

Funeral Directors can manage cases online with the FI Open Manager

Pricing was not revealed in the press release. Not yet happening cremations funerals and burials online But as I predicted in my book  “Rest In Peace, Insiders Tips  to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral” that will come.

Funeral Innovations is the nane of the company.

Funeral industry|Funeral News|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

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A New Kind of Death-Facebook Ritual Suicide-Your Funeral Guy

11 Dec

Now there is a new suicide site-A  place where you can commit Facebook Suicide. In 2009 we have seen virtual funerals online memorials,  the rise and fall of a virtual graveyard, places where you can e-mail your friends after you die and eternal virtual storage lockers. Now there is a place where you can put your on line identity to death-at www.seppukoo.com/

Seppuku (aka, Hara-kari) originally reserved for Samurai soldiers was the belief in suicide rather than falling into the hands of one’s enemies. In its original context, Seppuku was performed by plunging a sword into one’s abdomen and moving it left to right in a slicing motion.

via inventorspot.com

This the place where you can get virtual suicide assistance or commit assisted virtual suicide. It is the place to put an end to your facebook account. There is even a memorial page for your virtual death.

This appears to have a risen from facebook privacy Failures

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Wal Mart Casket Story draws web reaction-Your Funeral Guy

29 Oct

489771072_4c6148aed5Walmart selling caskets(an AP story) on line has drawn some interesting Web Reactions. From just in time for Halloween, to a suggested new Wal Mart Slogan- “Save Money: Live Better,Die better” to the more political spin “Walmart selling caskets online-just in time for government health care.”

Wal Mart Seling Caskets  has been called impersonal, and not a threat to the funeral industry.The story covered by the Associated Press has been carried by major news organizations around the world.

From Mashable: “But, if you simply want to save a few dollars at the end, well, now you can.”

The National Funeral Directors Association  new president Pat Lynch implied it is really not a big deal to the funeral industry, but it is.

Funeral Industry|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy, R.Brian Burkhardt-Funeral Director, Illinois, Virginia