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Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation Forcing Strike,Lockout by hiring armed Guards?|Your Funeral Guy

30 Jun

The Worlds Largest Funeral Corporation May be forcing a strike in The Chicago Area by hiring armed Guards. This is just plain crazy.

On June 28, SCI hired a security firm and posted guards outside of its funeral homes, which has raised concerns among the Teamsters that the company plans to lock out employees. The contract expires Saturday at midnight but SCI has offered to extend it for one day.

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The breakdown of Negotiations and a contract and strike vote at the Union appears to be what has happened. Union Picket Lines and armed Guards at Funeral homes in ChicagoLand?

Service Corporation International rejected federal mediation with Teamsters-represented funeral home employees before making their final offer on Tuesday.

A federal mediator offered to mediate the dispute between the Chicago-area Teamsters and Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI) just hours before a strike vote loomed.

SCI had yet to make its final offer.

‘Is there any clearer indication that the company wants to force a strike?’ said Teamsters Local 727 Secretary-Treasurer John Coli

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This is an incredibly bad situation for the funeral home employees and Funeral Consumers in the Chicago Area. Service Corporation International may be taking this course of action to take matters beyond strike and force the union out of their Funeral Homes! Service Corporation Funeral Homes operate Under The Dignity Logo.

Folks in the Chicago Area will know the outcome on this one shortly.

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Your Funeral Guy Exclusive:Service Corporation International Trial Underway

14 May

There is a trial taking  place in LA  concerning the Eden Memorial Park Cemetery Scandal.  It is a hearing for a preliminary injunction against the cemetery. At this California Cemetery it has been reported that over 500 graves were desecrated. This scandal was first revealed in September 2009.

The trial dates are May 13th and May 14th 2010. Your Funeral Guy has confirmed that the trial is taking place.

Up to 500 Graves desecrated here

This scandal, involving the Service Corporation International, (NYSE:SCI) Facility at Eden Memorial Park in California along with the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal outside of Chicago led to Congressman Bobby Rush introducing the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act of 2009 in the US House of Representatives. The Bill HR 3655 is under consideration in the US Congress.

Eagan O’Malley & Avenatti LLP (“EOA”) is the law firm handling the class action Lawsuit.

The depositions completed thus far in this case have unfortunately confirmed our worst fears.  The evidence indicates there has been a pervasive practice of grave disturbances and desecrations at Eden Memorial Park Cemetery spanning an approximate 30 year time period.  A number of groundskeepers and supervisors have admitted under oath they routinely damaged and broke burial vaults containing human remains, sometimes as much as two to three times per week.  These groundskeepers and supervisors have further admitted that many times this would cause human remains, including bones, to spill out of the broken burial vaults.  According to the sworn testimony, the groundskeepers were often instructed by the cemetery to discard any remaining bones, pieces of burial shrouds or broken casket remnants in the cemetery dump located at the northern most section of the cemetery.

Because the practice was pervasive, the cemetery did not keep records of which burial vaults were broken.  Moreover, because the vaults are buried under ground, it is impossible to visually identify, from above the ground, which graves were disturbed.  There are, however, non-invasive procedures available to allow family members to identify broken vaults without disturbing the decedent’s grave and we are consulting with experts about the possible use of these procedures.

At our request, the Court has scheduled a preliminary injunction hearing or “mini-trial,” on May 13 and 14, 2010

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FTC gives Approval For SCI Keystone Purchase|Final Condition|YourFuneralGuy

5 May

Service Corporation International Logo

The World’s Largest Funeral  Corporation Has been Given Final Approval for Purchase of the Fifth largest Funeral Group in North America by the FTC. The deal will go through  only after a 30-day Public comment period at the Federal Trade commission.

Service Corporation International (NYSE:SCI) has turned to it’s 1990’s acquisition strategy to increase it’s bottom line . With current unrealized preneed losses of 43.8 Million dollars. The Funeral Industry Giant has decided to take on  acquisitions to offset the recent history of Declining Revenue.

On one Level the whole deal, and I say this kindly, is quite corrupt. Financial Partners LLC, the company picking up the SCI divested properties is a newly formed company of  Former Keystone Executives. They are the ones who benefited financially from the purchase, and through the  new company same folks are picking up their same properties. The good old boy leading this circus is Jim Price.

Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final settlement order in the matter concerning Service Corporation International and Keystone North America, Inc. The final order settles charges that SCI’s acquisition of Keystone would have reduced competition in 16 funeral service and three cemetery markets in the United States, and requires that SCI divest properties in each market.

Pursuant to the settlement order, SCI is seeking FTC approval to sell a total of 23 funeral homes, cemeteries, and combination properties to resolve the FTC’s competition concerns raised by its acquisition of Keystone. The FTC is seeking public comment on SCI’s application

Under SCI’s request, the company would sell the 23 properties to Foundation Partners Group, LLC. The facilities are located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington State. A

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SCI Employees comment World’s Largest Funeral Corporation|Your Funeral Guy

20 Apr

Service Corporation International

Employees have been reviewing the World’s Largest Funeral Corporation(SCI) at  Jobvent .com and the results are not pretty. We have reported here on the Show “Me the Money”  and culture of disrespect at Service Corporation International. Among Funeral Industry Professionals these folks are known as the “bad boys” and the funeral profession generally are not regarded as the guys with white hats.

If you have worked at SCI and want to weigh in you may want to click here.

Click here www.jobvent.com to see  how employees rate NYSE: SCI

A lot of favoritism to the wrong people; lack of respect to both employees & consumers. Death care industry should be about compassion as opposed to dollars, branding & quantity over quality!!

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SCI has repeated history of Funeral Scandal due mainly to it’s company culture and dissatisfied employees.

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