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Randall L Earl To Be Pres.Elect of NFDA|Funeral nightmare-yourfuneralguy

10 Oct
Quarter of Illinois
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Randall L. Earl is about to be elected President  Elect Of The NFDA. This is truly a nightmare on Funeral Street. Earl is a central figure in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Ponzi Scheme.(IFDA Preneed Trust-over 100 milliom dollars gone) Most folks are not aware of his role in this mess. As past President of the IFDA , his role in the Missuse of funds in the Museum of Funeral Customs,and involvement with IFDA Services in the scam make him an unsafe figure in anything Funeral.

The National Funeral Directors Association would do well not to Elect him President at the NFDA convention currently going on in New Orleans.

Earl is Named in all the IFDA Lawsuits and at the center of the scandal

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Illinois Funeral Directors Preneed Scam|task force Reports-YourFuneralGuy

13 Mar

The Governors Task Force Association The Illinois Funeral Directors Association has reported and has recommended that the Illinois Department of  Financial and Professional Regulation handle preneed regulation.

Up to regulation of Funeral  Preneed funds has been handled by the comptrollers office of the State of Illinois. 100 million dollars is now gone from the preneed fund mainly because of funky and maybe fraudelant insurance investments. There was also extracurricular use of the Preneed fund including the Setup and administration of the Museum Of Funeral Customs by the now NFDA  Treasurer  Randal L Earl. There was also loans to board members through IFDA Services.

To the greatest extent possible, Illinois should have a fully consolidated regulatory scheme,” the report’s authors wrote.

In addition, the task force recommended:

*Restrictions on what investments can be made with money in pre-need funeral trusts.

“The investment of those funds should be strictly limited to U.S. government-backed securities or other investments of equal creditworthiness,” the authors wrote.

*A ban on pre-need funeral trustees engaging in business unrelated to pre-need funerals.

The IFDA made loans to funeral directors from the pre-need trust fund and also operated a museum, which is now closed. The task force wrote that the IFDA “may have deviated from its original purpose” and may have made investments and loans that “further detracted from its core mission.”

*A requirement for transparency in the administration of pre-need funeral trusts.

Duane Marsh, IFDA executive director, could not be reached for comment.

Committee recommendations

*Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation oversee pre-need funeral industry

*Limits on how pre-need funds be invested

*Bar trustees from engaging in unrelated businesses*More transparency in administration of pre-need trustsvia www.sj-r.com

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Illinois Funeral Directors Association-Are they gone? Your Funeral Guy

8 Oct

thumbnail (6)The Illinois Funeral Directors Association appears not do be doing so well. They have are searching for a new trustee, for their Scandal ridden trust fund, The IFDA Preneed Trust. They have not been updating their member website. (latest info has been from June 2009 ) After Losing and stealing up to 100 million dollars of  preneed trust funds(according to Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes and reports in the State Journal Register) one would think that would be the least they could do.

Instead The Executive Director Duane Marsh has been busy conducting tours of the Museum of Funeral Customs. directed by the embattled National Funeral Directors Association Executive Secretary Randall L Earl.( yes he is still listed as the Director of the Museum pf Funeral Customs at The NFDA website)

The press seems to have forgotten about the Illinois Funeral Directors Association and their great preneed insurance  swindle in the State of Illinois

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The IFDA has received an important resignation, yours truly.

IFDA brings in NY Times to defend Museum and the Alleged Ponzi Trust.

9 Mar
So who is telling the Truth? The New York Times or the State Journal Register?

So who is telling the Truth? The New York Times or the State Journal Register?

The (IFDA) Illinois Funeral Directors Association) recently brought in one of the largest media players to defend it’s Museum of Funeral Customs and the IFDA Preneed Trust, The New York Times.

There seems to be some contradictions and confusion in the press on this one. It does appear that Duane Marsh, director of the IFDA may have lied or told a Roland Burris half truth to the New York Times.

First in the New York Times March 9th 2009,

“The association of funeral directors has had other problems, too. A trust it once managed — focused on “pre-need” funeral planning — declined sharply in value, prompting a handful of civil lawsuits alleging financial mismanagement. Although the museum used no money from the trust, Mr. Marsh said, the association’s budget took a hit.

But from a Newspaper Article in the State Journal Register, Springfield Illinois, dated February 27th 2009.

“According to an IFDA-commissioned audit, the foundation that ran the museum received at least $250,000 annually in 2006 and 2007 from the association, which got more than $2 million each of those years from management fees generated by the trust fund.”

Maybe Duane Marsh was splitting hairs when he said the museum received no IFDA Trust funds. The foundation that ran the museum got the funds according to the audit. Sounds like a Senator Roland Burris half truth lie to me.

Sure wish the spin would stop and some one will print the truth.

The New York Times is known for not printing the Truth upon occasion. The State Journal Register in Springfield, IL is known for printing the truth.

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IFDA Diverted Hundreds of Thousands To Funeral Museum-Your Funeral Guy

28 Feb

Breaking News-February 28th 2009, It appears that hundreds of thousands were diverted from the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Trust fund to the History of Funeral Customs Museum.

Late yesterday the State-Journal Register newspaper in Springfield IL posted an article about the diversion of ifda preneed trust funds to the IFDA museum.

The amount of money diverted was up to 250,000 USD dollars in 2006 and 2007. According to the Springfield Journal Register Article and Illinois Historian Schwartz.

“However, Schwartz said he assumes that the collapse of a pre-need funeral trust fund that once generated millions of dollars in management fees for the association led to the museum’s demise.

According to an IFDA-commissioned audit, the foundation that ran the museum received at least $250,000 annually in 2006 and 2007 from the association, which got more than $2 million each of those years from management fees generated by the trust fund.”

FD  Charles Childs (IFDA President 2006-2007) and Geoffrey Hurd IFDA President (2007-2008)  were active at the time the funds were transfered.

Both men have been mentioned in the Press. Childs and the press is mentioned at a February 12th post at this blog. Hurd is mentioned in the press here.

Sadly folks funeral cost is raised when funeral trust funds are misappplied.

The IFDA museum the History of Funeral Customs Museum has an excellent replica of Lincoln’s Casket Display. Thanks to the misappropriation of funds it appears that the museum may be closing. You can view a Lincoln Replica Casket like the one at the museum here.

Currently Randall L  Earl is Secretary of the NFDA and The Director of the IFDA Museum of Funeral Customs. This according to the NFDA Website.

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Post updated March 22, 2009 at 5:41pm.

Charles Childs and Geoffrey Hurd are public figures because they are IFDA Presidents. Speaking to the press thrust them into the public spotlight. The same with Randall L Earl who is a public figure as Secretary of the NFDA.