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Obama to attend-speak At Tuscon Memorial Service-Your Funeral Guy

11 Jan
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President Obama is attending and Speaking at a Tuscon Memorial Service for the Arizona Shooting victims. If he uses the moment to promote his political agenda, or blames his political enemies for the shooting , he is likely to face harsh criticism.

And Yet there are those on the left who will criticize him if he does not use the moment to attack those on the right.

It is my opinion is that politics should be left out of this kind of Memorial Service especially when it is a National tragedy. Expect an admonition for non violence.

President Barack Obama will travel to Tucson, Ariz., on Wednesday to attend a memorial service for the victims of last weekend’s shooting rampage.

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said late Monday that the president would speak at the service, and that first lady Michelle Obama would accompany her husband.

The University of Arizona said the service would take place at 6 p.m. local time on the campus and would be free and open to the public.

via www.foxnews.com

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Tony Curtis would have approved-Your Funeral Guy

6 Oct
Tony Curtis
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Tony Curtis would have approved of his funeral, a celebration of life. All in all the fneral was a celebration. One could tell from the eulogy given by his wife Jill.

Curtis’ sixth wife, Jill Curtis, eulogized her husband of 12 years. She recalled how he easily dismissed their 45-year age difference when friends asked if he was worried about keeping up with a younger wife.

“Well, if she dies, she dies,” she said her husband would deadpan in reply.

She recalled his simple loves: Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Splenda, his dog and white clothes. She urged family and friends to dwell not on his death, but on his extraordinary life.

“He was, as one fan put it, a once-in-a-lifetime man,” she said.

The funeral was followed by the burial and then a reception for more than 100 invited guests at the Luxor hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Jill Curtis, who Curtis affectionately called Jillie, told The Associated Press her husband would have approved of the festive goodbye.

“Tony didn’t like funerals,” she said. “He didn’t want to make it funeral-y, more like a celebration.”

via www.wtop.com

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Broncos Kenny Mckinley- Memorial Friday-Funeral Monday-yourfuneralguy

22 Sep
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A memorial service for the Denver Broncos  WR will be held by the Denver Broncos on Friday.

A family funeral service will held in Georgia.

These are the funeral arrangements available  for Denver Bronco Kenny McKinney available at this time.

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said that a memorial for Kenny McKinley will take place Friday at team headquarters in Dove Valley, and the funeral for the second-year wide receiver is scheduled for Monday in Georgia.

The service on Friday will be “private for Broncos people, our organization and Kenny’s family,” McDaniels said during his press conference today. “We’ll look forward to seeing (the family) Friday afternoon after practice.”

via www.denverpost.com

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Legacy.Com Emerging as WorldWide Memorial Monopoly-YourFuneralGuy

14 Sep

If you place an obituary in the English Speaking World odds are it will end up at Legacy.com, a place  on the web that  stores obituaries for Newspapers, and sets up memorial sites and guest books.

Now the history of corporations, controlling areas of death care and the Funeral Industry is historically  is not all that good. One has to look no further than the antics of Service Corporation International, NYSE: SCI in the United States.

And so it goes Legacy.com has some stake in most Newspaper Obituaries. It appears that this is growing in Countries outside the USA.


Legacy.com, the world’s most timely and comprehensive resource for online obituaries and the undisputed leader in Web-based memorialization, has joined forces with the largest daily newspapers in Australia and Canada and some of the largest papers in Ireland to allow more international readers to build feature-rich Legacy.com Memorial Websites and Guest Books for deceased loved ones. Coming on the heels of new partnerships with 95 U.K. newspapers, including the Times of London, the new partnerships broaden Legacy.com’s international reach beyond the more than 700 newspaper affiliations it maintains across North America and in Europe.

via healthstip.com

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Importance of a Funeral and Memorial Service-YourFuneralGuy

19 Aug

It is very important no matter how you lower your funeral cost to still have a funeral or memorial service. Today we have a another guest post from Gail Rubin.

Why Have a Funeral or Memorial Service?

Why should anyone pre-plan their own funeral? Perhaps you’re telling your family that you don’t care what’s done with your body or how you are remembered. After all, after you die, you won’t be around to enjoy the party. But the people who love you care deeply.

My friend Gary, a confirmed bachelor in his 60s with no immediate family in the area, says that he doesn’t want a funeral when he dies. To his way of thinking, he’s not religious, doesn’t like ceremonies or rituals, and doesn’t want people to make a fuss. But so many of his friends will miss him and his warm wit, his deep intellect, his incredible guitar playing, and his appreciation of fine wine. Those who know him and call him a friend will want to honor his life, even though Gary pooh-poohs the idea.

My brother Mitch had a life partner named Wes who died from liver cancer in 2007. Within days, my brother and I, along with family and friends, planned a very moving memorial service that reflected the many unique aspects of Wes’s life and character. “Wes explicitly said he didn’t want a memorial service,” said Mitch. “But we didn’t do it for him; we did it for us.”

Funerals, or memorial services if the body isn’t present at the event, are not really for the person who has passed on and may or may not be observing the proceedings. These rituals provide the opportunity for family and friends to come together in support, remember and share stories about the dearly departed, and celebrate his or her character and contributions. Dispatching ceremonies provide an appropriate closing chapter in the book of that person’s life.

“We need rituals, not just for the dead but for those of us who aren’t yet dead, as well. I am weary of sweeping up the pieces for those family members who would not recognize a loss with a ritual,” said Dr. William G. Hoy, a grief counselor and death educator.

He explained, “Very often – with those who don’t stop and ritualize the death – six months later, these families are in my office, having a harder time with grieving and healing. My clinical experience matches fairly closely the experience I hear from colleagues. We need rituals to celebrate the life, to be sure, but also to socially acknowledge the death.”

The bereavement process starts with the recognition and realization that someone has died. The funeral or memorial service provides an opportunity to remember and tell stories about the person, to come to terms with the reality of death, to reaffirm beliefs, and to release the spirit of the deceased. Remembering and reaffirming generate stories and laughter, realizing and releasing prompt healing tears and goodbyes.

Psychologists note a number of reasons why these rituals matter. They make the dead “safely dead,” dispatched with proper ceremony to rest in peace. They confirm that the deceased and their survivors matter, and that the community will continue. They provide structure in the midst of chaos and disorder, and assure communal support for survivors during a stressful time.

As night follows day, death follows life. Come explore ways to plan meaningful end-of-life send-offs for our loved ones, while saving money and reducing stress at a time of grief. Visit http://www.AGoodGoodbye.com and http://TheFamilyPlot.wordpress.com. And remember, every day on this side of the sod is a good day!

Post by Gail Rubin
author of
The Family Plot Blog and A Good Goodbye:
Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die  (www.AGoodGoodbye.com)
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Memorial service for Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Set|YourFuneral Guy

12 Aug
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There are no official family plans for a the former  Alaskan  senator Ted Stevens Funeral Yet.  But there are plans for a memorial mass in Anchorage set for Monday. It is not clear whether there will be some sort of US National “State” Funeral for Stevens but surely Alaska will have a state like celebration in his honor

Stevens’ family has not yet released plans on a funeral service, but there will be a memorial Mass Monday at the Holy Family Cathedral, at 12:10 p.m. It is not Stevens’ funeral, but rather a way for the archdiocese to honor him.

The public is invited to attend.

via www.ktuu.com

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Dead Twitter Society Arrives|Your Funeral Guy

10 Aug
Twitter Vector
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Twitter has now come up with a policy on deceased Users. Essentially if some one dies there are two basic options Options are delete the account, or receive archived tweets.

Here is a snippet  of Their Policy:

If we are notified that a Twitter user has passed away, we can remove their account or assist family members in saving a backup of their public Tweets.

Please contact us with the following information:

  1. Your full name, contact information (including email address), and your relationship to the deceased user.
  2. The username of the Twitter account, or a link to the profile page of the Twitter account.
  3. A link to a public obituary or news article.

You can contact us at privacy@twitter.com, or by mail or fax:

via support.twitter.com

The verification process is not too cumbersome. One has to only submit a newspaper article or an obituary.

Social media has along way to go on digital death and dying

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