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Purchase by Matthews International Indicates Funeral Industry Decline-YourFuneralGuy

20 Oct

Matthews International purchase of a casket company indicates  the  continued Funeral Industry Decline. Purchasing “Freeman” consists of a casket company consolidation.

Matthews International Corporation ……..announced its acquisition of Freeman Metal Products, Inc. and related entities, including F&F Metal Products, Inc., Esser Casket Co., and Southern Heritage Casket Co. (collectively “Freeman“). Freeman, which has manufacturing operations in North Carolina, Texas and Alabama, is also a distributor of caskets primarily in the Southeast and South central regions of the United States. Terms of the transaction were not immediately disclosed. Freeman reported sales of approximately $21 million in calendar 2009.

Joseph C. Bartolacci, President and Chief Executive Officer of Matthews, stated: “Freeman is an outstanding organization and their customer focus is well-respected in the casket industry. We are excited to welcome them to our Funeral Home Products team and look forward to working with their customers and the Freeman family of distributors. This acquisition is expected to provide synergies in the manufacturing and distribution of our products and to expand Matthews’ market presence particularly in the Southeast and South central regions of the United States.”

via www.marketwatch.com

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YourFuneralGuy Exclusive-Matthews Intl on Green, Bio Cremation

16 Jul

The Largest crematory manufacturer in the USA-Matthews International- may jump ahead in the great  green, bio cremation race. The process is also known  Alkaline hydrolysis, water resolution, resomation, or  Alkaline  Disposition.

There have been 2 comments  AT  THIS BLOG from Matthews Cremation.

1. Matthews International Will soon have a website devoted to bio(or green Cremation)

Comment-Matthews Cremation will be releasing a website dedicated specifically to the Bio-Cremation process shortly. Our hopes are to dis spell some of the myths associated with this process and advance legislation to allow it in all states. Stay tuned!

viaYour Funeral Guy Exclusive: Funeral Industry Alkaline Hydrolysis(Pics) Demonstration

2. Matthews Cremation will ship an Alkaline Hydrolysis(Green Cremation) Machine very soon to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Comment-Actually, the Bio Cremation machine going to St. Pete will serve as a full service facility for those requesting green cremations. It should be installed soon and we are looking forward to seeing it go out.-via Tale of Two Bio Cremation Machines

Different Companies claim the green or bio cremation will cost the  same as traditional or fire cremation(ie cycled life). Others say it will cost more. Some  say it will cost less. It really depends on the funeral home or the funeral Director setting the Price!

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