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Ten Companies controlling the Funeral Industry-Your Funeral Guy

14 Jan
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There has been an article on Ten Companies Controlling the Funeral Industry. What is interesting in the article are the Newcomers Wall Mart and Amazon .com These companies have only entered the funeral industry in the last several  of years. This is an indication of traditional Funeral industry decline and the desire of folks to pay less in funeral cost.

Here is a summary of the funeral business from the Article

The death industry is a tale of two economies. A relatively few large companies, most of them publicly traded, control most of the businesses that sells caskets and granite for memorials. The rest of the death industry is made up of many modest businesses. Most of the 19,500 funeral homes in the country are small operations, often owned by the same families for generations. There are more than 120,000 cemeteries and many of these belong to families, nonprofits, and religious institutions.

via 247wallst.com

Here is al ist of the ten companies in the report.

Hillenbrand Inc-HI

Service Corporation International (SCI)


Carriage Services Inc (CSV)

1-800 Flowers.com (FLWS)

Rock of Ages Corp(ROAC)

Stewart Enterprises(STEI)

Matthews International(MATW)

Amazon.com (AMZN)

Stone Mor Partners(Ston Mor)

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Bio Cremation Machine may be working by the End of the Year-yourfuneralguy

1 Nov

Bio Cremation or cremation by water soon to happem.

A Matthews Cremation, Bio Cremation Machine, resomation, green cremation may be close to going in to a funeral home in St Petersburg, Florida.

Bio Cremation, Resomation, sometimes called Green Cremation will change the Funeral Industry. The new form of disposition, using alkaline hydrolysis has a ood carbon foot print.

Thinking about your end-of-life options? You can still be eco-friendly in the afterlife, according to an Apopka funeral-equipment company.

Matthews Cremation is touting the latest addition to green initiatives in the funeral industry.

“Bio-cremation” involves dissolving the deceased in a heated, chemical solution that its proponents say leaves less of a carbon footprint and is an accelerated form of natural decomposition the body undergoes when buried.

“What we’re… offering is for someone who is interested in the cremation disposition that doesn’t carry the impact on the environment,” said Steve Schaal, president of the Apopka division of Matthews International, a funeral-services company.

Matthews Cremation is providing equipment to the Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg, which could perform what they say is the first bio-cremation in the country before year’s end. The funeral home expects to get permitting approval from the city in the next week or so.

via www.orlandosentinel.com

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Another Green Cremation, Company Website, Blog, Product-YourFuneralGuy

17 Aug

One of the Main Players in Race to Green cremation- Eco Green Cremation System, Inc now has a website and a blog to promote their Alkaline Hydrolysis cremation Machines. However a  picture of their Machine or a demonstration of a green or bio cremation cannot be found at their site. Click  Here For a link to their site.

Drilling down on the site I also failed to find a price for their products. Their products are for both animal and human cremation.

These folks are competing directly  with Matthews International, CycledLife, Aquamation Industries, And BioSafe Engineering.

Green or Water Cremation give us Cremation without Fire. The Company Mentioned in this post calls the process Natural Cremation.

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Your Funeral Guy Exclusive: Battle Of The New Green Cremation Machine |Alkaline Hydrolysis? Cryomation

13 Jun

CycledLife alkaline hydrolysis Machine

Will The cremation of the future  Green Cremation  be Alkaline Hydrolysis or Cryomation? The next cultural shift in disposing of the dead will  be Green Cremation.

There are two processes that are on the horizon one is called Alkaline Hydrolysis, where water pressure heat and alkaline combine to accelerate decomopostion of the body. Ashes are returned to the Family at the end of this process.

The other process Called Cryomation where the body is freeze dried and then broken down into an ash like substance to be returned to the family- Charles Cowling at the Good Funeral Guide has been covering this.

Snippet from the Cryomation website.

The process itself uses Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the body to -196 degrees C until the body is brittle. The body is then fragmented, foreign metal objects removed, and body materials returned to the process. The remains are then freeze dried under a range of vacuumed conditions to remove the moisture. Our process (patent pending) ensures that the final powder is sterile and 100% free of all bacteria & viruses. An accelerated composting process further reduces the mass and means that what is returned can itself, generate and sustain life.

via www.cryomation.co.uk

There is a computer graphic video of the process, but no real machine pictured.

The Cryomation Machine has been demonstrated in the UK. The larger resomation machines have been in use in Medical Schools in the US for the disposition of Medical waste and cadavers.

There are 4 players in the world racing to put this machine out. Eco-Green Cremation System, BioSafe Engineering, CycledLife and Resomation Ltd.

Resomation LTD  has claimed to ship a resomation machine for Funeral Industry Use to it’s distributor Matthews International In the USA in 2009. Almost A year later NOW  however the Machine is NOT INSTALLED.

Cryomation(R) says they have run a demonstration.I have seen a Cycled Life(R) demonstration with my own eyes. I  also have all seen BioSafe Engineering Machines.

I have verified that Cycle life is shipping a green cremation machine to the funeral industry. Eco-Green cremation systems claims to be shipping cremation Machines

I have pictures of the machines from all the players in the green cremation machine race  except Eco-Green Cremation System, Inc and Cryomation(R). It raises the question, Do either of these even have a machine yet? These folks may not like the question, but they are not releasing evidence of where they are at with there machines and bio cremation.

What are these men behind the curtain  at Eco-Green Cremation System, Inc and Cryomation(R) , doing? Even the little dog Toto cannot tell what these “Wizards of Oz” are doing.

It could be though that we  get up one morning though and any of the four players in alkaline hydrolysis or the cryomation folks may have multiple green cremation machines working in the funeral industry around the world.

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Resomation Machine Pic from the UK( Resomation LTD)

Note: Promessa is a company that uses liquid nitrogen in a an organic burial, Cryomation(R) is a company that takes the process  takes the process a step further in creating ash from the liquid nirtogen process. This differs from cryonics which keeps a body continually frozen for future restoration.

Your Funeral Guy Exclusive|Is New Green Cremation Alkaline Hydrlolysis|Safe?

30 May

Is the new Alkaline Hydrolysis, Green Cremation, Water Resolution, or Bio Cremation, Resomation   a safe process?  There is some question whether this is the case. The folks in Europe claim that it may not be safe for the Fluid in the Process to go down the drain as some of the Manufacturers claim it is .

The Europeans have done some testing on this process.  They claim that TSE|CJD may be an issue with alkaline hydrolysis machines.

There is a report from the EUROPEAN COMMISSION -HEALTH & CONSUMER PROTECTION DIRECTORATE-GENERAL 16th May 2002 which deals with the effectiveness of  destroying transmissible spongiform encephalopathies and bovine spongiform encephalopathies (TSE and BSE) by alkaline hydrolysis (AH).

Pathologists admit that a number of Alzheimer patients my actually be victims of a TSE (CJD) and many are reluctant to perform autopsies on Alzheimer patients. It would seem prudent to consider whether AH (Alkaline Hydrolysis)is an acceptable process for such persons. we do not know the procedure at the Mayo Clinic Resomator  says in regards  to  their procedure is for CJD  brain post mortem examinations and disposal.

The Commission’s conclusion raises significant questions about the viability of alkaline hydrolysis as a method of disposition in the funeral industry.

“On the basis of the evidence available, the liquid residues after a process duration of 3 hours retain a significant BSE/TSE infectivity risk [if the starting material contained high levels of infectivity]. They could also contain chemicals of toxicological concern. It is therefore not appropriate to permit their direct discharge to the sewer. Moreover, from a practical viewpoint the solidification of the hydrolysate on cooling is of concern in respect of the disposal. If hydrolysate is released on a large scale to a sewer in a warm condition without extensive dilution it is likely to precipate. In the absence of data to the contrary it must be assumed that any residual BSE/TSE material could co-precipitate and thence be accessible to sewer vermin.—“EUROPEAN COMMISSION -HEALTH & CONSUMER PROTECTION DIRECTORATE-GENERAL, Scientific Steering  Committee, 16th May 2002

Clearly the burden of proof on the safety of Human remains efluent going down the drain rests with the four manufacturers, Mathews International, BIO SAFE Engineering, Cycledlife, or Eco-Green Cremation Systems.

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Tale of Two Bio Cremation Machines|YourFuneralGuy

12 May

Here is a tale of two Bio Cremation Machines in pictures, One is being promoted by Matthews International, another is being promoted by CycledLife. Interestingly the Mathews Machine is  priced at nearly  five times that of cycledlife.  The Cycledlife machine will undergo further testing and demontration in June. Although  Matthews International Bio Cremation Resomation Machine is going in St. Petersburg,Florida, not much has been revealed as to the specifics, other than the Anderson- McQueen  Funeral Home location.

Here  is a picture of the traditional Resomation Bio cremation Machine:

Here is a picture of the CycledLife Water Resolution Machine.

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Some Support in Washington State For Bio,Green Cremation|YourFuneralGuy

10 May

There is some support for Bio Cremation or Green Cremation in Washington State. This according to the Washington Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association. The idea of cremation with a good carbon footprint has wide appeal across the United States.

There are three main players in this market in  North America, Matthews International, BioSafe Engineering and CycledLife.

We are looking into adopting new regulations permitting resomation in Washington state. It seems to be an excellent alternative to traditional cremation-by-fire, the resulting product is actually more attractive than traditional cremated remains (if such can be said to be “attractive”), and we can see no reason as a profession to oppose progress of this sort.
Judy Faaberg, Executive Director,  Washington Cemetery Cremation & Funeral Association

via www.connectingdirectors.com

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