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Hillenbrand( of Batesville Casket)continue to diversify-YourFuneralGuy

7 Jan

Hillenbrand Inc and the CEO Kenneth Camp, have acknowledged funeral industry and Casket sales decline.  The company executive has decided to live with the reality that is there. People are paying less funeral cost and many are continuing to live with the reality of the funeral industry decline.

Hillenbrand Inc. CEO Kenneth Camp might have been content for his company to stick to the casket business, given its predictability.

But with the public’s preference for cremation gaining on casket burials, he knew the company needed a new way to grow. Now, nine months after Hillenbrand closed on the $435 million purchase of Pitman, N.J.-based K-Tron International Inc., which makes manufacturing equipment, Camp is more convinced than ever that diversification was the right move.

“Batesville Casket will always be the bedrock, but we think it’s the right time for us to use some of our existing tools in an industry that can be another leg on the stool,” Camp said in an interview this week.

via www.bizjournals.com

Batesville Casket will continue to diversify in the years ahead. As the funeral industry declines, more alliances between companies like Batesville and other vendors will continue.

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Casket Cartel Continues in the USA!!-YourFuneralGuy

28 Sep
United States of America
Batesville Casket Company is the largest Casket Distributer in the United States Image via Wikipedia

The casket cartel continues in the United States of America. A Texas judge has dismissed a  lawsuit case against Batesville Casket Company. The case has to do with casket price Fixing.

Per normal the head of Hillenbrand, Inc had to gloat, and brag about his casket cartel company(my opinion)– Batesville Casket Co.

We are very pleased with the dismissal of this suit,” said Kenneth A. Camp, president and chief executive officer of Hillenbrand. “From the beginning of this extraordinarily long process, we knew the plaintiffs’ allegations were baseless. As we will always do, we aggressively defended our fair and ethical practice of selling Batesville-branded products only through licensed funeral homes.”

via www.prnewswire.com

My opinion is Calling Batesville’s  casket selling policies fair and ethical (in my opinion only) is  false, a big  bold face lie. The information on discounts Batesville gives to the Funeral Home are not available to the purchaser in most cases,  the consumer hurting in their grief.

Hillenbrand, Inc and Batesville Casket Company leave the door wide open for Funeral directors  to take advantage of funeral consumer.(Obscene Profit Margins).

From my experience selling Caskets, the markup is between 100 an d 500 percent.  No one but insiders know each funeral home’s casket markup. Batesville gets out of any accountability on this issue, by saying it is  to the Funeral  Home to set the price. Meanwhile the discounts Batesville gives to each funeral provider are not available to the consumer speaking from my experience.

So how may one defeat any casket cartel?

Find a funeral provider who will share the markup on their caskets. In Most Cases that will be a lower cost funeral provider.

Be sure to price caskets, at the funeral home, third party, and on the internet.

Funeral Homes are required by Law to accept third party caskets.

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There is no way that a Casket Cartel is fair and ethical. Funeral Director sales exclusivity is not Free market activity, that is the opinion of Your Funeral Guy

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Hillenbrand Moving away from “Caskets”-Your Funeral Guy

5 Jul

The  Parent Company of the worlds Leading Casket  maker is taking the company away from the caskets. This is further indication of Steep Funeral Industry decline. This is good news for the funeral consumer. It is not good news for the local funeral home or for those seeking
“Funeral Director” as a career.

Hillenbrand Inc(HI) is the parent company and Batesville Casket Co is the leading casket maker in North America. Batesville takes about 45% of the 1.3 Billion Casket business.

A while back  Hillenbrand CEO, Kenneth Camp said that we do not do lower cost caskets, Now the focus seems not to be on Caskets at all!

Snippet from the WSJ:

3d image of a casketCaskets are not a growing business, but it has extremely high cash generation,” Camp said. “To really change what we would do for the next hundred years, [caskets] are probably not the best place to deploy our cash and expertise.”

Camp is determined to transform Hillenbrand from strictly a casket maker into a diversified industrial company along the lines high-margin conglomerates Danaher Corp. (DNR), Illinois Tool Works Inc., (ITW) and Eaton Corp. (ETN). Hillenbrand’s first step toward a new identity came this spring when the company completed the purchase of industrial-mixing-equipment company K-Tron International Inc. for $435 million.via online.wsj.com

This is a strong indication of the continual rise of Cremation in America. and pressure on the Funeral Home on main street USA, accommodate the folks with the lower funeral cost.

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But demand for caskets has been declining as cremations become more common. Cremations as a percentage total deaths have been steadily growing by 1.2% annually

via online.wsj.com

CEO| Hillenbrand Says Funeral Industry is not growing-YourFuneralGuy

26 Feb

Batesville Casket is showing the world a traditional funeral industry decline.

The CEO  Of  Hillenbrand Inc, Kenneth Camp  the parent Company of Batesville Casket has stated that the Funeral Industry is not growing. Now when a plant is not growing it usually dies.

“We are a very significant player in an industry that isn’t growing,” explains Hillenbrand Chief Executive Ken Camp.”via online.wsj.com

Funeral Industry numbers are dismal. The National Funeral Directors Association website points to a lack of jobs. The funeral Industry may well be on their deathbed.

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Top Ten Most Fascinating Funeral People of 2009-Your Funeral Guy

20 Dec

The Ten Most Fascinating funeral people of 2009

Here are the top Ten Most Fascinating  Funeral People of  2009. –Tom Dart,  Bruce Rushton ,Bobby Rush , Randal L Earl, Kenneth Camp, Michael Jacksons’s Mother, Roman Szabelski….These people or their companies have been mentioned in 2009 in Your Funeral Guy blogs.

1. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart for creatively and judiciously handling the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal Outside Chicago. The man handled total horror with Excellence.

2. Bruce Rushton Reporter For the State Journal Register newspaper in Springfield Illinois for Excellence in Reporting On The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal. His series of articles have brought funeral reform to  Illinois.

3.Congressman  Bobby Rush For Proposing the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act. This Congressman  took a stand for Funeral and Cemetery Consumers in The USA. Rush is applauded for introducing Cemetery Reform legislation.

4. Randall L Earl for refusing to resign from the National Funeral Directors Association in spite of being exposed as a major player in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association IFDA Preneed  Ponzi Scam where over 100 Million dollars was lost. Earl was the Director Of the Defunct  Museum of Funeral Customs  in Springfield Illinois.which appears to have been setup with people’s Preneed funds. Now putting one’s political l career ahead of the profession’s  leading Associations integrity is both despicable and sad at the same time.

5. Batesville Casket Ceo(Hillenbrand,Inc)  Kenneth Camp for spinning positively a total Casket Sale Disaster in 2009 Not many corporate executives can point to  a 29 million net revenue decline as a success in a year where Cremation was king. The Mighty Batesville Casket Co. Struck out in 2009.

6. Michael Jackson’s Mother( Catherine) for keeping the location of Michael Jackson’s body and $25,000 Batesville GOLDEN Casket a Secret for 2months after the memorial service and before the burial.

7. Ted Kennedy was a fascinating Funeral person in 2009. Planning his own funeral so as to memorialize himself  as a good Catholic  (He opposed Catholic Doctrine on right to life, and gay rights most of his life ) and politically correct is a something few have pulled off. The way he planned his own funeral and his death showed leadership.

8. Roman Szabelski of Catholic Cemeteries of  Chicago as  a  Court appointed receiver for Burr oak Cemetery and later as a consultant, put forth a concerted effort to resolve the Burr Oak Cemetery Disaster.

9. Illinois Senator Roland Burris  of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal for his ability to to avoid scrutiny as a lobbyist and a creator of the IFDA Preneed Trust.

10. Illinois State Representative Dan Brady for breaking with the Illinois Funeral Directors Association and their scandalous activity. He has been a leader in Cemetery and Funeral Reform in 2009. He has been the author of  legislation in Illinois and is a Funeral Director.

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