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TSA Security Administration screwing up a 2 Car Funeral-Your Funeral Guy

23 Nov
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Transportation Safety Administration has been screwing up a 2 car funeral. (TSA screwing up a 2 car funeral) is what the headline read. The pat downs have brought critism along with the full body scanners exposing body parts.

A Republican Congressman who supports the use of full-body scanners blasted the Transportation Security Administration on Friday for failing to deploy technology that would prevent the scanners from capturing images of private body parts.

Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he hasn’t had a change of heart about his initial support for the scanners following the attacks on 9/11, but faulted TSA for deploying equipment he termed “invasive.”

“They [TSA] went ahead and, without consulting us [Congress], bought, to me, offensive equipment that should not be used, and it does invade the privacy of people,” Mica said.

via thehill.com

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The Media is not slamming the Funeral Industry lately-YourFuneralGuy

27 Oct
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The  media has not been slamming the Funeral Industry lately-instead the have been providing information on  the great recession and consumers funeral cost and the turn towards cremation.

Msn Money, The Wall Street Journal, CNN,  The NewYork Times, the Huffington Post and many local papers  have covered the subject of the rise of cremation and the fact that people want to save on caskets , and other funeral products to Save on a Funeral.

Recently i gave advice to a friend on Funeral Cost. They decided to have a memorial service at a Nursing Home Rather thee  Funeral Home.

Some Funeral Director websites like Connecting Directors.com and the Memorial Business Journal accuse the media continuing  be negative on the Funeral Industry by reporting scandal.

The fact is that Many Funeral Scandals do not make it into the Mainstream media. The Tale The Illinois Funeral Directors  Preneed Scandal is an example. The scandal was given extensive coverage in the Springfield, Illinois area but received minimal coverage in Chicago media and  no national media coverage.  The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal, received extensive coverage in the Chicago area and other localities but little to no coverage in the National media

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Michael Jackson Funeral|Biggest Event| Facebook History-YourFuneralGuy

8 Jul

facebookThe Michael Jackson Memorial Funeral service on July 7th 2009 was the biggest event ever on Facebook. It was a bigger  FACE BOOK event than the Barack  Obama Inauguration.

Television reports have the  event as the second largest FUNERAL EVENT on TV coming in  behind the Princess Di Funeral.

There is no way to measure totally the  viewing audience because live streams were everywhere on the web. The event was shown in movie theaters across the country as well.

Snippet from From Mashable.com

“Facebook just sent us the staggering stats coming out of their live Michael Jackson memorial stream, created in partnership with CNN. The numbers far exceed those from Obama’s inauguration, making this the biggest live Facebook event in history.

As of yesterday 800,000 people gave away the Michael Jackson(MJ) virtual glove gift. The Michael Jackson Funeral was the largest Facebook interactive event  ever.

Commentators and many folks thought the MJ  Funeral coverage was over the top and not appropriate. it was a bit much.

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Face Book has over 4million members and is one of the major online social networking Sites.

Your Funeral Guy: AP article wrong on NFDA Convention and Funeral Cost.

6 Nov

Your Funeral Guy: AP article is wrong on NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association)Convention and Funeral Cost. The lower cost funeral option was left out. The Associated Press article was carried everywhere from Time, CNN to Fox News and many local news outlets.

Not only was the low cost funeral option left out the leader of– preneed companies “The Foresight Companies” almost made the death of loved ones totally insignificant by this statement.

Other than the fatality, what’s the difference between a wedding and a funeral?” he asked.This presents another strong reason why you should not prepay a funeral –purchasing preneed.  The statement is cold and shows disrespect for Grieving families.

Please investigate your lower cost funeral options. There are many blog posts here that help with this.

Perhaps the article should not be entitled:

“Baby boomers’ deaths may fuel funeral industry”

but instead titled:

“Baby boomers’ deaths fuel Lower Cost Funeral Movement.”

I am not prepared to write about this at this time but instead will blog in the future about the looming financial and corruption scandal in the funeral industry. This will be of Wall Street proportion.

You May View the full AP article here:


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