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Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska to Buried at Arlington National Cemetery-yourfuneralguy

27 Aug
Washington DC from Arlington House, atop Arlin...
Image  looking at Washington DC from Arlington National Cemetery-via Wikipedia

Senator Ted Stevens Alaska’s longest serving Senator will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery(ANC) On Tuesday Afternoon August 31st 2010.

The family announced the private  Burial Friday before noon-in the press- August 27th 2010. An associated press statement went out at 8:08 AM.

Snippet From Fox News.

….Sen. Ted Stevens will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, D.C., in a ceremony with relatives and friends.

In a statement Friday, the family said the decorated World War II pilot and president pro tempore of the Senate will be buried ….. with honors.

The 86-year-old Stevens was one of five people killed Aug. 9 in a plane crash while on a fishing trip near Dillingham in southwest Alaska.

via www.foxnews.com

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Some reports have the burial happening on September 28th, 2010. We shall await clarification.

No word on whether there will be video coverage live or not.

This date is consistent with the general 4-8 week wait for a veterans burial at Arlington National Cemetery

Final Goodbyes(Funeral, Burial) For Senator Robert Byrd 07.06.10-your funeral guy

6 Jul

The funeral service and burial of  West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd is taking place in Arlington Virginia 7.06.10. The memorial Baptist Church in Arlington is the site for the funeral, the burial will take place at   the family plot at Columbia Gardens Cemetery.

One final goodbye for U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd and it will take place beginning at 11 o’clock this morning at funeral services at Memorial Baptist Church in Arlington, Virginia.

The 92-year-old Byrd died last week. His life was remembered in a state memorial service at the state capitol on Friday.

Byrd will be buried beside his wife Erma during a private ceremony at Columbia Gardens Cemetery in Arlington.via www.wvmetronews.com

Sentor Byrds last procession will take him from Murphy Funeral Home to Memorial Baptist Church, to Columbia Gardens Cemetery in Arlington Virginia.

Internment will follow the funeral service.

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Senator Byrd Funeral Lie in State In Senate Chamber Thursday, July 1st |Your Funeral Guy

29 Jun

Senator Byrd will Lie in State in the Senate Chamber on Thursday.  It is being reported that he will  NOT lie in  State the Capitol Rotunda.

“The body of West Virginia Democrat Robert C. Byrd will lie Thursday in repose in the Senate chamber, where he served for more than half a century.

Law enforcement officials and a Senate aide said Byrd’s casket will lie in repose in the Senate chamber, rather than the Capitol Rotunda.

There is ample precedent for such ceremonies, but none has occurred since North Dakota Republican William Langer’s funeral in 1959, according to the Senate Historian’s Office.-.google.news

Senator Byrd served in the US Senate Chamber for 51 Years and is the longest Serving US Senator in American History.

Robert Byrd Died Early  Monday Morning. Some Funeral Arrangements have been made.

Sen. Robert Byrd will join Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy among historic figures who have lain in state in the Capitol Rotunda — an honor bestowed upon only 28 other Americans over the past 160 years.

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Here is a list of the Recent Senators who have lied in repose in the Capitol.

Here is a list of the last Five United States Senators to lie in State in the US Capitol

Borah, William E.                  Idaho                      January 22, 1940

Sheppard, Morris                  Texas                      April 10, 1941

Harrison, Byron P.(Pat)         Mississippi              June 23, 1941

McCarthy, Joseph R.            Wisconsin                May 6, 1957

Langer, William                 North Dakota              November 10, 1959

Arrests in at Funeral Burglaries-YourFuneralGuy

6 Sep
Burgalaries are Hapenning while folks are at the Funeral Home

Burglaries are Hapenning while folks are at the Funeral Home

Recently there was a string of funeral burglaries during funerals in the quad cities area near the Mississippi River. The Moline police(Illinois) arrested a mother and son team in connection with these crimes.

Whenever you have a funeral ceremony it would be wise to take steps to make your place of residence secure. You may even have to go as far as ask a friend to stay at your home.

It is a a sad commentary on our culture on  the times in which we live that this is even occurring.

From the Quad City Times:

“Moline police have arrested a mother and son who allegedly broke into the homes of people who were at the funerals of deceased loved ones.

Glen Squires, 41, and his mother, Judith Squires, 66, both of Rock Island, were being held Friday night in the Rock Island County Jail on charges of burglary and criminal damage to property.

Security during funerals is increasingly becoming a matter of concern during funerals. This can ad significantly to your funeral costs and expenses.

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Michael Jackson|Funeral|Burial-MJ to be buried at Forest Lawn?-YourFuneralGuy

9 Aug

Reporsts ay that Michael  Jackson's Funeral will be at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills.

Reporsts ay that Michael Jackson's Funeral will be at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills.

It appears that Michael Jackson may have his final burial and RIP at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills California.

Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills seems to be the place that MJ will  be buried.

There have been several at multiple  reports of different types of burials for Michael Jackson: Radar On Line has reported that MJ will be buried next to his grandmother at Forest Lawn.

Other news reports say that MJ will be buried in an unmarked grave, anonymously.

From ET Online.

“ET first broke the news that Michael Jackson’s body would be laid to rest at Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills; it will reportedly be an unmarked grave, because the Jackson family is worried about security and vandals who could desecrate the site,” says Diane.

“According to reports, Michael’s burial will be anonymous, with no formal ceremony or fanfare,” continues Diane. “Only one or two family members — some say La Toya and brother Randy — would be present as witnesses.

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Forest Lawn Mortuary pic from flickr under the creative commons license from Lush.i.ous’ photostream

Walter Cronkite Funeral|Pictures|Video-yourfuneralguy

23 Jul

Outside of the Church where the Walter Cronkite Funeral was held.

Outside of the Church where the Walter Cronkite Funeral was held.

Walter Cronkite’s casket was carried in to the private ceremony for family and friends about 1:30 p.m eastern time. This happened Thursday at St. Bartholomew’s Church in new York City on 7.23.09

Journalists — people from broadcast media — entered the church, including:

Connie Chung,Tom Brokaw,

Morley Safer, Bob Schieffer,


Cronkite eulogized as newsman, friend, father

Diane Sawyer, Dan Rather, Barbara Walters,

Brian Williams,  Charles Gibson, Matt Lauer, and Meredith Vieira.

Inside St Bartholomeo's where the walter Cronkite Funeral ws held

Inside St Bartholomew's where the Walter Cronkite Funeral was held

Many Hollywood celebs were present.



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Here is the link to the video when it becomes available.

The Memorial Service is yet to be scheduled.

Three popular online memorials For Walter Cronkite

And that's the way it was.

And that's the way it was.

Farrah Fawcett Funeral|Funeral 4pm PST Tuesday-private

26 Jun

Farrah Fawcett Funeral July,30th 2009

Farrah Fawcett Funeral July,30th 2009

People Magazine has come out and stated that Farrah Fawcett’s Funeral will be on Tuesday June 30th 2009. The ceremony will be private and by invitation only.Hollywood Stars often prefer private ceremonies.  Farah Fawcett’s long time companion and father of her child, Ryan O”Neal.

From People magazine:

PEOPLE has confirmed that Farrah Fawcett’s funeral will take place at 4 p.m. PST Tuesday, June 30.

Fawcett, 62, who died just hours before Jackson on Thursday after a long battle with cancer, will be laid to rest in a private ceremony open to mourners by invitation only. Sources tell PEOPLE Fawcett’s longtime partner Ryan O’Neal is handling arrangements.”

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No information on a Farrah  Fawcett  Burial at this time.

Farrah Fawcett pic from

in a  scene  from “Someone Killed Her Husband” in 1978. from LA Times