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Gay,coffin,caskets arrive on the Scene-Your Funeral Guy

17 Nov

Gay caskets have arisen on the scene. They are available in Europe and Germany.

Funeral directors in Germany are bidding for the pink pound – by launching coffins specially designed for gay customers.

The caskets feature homoerotic artwork on the outside and come with a series of tastefully luxurious plush designer interiors, say makers Mike Konigsfeld and Tom Brandl in Cologne, Germany.

The designers – who have lived together for more than 10 years – say the images of muscular young men in classical poses are the perfect way to send off a loved one.

“Naturally there were some people who threw their hands up in horror when we had them on display in the window but they are tasteful and beautiful – like our customers,

via web.orange.co.uk

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Inside Batesville Casket Company-It’s Dog Eat Dog- Your Funeral Guy

9 Nov
Batesville Casket Company
Image by MichaelMinter via Flickr

We have reported much here on Batesville Casket Company, and the declining casket sales due to the rise of Cremation and Chinese Caskets. This has been  brought on by the economy and consumers demanding to pay less for Funeral cost.

Now a recent article has revealed the goings on inside of Batesville Casket Co. It’s dog eat dog.

It’s not perfect here,” said Carr. “But we’ve got to have our jobs. We’ve got cremation, and competition from China. And then within the company, it’s dog-eat-dog when it comes to one plant over another. Everyone wants to survive.” In death care, as in just about all manufacturing today, that survival inevitably entails the demise of others.

via www.theatlantic.com

My opinion and statement on this:This does not even mention Batesville giving deep discounts to almost every Funeral Home in the land.

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British Royals consider woolen Coffins-Your Funeral Guy

11 Sep
Leeds shown within England
Image via Wikepedia-Leeds UK where woolen caskets are made

British Royals are considering woolen Coffins. Coffins or Caskets made from cloth, textiles. This does much for the cause of green burial or green funerals.

10 September 2010
Prince Charles is considering using Leeds-made woollen coffins to dispose of the remains of the Royal corgis when they reach the end of their days.
Woollen coffins were invented as an environment-friendly alternative to wooden coffins by Leeds textile firm Hainsworth, a 225-years-old family business.

via www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk

This publicity is good for  alternative funerals.

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Big Three Casket Companies being sued-Your Funeral Guy

3 Aug
Black Cooper Sander Funeral Home, Hollister, C...
Image via Wikipedia

The big three Casket Companies are being sued, for market manipulation. From my perspective this is has been going on for decades. A lawsuit will be brought before a judge in Houston this week on this matter.

The big three casket company sales have already been crippled by the rise of cremation.

There are secret in agreements in place between one of the three big casket Companies and funeral homes… but they will not admit to it generally only in specific cases.

This is a hot topic in the funeral business. and funeral homes are very reluctant to talk about their agreements with the casket makers.

April Dembosky: To get around current FTC rules, the top three casket companies in the country wrote new internal distribution policies. They said they would sell caskets to anyone, but they would only deliver them to funeral homes. Consumer attorney Gordon Schnell says that allowed these companies to dominate 70 percent of the casket market.

Gordon Schnell: The defendants along with other funeral homes have entered into a conspiracy to restrict competition from discount casket sellers so they can keep their casket pricing artificially high.

via marketplace.publicradio.org

Now  a casket can be obtained for a reasonable funeral cost  by ordering it on the Internet, Walmart and Costco both sell caskets.

If you Google Caskets the leading Casket Maker Batesville comes up  along with a leading online seller Star Legacy Caskets.

The big three casket companies are Batesville, York and Aurora.

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Hillenbrand Moving away from “Caskets”-Your Funeral Guy

5 Jul

The  Parent Company of the worlds Leading Casket  maker is taking the company away from the caskets. This is further indication of Steep Funeral Industry decline. This is good news for the funeral consumer. It is not good news for the local funeral home or for those seeking
“Funeral Director” as a career.

Hillenbrand Inc(HI) is the parent company and Batesville Casket Co is the leading casket maker in North America. Batesville takes about 45% of the 1.3 Billion Casket business.

A while back  Hillenbrand CEO, Kenneth Camp said that we do not do lower cost caskets, Now the focus seems not to be on Caskets at all!

Snippet from the WSJ:

3d image of a casketCaskets are not a growing business, but it has extremely high cash generation,” Camp said. “To really change what we would do for the next hundred years, [caskets] are probably not the best place to deploy our cash and expertise.”

Camp is determined to transform Hillenbrand from strictly a casket maker into a diversified industrial company along the lines high-margin conglomerates Danaher Corp. (DNR), Illinois Tool Works Inc., (ITW) and Eaton Corp. (ETN). Hillenbrand’s first step toward a new identity came this spring when the company completed the purchase of industrial-mixing-equipment company K-Tron International Inc. for $435 million.via online.wsj.com

This is a strong indication of the continual rise of Cremation in America. and pressure on the Funeral Home on main street USA, accommodate the folks with the lower funeral cost.

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But demand for caskets has been declining as cremations become more common. Cremations as a percentage total deaths have been steadily growing by 1.2% annually

via online.wsj.com

HS Students Build infant Caskets To Donate|Your Funeral Guy

23 Jun

HS students in Kansas City are building infant Caskets to Donate to needy families who children have died in Kansas City. It is a great story of the Community helping others who are in Need.

Many progressive Funeral Homes will not charge for the funeral of an infant. Others charge only a minimum fee. And yes there are those that charge full cost 😦

This project helps families with their funeral cost and makes for a lower cost funeral.

The erratic buzz of saws reverberates through the Bonner Springs High School wood shop weeks after school let out.

The smell and taste of fine pine dust lingers in the air. And teacher Kris Munsch can’t help but smile with satisfaction while watching his students gently handle the lumber.

The summer project isn’t like the chip-and-dip platters or nightstands they crafted during the school year. The teenagers are transforming wood into pine caskets for infants.

via www.kansascity.com

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FTC and the disposal of third party Casket packaging |Your Funeral Guy

22 Apr
3d image of a casket

FTC has issued some information on Caskets from third parties like Walmart and Costco

One of the way Funeral directors have tried to get around NOT BEING ABLE TO CHARGE families and consumers for third party Caskets in the USA is to charge the Consumer for Packaging disposal. Costco and Walmart distributing caskets have upset funeral directors so much that the National Funeral Directors Association, the NFDA had a board member recently testifiy before Congress on third party casket.

The Chief Counsel of the National Funeral Directors Association recently examined an Opinion letter  issued by the FTC on third Party caskets. The lawyer for the NFDA , advises funeral directors and funeral home owners what they can and cannot do when third party caskets are purchased.

What all this indicates is that the Funeral Industry is doing all it can to squeeze evey dollar out of the funeral family, the funeral consumer. If you obtain a third party casket which I recommend you do, do not pay for packaging disposal.

Universal Casket Company, which supplies the caskets that are sold by Costco, recently sought guidance from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) staff about the delivery of third-party caskets to funeral homes. In response to that request, FTC Funeral Rule Coordinator Craig Tregillus issued an opinion letter on April 19, 2010 that addressed several important issues, including whether funeral homes must assist in unloading third-party caskets from delivery trucks and the disposal of packing materials. Highlights from the opinion include the following:

“Disposal of Packaging. In a footnote in the Staff Advisory Opinion, Mr. Tregillus provides guidance on the increasingly troublesome issue of third-party casket packaging. Funeral homes have reported that casket shipments that originate from Costco and Wal-Mart often are packaged in crates which require the funeral home to incur labor and disposal cost. The FTC Staff Advisory Opinion indicates that while funeral homes may not charge a consumer for the cost of disposing of the packaging, the Funeral Rule does not prevent a funeral provider from requiring that all casket suppliers take any casket packaging with them and dispose of it after a delivery. In other words, as long as the funeral home requires casket wholesalers from which it purchases caskets to dispose of casket packaging materials, it may also impose the same requirement on third-party casket shippers delivering caskets to the funeral home.”via www.nfda.org

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Charging for Disposal for packaging is simply funeral home anger for purchasing a casket from a third party.